China slow disease prevention and control and insurance symposium held in Beijing

“& other health throughout China 2030 &; planning outline, points out that should further strengthen the individual health responsibility, improve the health literacy, through technology and service means, lead the people to form independent discipline, personalized health way of life and disease management. Health services innovation form, available, perfecting system, extension services, improve efficiency, optimize the people need, have quality, affordable prevention, intervention, treatment, rehabilitation and follow-up health promotion service, outstanding slow to solve more than 400 million patients group of health management and health care problems.

on February 3, organized by the health club, Beijing association of physicians, pharmacists association in Beijing, Beijing chaoyang hospital affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, evolution sequence, Beijing medical technology co., LTD. Jointly undertake & other; China slow disease prevention and control and insurance symposium & throughout; Was held in Beijing. The meeting invited a number of policy makers and industry experts, to explore suitable for China’s disease prevention and control path slow. The national health and family planning commission for disease control bureau, people club department, Beijing health and family planning commission and other agencies leaders attended the meeting and made important speech, respectively.

in recent years, with the accelerating population aging process, the chronic disease burden is heavy, people become influence national economic and social development of major public health problem. Chronic noncommunicable diseases health damage is immeasurable, residents in our country is one of the most important cause of death, death constitute ratio rose from 53% in 1973 to 86.6% in 2012, major disease medical expense per capita exceeded 40% of household income, generally lead to the public demand for health management and health promotion services continues to grow, the major disease prevention and control and the pressure of chronic disease management.

at present, chronic disease prevention and control work has aroused high attention of people from all walks of life. In January 2017, the general office of the state council issued “China chronic disease prevention and control of medium and long-term planning (2017-2025)” to deploy to do a good job of chronic diseases prevention and control of the next five to 10 years, life expectancy will improve the medical quality, improve the residential health, increase slow disease standard GuanLiLv and success rate, reduce the major chronic diseases such as premature mortality as a core objective.

this, China will further advance & other; 3 d linkage & throughout; The implementation of the policy, strengthen the leading role in and to slow disease prevention and control. Human resources and social security ministry experts put forward at the meeting, the core of health reform goal is to optimize the allocation of health resources, formed by common disease, frequently-occurring disease, chronic diseases, classification of diagnosis and treatment for breakthrough & other First option at the grass-roots level, two-way referral, acute slow partition, the upper and lower linkage & throughout; Hierarchical diagnosis mode, accords with national conditions, and adapt to social and economic development of medical insurance system, to promote the basic medical and health services of fair.

implementation of health policy for the past five years, health-care FeiChengXiao control, cost stability. One of the first hospital of Beijing medicine accounted for from 43% in 2012, year after year to 33% by 2016, reduce the burden of the patients. Li Dejuan director shows a set of data in the report: compared with the same period in 2016, medical institutions can be allocated in June, 2017 revenue grew 21.9%, secondary and tertiary hospital medicine proportion fell to 34% from 42% during the same period last year, and are still falling. In addition, drug totaled 20.64 billion yuan for the sunshine purchase amount, saves the drug cost 1.64 billion yuan, drug prices fell more than 8% on average. Only drug purchasing a sunshine, full year 2017 total saving drug costs as high as 2.6 billion yuan, more than expected.

Beijing chaoyang hospital affiliated to capital medical university, as one of the first hospital of Beijing’s health-care reform, one of the past five years, continuous innovation service mode, optimize service process, has accumulated much experience can be copied and reference. Especially in the patients’ burden, strengthen the rational use of drugs, so as to realize the health control, ensure the hospital income, etc., for the smooth implementation of the reform of Beijing has accumulated successful experience.

in Beijing’s chaoyang hospital pharmacists Liu Lihong director in the report pointed out that drug therapy is a chronic disease of heart head blood-vessel, patients with diabetes, the most effective measures. Is a great variety of drugs, but also need to take a long time, most patients will experience in the process of actual treatment & other; Reagent & throughout; The process until up to standard. And this & other; Reagent & throughout; Pattern, no doubt, will cause the waste of resources and time, also may cause unpredictable adverse drug reactions.

as a result, it is very important to strengthen the management of chronic disease treatment drug use, the implementation of the rational use of drugs to improve based slow disease prevention and control of hypertension is of great significance. To change the existing & other; Reagent & throughout; Mode, vigorously promote of pharmacogenomics and clinical medicine precision with the combination of high blood pressure medicine mode, is the development trend of pharmaceutical care in the future.

