China sleep index report: a quarter of Beijing residents lack of sleep

data figure: female college students & other; Sleep on the playground & throughout; Calling attention to sleep. Liu Chong tzu taken

report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Xiaomei) sleep is closely related to health. The health development planning commission said yesterday in Beijing, the residents of Beijing lack of sleep and possible shortage of about 24.9%. Among them, the children lack of sleep is more serious than in some areas, the overuse of electronic products, extracurricular learning burden and bad sleep habits may be the main reason. For mild sleep disorders, can adjust to improve by itself. Sustained severe sleep disorder is to hospital.

due to the social psychological stress or irregular life rhythm, will cause the symptom such as insomnia. Insomnia diseases sleep apnea and snoring, periodic somnolence syndrome, etc., collectively known as sleep disorders. Sleep disorders for a long time can cause, metabolic disease of heart head blood-vessel, anxiety, depression and a series of physical and mental illness.

according to the latest China sleep index according to the report, about 31.2% of people in China are serious sleeping problems. Beijing residents’ average sleep time of 7.6 hours a day, lack of sleep and may be accounted for about 24.9% of residents. 18 to 25 years old women more than men, but men over the age of 65 than women, adults suburban sleep time is higher than in the city.

it is important to note that the Beijing children’s situation is relatively serious lack of sleep. The city health development planning commission analysis, the overuse of electronic products, extracurricular learning burden and bad sleep habits may be the main reason.

how to prevention and treatment of sleep disorders? The city health development planning commission, first you need to sleep disorder in the face. For mild sleep disorders, it is suggested to change their own pressure, enhance aerobic exercise, avoid strenuous exercise before bed causes central nervous excitement, law adjust schedules.

if sleep disorders continue to attack, need to relevant medical institutions of the sleep disorders clinic, nursing can be multidisciplinary analysis according to the patient, diagnostic evaluation and, when necessary, can be treated in hospital sleep monitoring and system, mental psychological treatment with drug therapy and behavior intervention therapy adjustment to improve sleep. Please dial 12320 to Beijing health family planning service hotline.

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