China association of powder milk demand grew by 22% a year long milk powder overseas online shopping

here tourists in hainan sanya haitang bay duty-free shopping center buy duty-free milk powder. New SheFa LuoYunFei taken

Chinese milk powder demand grew by 22% a year

long milk powder milk association hai tao phenomenon

Beijing morning paper dispatch (reporter zhao) for the Chinese dairy industry, is obsessed with melamine phase is over.

& other; Sampling percent of pass of infant formula in China last year to 98.7%, of all the food are staying ahead. Throughout the &; The first infant formula in China innovation and development on the BBS, leading group, the China dairy industry association’s chairman, said the China in the field of infant milk powder were the world’s most rigorous safety standards, and build the most strict inspection system.

special food for the administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of registration management deputy director ma fu-hsiang said that as of November 14, the infant with registered 93 factories have passed 598 recipes, including 70 factories in 486 recipes and of 112 recipes 23 factories overseas. Administration of the future, will be in a planned way to obtain registration certificate of enterprise to carry out the inspection, supervision. Ma fu-hsiang also revealed that the infant formula powder product registration has been implemented for examination and approval of application of Internet, online examination, but has yet to achieve full paperless office, to eventually become the electronic certificate, the registration information to share with relevant regulatory authorities, such as intelligent management.

gentleman to extreme Liu Senmiao dairy vice President, said the babies and infants powdered milk formula registration system effectively inhibit the concept of the original brand of mixed milk powder market, marketing and so on, more to reduce the phenomenon of OEM, OEM and let consumers see clear, understand. & other; Took place in the patterns of the Chinese milk powder market than from than quantity to quality, from than varieties to the change of the brand. Throughout the &;

leading group, points out that to be a comprehensive look at the cause of the milk powder overseas online shopping popular, domestic milk powder quality has security, overseas online shopping milk powder is very important factor is the price difference, compare with the world, China’s milk powder is the highest price. & other; Britain, the Netherlands, Germany, including Russia, their average price of milk powder under $100, the world’s average milk powder price is 120 dollars, let’s milk powder average price is 240 dollars. Throughout the &; Leading group said, to go abroad for milk powder, is more of a business, because foreign milk powder is cheap.

the Chinese market fastest increasing demand for milk powder, is also a factor in overseas buying milk powder. At present the home quite a number of countries is zero population growth in the United States, or even negative growth, China’s milk powder demand strong, growing at 22% a year. Related news


the foreign milk powder collective channel sink

wyeth, mead Johnson, aiming at three or four line city

Beijing morning paper dispatch (reporter zhao) ended in a line of their city, foreign milk powder began to look at the three or four lines and the low line city market.

wyeth nutrition has announced that its SMA j aggregates of infant formula is introduced into the Chinese market. Wyeth, vice President of greater China new business LuJunXiang said the brand is the third child wyeth into China brand, the main sales channel is three or four line city. & other; We hope that the next three years, SMA Jane accumulate can get 5% in the three or four line market share, reduced, close to 5 billion yuan. Throughout the &; LuJunXiang pointed out.

wyeth is not the first aim of three or four cities of foreign milk powder enterprises. Mead Johnson’s new China chief farce Edna has previously said that China’s milk powder the New Deal will make more space for China’s three or four line market. Edna says, & other; Mead Johnson will then take a more active market strategy, including further power business super, maternal and child, all channels, such as the Internet, at the same time the product down to 3-5 cities take market. Throughout the &;

drive foreign milk powder channel sinking mainly milk powder system of registration. Honorary President of the China dairy industry association Song Kun pointed out, and other There may be eighty enterprise’s brand before, now each enterprise shall not exceed three series of nine formula, many channels and market will be lost. Throughout the &; Song Kun okada, points out that the influence of the New Deal for three or four lines and the city market is large, some small and medium-sized brand after exit the market, big brands will be a great struggle around the market.

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