Children picky eaters will lead to personality problems children picky eaters how to do

Children need a variety of growth and development of nutrition, if the child picky eaters, not only affect the physical development, but also affect the child’s personality. Therefore, parents must correct their child’s picky food behavior, to ensure that children can grow up healthily.

Children picky eaters harm

1, too bad temper dessert

Some children like to cry, temper restless and headstrong. Cause of the child’s temper, in addition to parents spoiled, spoiled and inappropriate education, but also with the usual intake of too much sweets. A lot of sugar metabolism in the human body need to consume large amounts of vitamin B1. Once the body lacks vitamin B1, pyruvate, lactate and other metabolites will accumulate, especially in the brain accumulation too much, there will be emotional instability, love and excitement, like crying, irritability and other puzzling phenomena.

2, caused by children with ADHD

ADHD mainly occurs in boys between the ages of 5 and 7, and is characterized by willfulness, restlessness, excessive language and distractions that distress parents. Studies have shown that eating too much food that contains tyrosine and salicylates and eating lots of condiments, artificial colors, and lead-contaminated foods can cause ADHD in children with a genetic predisposition to ADHD, Symptoms increase. As long as the restrictions on such foods, the symptoms can be significantly improved.

3, abnormal behavior

Picky eaters, partial eclipse will lead to the lack of certain nutrients in children’s body, thus affecting the child’s personality, or even behavior. Such as the lack of VE, it will lead to mental retardation in children; lack of VC can lead to unresponsive children, numbness, disobedient personality; if zinc deficiency may cause pica.

Children picky eaters how to do

1, correct partial eclipse early start

Due to the infancy of little or no contact with bitter or sour foods, it is extremely inappropriate for young children. So consciously in infancy to let your baby contact with bitter or sour foods, you can prevent the next partial eclipse. Such as giving a small amount of onion ginger soup, rice vinegar noodles, soup with a little pepper and so on.

2, to develop their own baby food

Try to eat their own baby is an exploration of behavior, parents do not because of fear of dirty and messy baby will not allow the baby to eat, which will instead lead to the baby refused to eat. In addition, let your baby eat, you can also exercise his hand-eye coordination, so precise and precise action, so as to develop the baby’s self-confidence, let him be more interested in eating.

3, parents should pay attention to cooking methods

When cooking to do color, smell, taste, causing children’s interest in food. In addition to white boiled eggs, but also steamed eggs, scrambled eggs, fried poached eggs. Children who do not eat vegetables, parents can chop the vegetables on the porridge or rice for their children to eat. You can also eat in children’s favorite foods he does not like to eat food.