China heart association was established: will start the Great Wall, subject to new heights

the Heart association of China (China Heart Society, CHS) in Beijing on October 13, 2017 was founded the national conference center, the Great Wall is the 28th international conference of cardiology during a big news. Heart association of China’s first director of chang-sheng ma, professor of incumbent President professor zhang jian, executive director of the President of waiting, yi-han Chen academicians, yong-jian wu, a professor at the press conference, comprehensive and detailed expounds the establishment of the society background, purpose, task, and innovative features. China heart association secretary-general zhang ping, a professor at the meeting.

at conference

society is the inevitable developing law of the Great Wall will continue

one of the founders of Chinese heart association, the first director, professor chang-sheng ma anzhen hospital affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, this paper introduces the background of the society. He thought the Great Wall is the establishment of the Chinese heart international conference on cardiology development must continue for years. The Great Wall is fourth in Asia, China’s first large cardiovascular academic conference, the attendance of thousands every year. On the international practice, learn to exist at the same time with the large-scale conference. The Great Wall would be so large conference on organizational development has come to the society needs a more powerful to guide its development stage.

on this basis after three years, the Chinese heart association finally on October 12, 2017, was formally established in the afternoon. China heart association to participate in the Great Wall will be at the heart of the experts as the main body, executive members and council members, a total of 387 came from they will be the academic committee. Academic committee is of the specialist areas representative of cardiovascular epidemiology from China experts. The future heart association will continue to uphold the Great Wall of China will be the innovation idea, will lead to the Great Wall to better development.

the first President of the China heart association professor zhang jian introduced Chinese heart association of purpose and mission. Society aims to improve the level of all the integrated management of clinical cardiovascular physician, promoting national heart health. Heart association of China have task in seven aspects:

to strengthen health education, advocate healthy way of life

promotion of patient-centered medical service mode

improve medical service quality and efficiency of

improving cardiovascular education, training, and clinical decision support system

develop high quality clinical research

to develop cardiovascular disease prevention standards and specifications

for health policy and regulations provide support

society orientation and direction of future work

, said professor zhang jian before society was founded, China has been the development of the Chinese medical association, the Chinese medical doctor association, etc is very good to learn, Chinese heart association as a new member to family, to old to learn to learn, with a long history and will be in the national family planning and other relevant administrative departments of health as a whole, and the society division of labor cooperation, undertake specific business, jointly push forward the progress of Chinese cardiovascular. He said the heart association’s position is a comprehensive cardiovascular academic platform, is mainly engaged in the cardiovascular physician medical level, the improvement of medical service quality, will put in the specific direction of continuing medical education training and medical quality improvement as a priority.

professor zhang jian, learn to set up 34 professional committee, six working group, revolves around cardiovascular epidemiology is the most important problems to work. Society has developed a clear strategic planning. On the one hand will continue to develop the Great Wall conference platform, on the other hand, in the public education, clinical research, continuing education, medical treatment quality improvement will also vigorously promotes the pushing. Heart association of China will take on national health family planning capability of continuing medical education and continuing education center project, devote to improve the ability of cardiovascular physician and the improvement of service level. In addition, the Chinese heart association will be through the establishment of medical quality evaluation system to improve the level of clinical medical services, including medical quality monitoring, analysis of clinical data, etc. Society will also with the American college of cardiology (ACC), the American heart association (AHA), the European society of cardiology (ESC) and other international and domestic of the Chinese medical association society in close communication and learning.

heart association executive director of China yong-jian wu, said professor China heart association in the future an important task is to strengthen the collaboration and society all over the world, for the Chinese doctor to build a bigger stage, let them have a better opportunity to show in the world. At the same time, our country has entered an era of innovation, and now there are many cardiovascular innovation. Some doctors in clinical practice, many ideas, but it is hard to become a reality, require the industry to provide a stage. Heart association of China have set up a very important goal, is to innovation, leading the subject development in some areas.

how to set up innovation mechanism is also learn are considering problems, the concrete is to discuss the mechanism of formation. Such as the young doctor said, in the hope that the future of the Great Wall will be about innovation awards. In addition, if the doctor had thought could give him a project? Or if the project is already project, offer certain encouragement? So that make a doctor to do more innovation. Many young doctors early innovation may not mature, so learn to would advise expert team help optimize his idea, to give him more constructive Suggestions are put forward.

new structure and new mode: association rotation

professor chang-sheng ma said, now in the international society of development model is President next year, to form a collective leadership. Heart association of China, also USES the rotation of rotation once a year. He must be want to rely on the collective emphasize on the academic, rather than by individuals. Yong-jian wu, said professor during the preparations heart association was set up in China, the whole team has been stressed is dedication, conscientious everyone to learn to bear their own responsibility. The future development of China’s heart association will take the rotating way, like the doctor on duty, emphasizes the responsibility and dedication.

hou heads, yi-han Chen academicians concentrated expression of the heart association with 24 word three features:

open inclusive, cooperation sharing;

service consciousness, dedication feelings;

professional first, leading the field.

, he explained, learn to have a strong sense of service and dedication feelings, Chinese doctor, service health in patients with heart disease. At the same time, society also bearing the national and the mission of The Times, have the effect of lead and bear.

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