Children’s medicine shortage problem for solution: only more than ten professional production enterprises Hampered by heavy

after the break for children with leukemia and other; Life-saving medicine & throughout; Mercaptopurine has supply has been restored, but this time, cause attention to outages, it not only reflects the & other; The leukemia & throughout; Drug shortage phenomenon, spread to the whole children decongestion, also faces a lack of problems.

the first financial reporter recently from 32 Chinese medicine (24.840, & have spent 0.00, & have spent 0.00%) industrial development peak BBS, according to the national more than 6000 pharmaceutical companies, specializing in production of children’s drugs, only a dozen, accounting for less than 1%; Conventional medicines, there are more than 3600 adult prescription drugs, only more than 60 children decongestion, accounting for less than 1.7%; More than 95% of the drug have no children’s medication safety packaging.

professional production enterprises less

& other; Ten years ago, when we think about enterprise future development, medicine for children realize the shortage problem. We have done an assessment, as a result, the global common medicine for children facing shortage, one of the root cause is that children’s drugs clinical research difficulties. Considering the large Chinese children, market demand and has good prospects for development, at that time we decided to develop children’s drugs. Throughout the &; Poinsettia (36.020, & have spent 0.00, & have spent 0.00%), (300723 SZ) chairman Li Han male in an interview with the first financial journalists into the line of the original.

Li Han male said that compared to common drugs, children’s medicine research process more difficult, time consuming and more long. For example, he says, its some kind of drug, post-marketing clinical evaluation again, it took four years time. If in general medicine, in fact, two years is enough.

specializing in the production of children’s drugs companies less, with the reality of the problem is drugs, type less concentrated. Childhood diseases distribution is relatively concentrated, the three kinds of sick children in our country is a respiratory disease, digestive system diseases and infectious diseases. Medicine for children in China have focused on antibiotic, colds, analgesia, antipyretic, clear heat and vitamin of this a few kinds big.

talc pharmaceutical (7.430, & have spent 0.00, & have spent 0.00%) (600351. SH), vice President of dubbeldam s on the first financial journalist, “said & other; Only in the field of respiratory disease, drug development, industry competition is intense, and homogeneity. Throughout the &;

it is important to note that as the disease changes, blood, immune and endocrine disorders and diseases of the nervous system gradually showed a trend of high incidence in recent years. This aspect of the children’s drugs is scarce.

as a result, on the whole children’s drugs industry, the recent focus of children with leukemia and other Life-saving medicine & throughout; Mercaptopurine clips for the case, not just a special case, but because of a rare disease, which become typical of typical cases.

& other; Few children decongestion selectivity. Used in clinical medicine, a lot of manual annotation in children with caution, disable, or did not explicitly indicate children can use etc. Safety for children, and how, also not present related clinical data. Throughout the &; A guangzhou 3 armour hospital doctor zhou, analyzing the first financial journalist said.

traditional medicine, to solve the problem of children’s drugs lack, may choose the related adult medicine break pieces processing, etc. Medicine for children health development planning commission, vice President of the committee of experts, guangzhou women and children center gong four class is considered, the change of the development of children of different age stages of the role of drugs and drug dose have great influence. On medication, children can not be regarded as miniature adults, children have their unique disease type, dose, and developmental stage.

grip with

based on low industry concentration and increase the market demand situation, children’s drugs is still seen as one of full of development prospect of the medicine industry segment. & other; In the future, we will continue to increase investment in the development of children’s medicine. Throughout the &; Li Han male said.

& other; Children in our country per capita medical consumption amount is less than one over ten of the us, a market with enormous potential. Children’s drugs shortages, drug development provides opportunities for children. Throughout the &; Chinese medicine enterprise management, director of professional committee of the association of children’s drugs Yang jie said.

the industry level, to children’s drugs. It is not easy to achieve breakthrough, grip also. Therefore, how to break the grip, is very important.

Kang Zhi pharmaceutical (11.980, & have spent 0.00, & have spent 0.00%), (300086 SZ) marketing director Liu Zhan said that children’s medicine & other Short & throughout; Reflected in many aspects, including the lack of preparation for children, children’s drugs medicine for children lack of information, the lack of knowledge. & other; In preparation for children, specific rendering is less child specific medicines, insufficient type is suitable for children, children’s lack of appropriate specifications & throughout; .

compliance with market demand, drug firms develop specifications, taste and packing and so on for children children decongestion, face to face with the production cost is increased.

in Liu Zhan view, under the background of enterprise production cost increase, on market access link, has not received preferential policy. Product prices do not go up, the enterprise the production enthusiasm of vulnerable nature. & other; Market access link, to publish relevant supporting policies. Throughout the &;

& other; Unlike other drugs, market demand relatively small children decongestion, profit is relatively low. Throughout the &; 51:2642 added, compared with children’s medicine prescription drug production, the advantages are not obvious.

on domestic children’s drug development is still isn’t under the situation of climate, in the face of China’s potential market demand, multinational drug companies & other; Eyeing & throughout; . & other; We are also very worried, foreign drug companies in competition. As far as I know, want to come in and a lot of. Relatively, their product quality is higher. We are willing to work with foreign companies. Throughout the &; 51:2642 said.

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