in 2015, Beijing chaoyang hospital pioneered in the country & other; Precision medical clinics throughout the &; . For more than two years, precision medical clinics in chaoyang hospital patients, 90% are merging multiple diseases patients group of slow. Medicine for hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, high uric acid, osteoporosis and other slow disease patients, to formulate individualized drug therapy, have achieved good results. Random sample of 490 outpatient success rate reached 81%, the patient’s blood pressure blood fat success rate was 63%, inappropriate drug intervention success rate of more than 93%, the average for the patients to save medical costs 367.27 yuan a month.

at present, the accuracy of chaoyang hospital medicine expert outpatient service, based on the guidance of pharmacogenomics slow disease accurate medication, has initially formed a series of standardized operation procedures. And in October 2017, led by launched & other; China’s slow patients group of precision medical research and application of project & throughout; Evolution sequence, the joint Beijing medical technology co., LTD., innovative application of high-throughput sequencing technologies combined with machine learning algorithms, pharmacogenomics study, to explore a kind of based on the genetic testing of slow patients group of precision medical new pattern.

the project has received from 12 provinces of 23 famous big 3 armour hospital actively participate in, to discuss establishing database of China slow patients group of pharmacogenomics, truly achieve individualized rational drug use, the lean slow disease management. Now this project has completed the first phase of the implementation, once again confirm the chaoyang hospital & other; Precision medical mode & throughout; Results in the slow disease management.

Liu Lihong director stressed that separate situation in the pharmaceutical, medicine has become an indispensable important power hospital clinical service ability construction, continuously extended connotation of pharmaceutical care in health care, is playing the rational drug use and other Leading & throughout; , safe drug use and other Guarantor & throughout; And economic benefit & other; Creator & throughout; Important role, completely broke the patients only to see the doctor medicine present situation and to realize the continuity of patients with drug treatment.

as a crucial year of Beijing achieved the periodic goal of deepening reform, 2017 Beijing health work to life, and solved for many years to solve disease problems, that without innovation carried out some new measures for the convenient, beneficial and benefiting the people. As acquisition required by the general secretary, let the achievements of the reform of more benefits to the people, let everyone got more sense of satisfaction, happiness and harvest.

a trend from the world bank’s China slow disease research, according to a report from 2005 to 2015, cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes caused an economic loss of $550 billion to China, if you don’t improve slow disease coping strategies, overall economic losses from the chronic diseases will be very large. On the contrary, if China can in 2010-2040 will be an annual reduction in cardiovascular mortality 1%, its economic value is equivalent to 68% of the domestic economy gross domestic product in 2010, or as much as $10.7 trillion.

a 2016 medical services to enterprise and individual users about health management research, according to the results of individual users the most hope to get health management service is: slow disease management, health assessment and evaluation, and health consultation (e.g., telephone/online doctor), especially the demand for three overbearing disease management is clear. The research, according to user feedback on the health management service is not one-sided to 3 armour hospital of specialized subject doctor, for the acceptance of the general practitioners and professional health management division is not less than three doctors.

this, shi from Beijing chaoyang district gaobeidian community health service center director stressed in his report, the cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes and other common slow disease separate management, it is absolutely not desirable, especially at the grassroots level. Should actively promote the primary health care institutions, hospitals and other services and effective collaboration, form & other; Three guiding, grass-roots implementation, remote consultation, two-way referral & throughout; Linkage mechanism, through the cooperation to ensure the continuity of slow disease clinical management and effectiveness, and truly achieve & other; Slow disease supply & throughout; The community health service function.

the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics for all industries in China in the imagination and development space, and China’s social development to the present stage, the demographic dividend, dividend policy, development dividend will be quick release in the insurance industry. China insurance association, deputy secretary of the Yangtze river sogo Dr In the report pointed out that at present, China’s commercial health insurance has achieved good development, but have failed to effectively transform the huge potential demand. Survey data show that the present commercial health insurance purchase rate of 26.2%, but the future one year purchase intention of 41.3%, in the long run, to further improve compared to 55.9%.

