China association of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the first time, a voice: curative effect is gelatin negation against science

gelatin as a traditional Chinese medicine blindly, its products are health care, family and friends. But during the Spring Festival, a tweet it to the forefront of public opinion, to this, the China association of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for the first time a voice & ndash; & ndash; Curative effect is gelatin negation against science.

recently, the China association of traditional Chinese medicine experts seminars, during the Spring Festival, certified as & other; Throughout the nation’s 12320 public health hotline official weibo &; Weibo users @ the national health released 12320 & other; Gelatin is boiled donkey skin & throughout; The symposium’s comments.

the weibo says, donkey-hide gelatin is & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout; & other; It’s not worth buying & throughout; . Content is released, causing heated debate in the network, late though it be deleted, but therefore triggered controversy has intensified. Still others to attack the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine, no sound of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM).

comments to this, the China association of traditional Chinese medicine thinks, the curative effect of e-jiao is beyond doubt, without research easily negate the effect of donkey-hide gelatin is against the scientific spirit, the masses in the identifying network information, should be more rational, do not follow suit blindly.

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gelatin heritage in one thousand, curative effect

China association for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) FangShuTing said: & other; Gelatin heritage in one thousand, the curative effect. Both in traditional Chinese medicine theory and modern pharmacological research, proved that the curative effect of gelatin. The weibo comments negate the effect of donkey-hide gelatin, and there is no evidence to support this to the public and the consumer is an irresponsible misleading. Throughout the &;

according to the law of the People’s Republic of China pharmacopoeia, donkey-hide gelatin is equid donkey skin fresh or dried leather classics decoction, condensed into a solid glue, have blood ziyin, dryness, hemostatic effect.

FangShuTing introduction, ejiao first carrier in China’s earliest pharmacology monograph “cold-induced febride, representative texts in its access to 650 old Chinese medical books, there are 303 records the application of donkey-hide gelatin, relevant prescriptions amounted to more than 3200 times.

FangShuTing thinks, in addition to the traditional Chinese medicine theory support, in recent years a large number of pharmacology and clinical application research also proved that gelatin is blood hemostasis effect, in the treatment of department of gynaecology, respiratory disease, as well as the adjuvant treatment of tumor, enhance immunity has exact curative effect.

to the Chinese knowledge, according to data from the network to retrieve the accumulative total of 5707 academic theses of donkey-hide gelatin, including foreign academic papers published nearly 20, the content covers the clinical efficacy of donkey-hide gelatin, mechanism, history and so on many aspects, especially in ejiao blood hemostasis and enhance immunity of increasing year by year. Ejiao blood tonic effect of clinical observation, the single gelatin treatment of malignant blood in the urine, the application of gelatin and its preparation on blood system diseases, such as gelatin clinical pharmacology research academic papers, detailing the gelatin in the treatment of diseases and health care function.

in 2016, the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou university of traditional Chinese medicine, especially center team observed in the clinical gelatin can improve mild-to-moderate & beta; Type – the Mediterranean anemia pregnant women conditions of clinical symptoms and hemoglobin, the results of the study, published in the International Journal of Hematology (International Journal of Hematology) “. This marks the modern pharmacological research of for gelatin has been accepted by the international community.

& other; Boiled donkey hide gelatin=& throughout; Is partial to explain

according to public opinion, the first affiliated hospital of guangzhou university of traditional Chinese medicine, director of the physician, zhong-qi Yang said to clear against certain merchants under the drive of interests, blow acclaimed contains some of the health care efficacy of traditional Chinese medicine, should also be alert to some people in their own knowledge as evaluation standard, without careful research, no Chinese medicine efficacy, manufacturing hot public opinion.

made of gelatin cooked although is donkey skin, but even with rice wine, sugar, soybean oil as material, through a complex process. But it is said: & other; Gelatin is boiled donkey skin, and skin collagen is the main component, and the protein lack of essential amino acid tryptophan, is not a good source of protein. Throughout the &; Subsequently, the weibo added: & other; In terms of protein, the first is the egg, the egg bird’s nest is more useful than to eat sea cucumber. Throughout the &;

& other; Gelatin is boiled donkey skin, eat donkey-hide gelatin as well eat an egg? Throughout the &; & other; Whether to eat donkey-hide gelatin collagen is equal to eat? Throughout the &; This is a lot of the doubts of the masses. & other; If the gelatin is a kind of protein, how can play a role in the treatment of disease? Throughout the &; It also makes a lot of fans of donkey-hide gelatin drums in heart.

the FangShuTing that currently accepted Chinese medicine effective component is part of the medicinal herbs contain ingredients, far cannot replace play a role of medicinal herbs, our research continues, for all kinds of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) only with the deepening of the research, we can gradually reveals Chinese medicine function mechanism. Gelatin after qian wan selecting raw materials, production process filleting, not simply boiled donkey skin. If use this simple logic to demonstrate their efficacy, is one-sided. Such as gelatin and almond, mulberry leaf compatibility of qing dry save lung soup, for example, clear dry and save lung soup is treat kidney injury lung, qi and Yin deficiency syndrome of the classical square, function of gelatin in it, not because it contains collagen. In other words, even if the herbs with collagen and compatibility, is invalid for these disorders.

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