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children rehabilitation for many people is probably a very unfamiliar territory, and children’s hospital in Beijing, a group of young Kang Fushi, training for children with uninterrupted, every year the Spring Festival they chose on-the-job unattended. The child half years old eyes still failed to keep pace with times to 1 one full year of life can’t even climb, 2 years of age is still not speak & hellip; & hellip; In the face of these development lag behind and even clear diagnosis of developmental delay children, Kang Fushi FuXiaoHu (pictured) and his colleagues have always been patiently with these children rehabilitation training, or even years to more than a year.

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7 layers in children’s hospital outpatient service building, the reporter met is on duty here Kang Fushi FuXiaoHu. Both in the face of the parents and children, in an interview to answer the question, even FuXiaoHu are always a smiling & other; Cordial face & throughout; Here, the children like to follow to pay the doctor & other; Play & throughout; . During the annual grade, relative to the emergency department, medical & other; Hot & throughout; Department and holidays to recover families of children with not too much. However, work for seven years, FuXiaoHu almost every Spring Festival has two days is need here. & other; Even if only a few children’s demand, we also should have personnel security. Throughout the &;

while speaking, FuXiaoHu holding a 2 year old many small children began for the first time in the living quarters of the exercise therapy rehabilitation training. Children’s hospital rehabilitation division currently has more than the highest level of domestic children’s rehabilitation. Among them, the Lokomat rehabilitation robot is one of the most striking & other Big guy & throughout; , it not only has a gait training evaluation system, can undertake corrective training for children with lower limb gait, and on a big screen on the device, can also be showing cartoon game screen, the children in the relaxed atmosphere can make the action of the game.

WeChat remote mentoring home rehabilitation

communication is different from adults and children, and other To communicate with the children, what the doctor said they do not completely understand, this time to create a warm and harmonious atmosphere is especially important. Throughout the &; FuXiaoHu tells a reporter, whenever new accepts a child, he always let parents holding the children play in the rehabilitation training room for a while. & other; Contact with children, don’t be afraid of the child, the use of crying children within easy reach of the facilities and some interesting action filed his interest. Throughout the &;

FuXiaoHu accepts 80% of children are from other provinces and cities. In order to better the remote guide parents to the child in the home to continue training, mobile phone micro FuXiaoHu letter has added a micro signal SiWuBaiGe the parents of the patients. & other; The doctor we are children of the heel to walk not fall to the ground and nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR), corpus callosum atrophy do China plate, or down less than the earth, but now walk heel into his left foot, how to do? Throughout the &; Similar questions have a lot of every day, even in the holiday on duty, FuXiaoHu will continuously also use idle time micro letter reply to parents.

in order to more intuitive to guide parents, he also invited his little nephew help, shooting & other; Teaching ShiFanPian & throughout; And then in the form of video to send to parents to follow suit.

for the children all value the

in the interview, FuXiaoHu tells a reporter, in children with what they had seen, from god the physician, the frequency of most. Due to strict implementation of neonatal screening, couldn’t found early child development lagging phenomenon, now more and more attention, and some of the reasons for development problems, including premature birth, hypoxia ischemic encephalopathy, etc. In general, children age 1 and a half ago are not clear diagnosis, generally referred to as the development lag behind. Therefore, FuXiaoHu also remind parents, when children some early symptoms, such as the eye can’t follow the guidelines, still won’t turn over, in to the sufficient evaginate, needs to see a doctor in time.

at the same time, FuXiaoHu admits, rehabilitation training is needed, system for a long time, not a few times can reach the effect, the parents’ cooperation is the key. And after one or two years or longer rehabilitation training, can eventually children & other; Catch up & throughout; Normal children’s developmental level, as well as other children running and jumping, into the garden, entrance, & other; We work the biggest accomplishment is the news from the parents’ feedback, then I feel all pay value! Throughout the &;

Beijing morning paper reporter Jing-jing xu/article Li Muyi/sc

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