, on April 28, 2017, ministry of finance, state administration of taxation and the China insurance regulatory commission jointly issued “on the commercial health insurance pilot individual income tax policy to promote to the nationwide implementation of the notice of fully demonstrated the government through the tax preferential policy to support the development of the commercial health insurance of determination and drive. The international successful experience shows that tax incentives will directly affect the consumer buying behavior of the commercial health insurance, and encourage more people to buy commercial health insurance, and promote the development of commercial health insurance, make it play a broader role.

report, vice secretary-general of Jiang Chongguang cordially, points out that tax optimal health, really can to a certain extent, improve the medical insurance premium income, expand the scale of medical insurance fund, widened & other; Water entry & throughout; . But if the health insurance for the medical behavior and the medical procedures to participate effectively in control cost, still ignored & other; Outlet & throughout; The problem of & ndash; & ndash; Don’t solve & other; Invalid medicine & throughout; And & other Excessive treatment & throughout; Problems, & other; Pool & throughout; It is difficult to achieve safety storage. Therefore, the healthy and orderly development of health industry, can also further depends on slow disease prevention and control work in & other Narrow outlet & throughout; Has made remarkable achievements, the real implementation & other; D & throughout; , & other Insurance & throughout; The joint, the establishment of multi-level medical payment security system.

then, from the whole union insurance brokers co., LTD., chief strategist, Mr Qiao did “health insurance innovation and help slow disease management” the theme of the report. Experience from abroad, through a third party health health risk assessment on the insured risk management institutions, chronic disease management in the process of tracking and intervention, insurance company can be helpful later claims risk management into the whole process of health services.

there are a lot of study, the pharmacist to track progression and ongoing management treatment adherence, the patient can not only avoid the loss in the drug sales, also can effectively reduce the medical cost, improve the ability of charged fees. At home, some third-party health risk management agencies have positive coalition government in social security, insurance companies, clinical services, community pharmacies, and other fields actively try slow disease individualized management of closed loop water service. In 2018, the entire online insurance will give full play to the insurance brokerage company in a professional and technical advantages, hand in hand to Beijing yi sequence medical and many domestic well-known large insurance companies, and jointly create a specifically for & other three highs; Slow disease throughout and complications management & accurate drugs; Health insurance products, targeted to solve the current pharmaceutical care all the more important and the problem that the pharmaceutical affairs service cannot submit an expense account, through to slow disease every year regularly visit fee way, further slow disease prevention and control of process management.

qiao said that innovation for slow disease process management of health insurance, by lowering the major disease incidence of related complications, would help change the risk an insurance company for medical helpless situation. At the same time, slow disease management process of large data, also will become the insurance company actuarial evidence, managing personal, hospitals, insurance companies, time and economic costs, and saving costs for health care and business insurance, improve the profitability of the health insurance company, promote to speed up the benign development of the insurance.

with the continuous deepening of the reform of medical and health insurance market is developing rapidly. With the aid of health insurance, will make sustained and effective to carry out the slow disease management; Also, with the aid of slow disease management, but also will make health insurance service quality and control cost. The connection is slow disease management of medical service in the closed loop access insurance payment link, can in a positive and effective health incentive mechanism, the maximum to avoid medical professional and technical information asymmetry problem and health adverse selection of moral hazard, to the commercial insurance company enough confidence to control risk, reduce loss ratio of a serious illness, increasing the management efficiency of funds.

then, in the guests to share the theme of the report content, on the basis of total by Beijing chaoyang hospital pharmacists Liu Lihong presided over the meeting, director of the round table discussions, invited Beijing Guo Jiyong of physicians association, Beijing youan hospital affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, rong-hua jin, deputy director of cardiovascular internal medicine, the people’s liberation army general hospital, Beijing pharmacists association, director of the Ye Ping slow disease prevention and control of medicine, deputy director of professional committee members, xuanwu 闫素英 cqi capital medical university, and thoroughly discusses & other; How to get through the slow disease management services throughout the closed-loop &; , experts, supplies ideas for how to solve more than 400 million people slow disease health management problems, come up with new ideas, warm and deep discussion. Peking union medical college hospital, director of technical matter Li Dakui professor, also made a brilliant speech in q&a interactive link, the guests and audience’s warm applause.

& other; Co-construction and sharing, health & throughout; Is & other; Health throughout China 2030 &; Strategic theme, on the basis of adhere to government-led, should actively mobilize social, enthusiasm and creativity of the individual, to promote the whole society widely participate in medical health industry development. & other; China slow disease prevention and control and insurance symposium & throughout; null

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