China’s female consciousness of “two cancer” accurate screening and action research report published in Beijing

on December 12, 2017, Howe los jie medical (HOLOGIC) held in tsinghua university institute of health communication Beijing & other; Chinese women cervical cancer, breast cancer (cancer) consciousness and action of accurate screening study conference & throughout; . The issue & other; Two cancer screening needs three precision & throughout; & other; Accurate screening is an important part of health management & throughout; Initiative to women when screening active pursuit of precise methods, precise frequency, accurate results, thus preventive, away from & other; Two cancer & throughout; .

hao luo jie medical (HOLOGIC), China’s vice President and general manager Xu Li, health communication research institute, tsinghua university and Chinese academy of medical sciences, Beijing union medical university institute of cancer epidemiology research director you-lin qiao, professor of Peking University first hospital Qin Naishan professor and professor BiHui attended the conference.


& other; Two cancer & throughout; High incidence, & other screening needs; Three precision & throughout;

relatively lung cancer, stomach cancer is more dangerous, such as cancer, breast cancer, cervical cancer are more likely to prevention and cure. But in recent years, & other; Two cancer & throughout; High morbidity, mortality, serious threat to women’s health in our country. You-lin qiao, professor at the meeting pointed out that early & other; Two cancer & throughout; Five-year relative survival rate can reach more than 90%, but found that the longer, the lower the survival hopes. So precise and timely screening and crucial to take action.

to understand our country women know the accurate screening of degree and the behavior of the status quo, hao los jie to health communication research institute, tsinghua university has carried out the research. Project start in October, nearly two months, from 10 cities (Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou, degree, hangzhou, Qingdao, taiyuan, zhengzhou, nanning, urumqi) of 1107 women participated in the survey. Research includes disease cognition, screening, screening cognition behavior and the reasons to explore these four levels. Data reflects the urban women being active screening consciousness is not strong, the cognition of accurate screening is insufficient, lack motivation problem.

to & other; Two cancer & throughout; The cognitive degree of shallow, & other; No disease check & throughout; Or a fatal error

, according to the survey data from disease cognitive ways, only 32% of women questioned completely understand the early symptoms of breast precancerous lesions, and for early symptoms of cervical cancer has no one respondent can complete answer. 35% of women surveyed find & other; Feel poor body condition, cervical/breast changes necessary to screening & throughout; .

BiHui, said professor in cervical cancer, for example, a large part of the patients with cervical cancer in the early days there is no any clinical symptoms, such as obvious symptoms when doctor may have relatively late in pathological changes, lose the optimal timing of treatment, is very regrettable. She stressed that female school-age should regularly participate in cervical cancer screening, accurate screening, timely detection and the high risk of cervical cancer. In & other; Two cancer & throughout; Onset starting age lower, under the trend of young women to be seriously rise, can no longer think & other; Two cancer & throughout; Has nothing to do with himself.

how & other; Two cancer & throughout; Screening for more accurate? Some women & other; A little knowledge & throughout;

cognitive precision instrument: some women stay in & other; Yesterday & throughout;

breast cancer: 55% of women surveyed will self-check and ShouJian doctors as a more accurate and effective method, for the internationally recognized can significantly reduce the mortality rates of mammography for people over the age of 50, only 33% of respondents correct cognition.

cervical cancer: still have 16% of the respondents mistakenly think that traditional pap smear is more accurate and effective, less than half (48%) of respondents correctly recognize the TCT detection and the combination of HPV detection more accurate and effective.

accurate frequency of cognition: a comprehensive understanding of scientific screening frequency of women only twenty percent

breast cancer: about sixty percent of the respondents know over 40 should accept once every one to two years breast X-ray mammography) screening (dense breast recommended with ultrasound screening). But a comprehensive understanding of all ages screening frequency is only 13%.

cervical cancer: 74% of respondents to understand women aged 30-65 should be every 5 years combined detection of cytology and HPV detection screening. A comprehensive understanding of people of different age women should adopt the frequency of only 24%.

regularly & other; Two cancer & throughout; The importance of accurate screening cognition: 51% of respondents thought & other; Is very important, should be doing on a regular basis throughout the &;

one line urban women, women with high education, high income respondents degree is higher. Civil servants, professionals and business owners value is higher than other groups.

ninety percent accurate screening line dynamics is insufficient, lack of cognition is the number one reason

although a significant number of respondents said accurate screening is important, but, according to data into action, the actual received two cancer screening precision proportion was only around twenty percent. Nearly half of the respondents had the doctor hands. Breast cancer screening, received the proportion of B ultrasonic examination is 65%, but the proportion of molybdenum target inspection done only 12%. Cervical cancer screening using TCT associated with HPV screening ratio of only 23%.

, according to professor Qin Naishan American obstetricians association (ACOG) in breast cancer screening guidelines for the latest promulgated in 2017 once again made clear that breast palpation inspection, does not reduce the risk of breast cancer and the detection rate and mortality. While advocating palpation inspection to some extent can also help women set up the consciousness of the screening, but more should be fully introduce precise and effective screening method.

women do not have the most accurate screening (48% of respondents said) is the main reason & other; For accurate screening don’t understand, do not know to need according to oneself circumstance to regularly throughout screening result is more accurate and precise means; . & other; The doctor is no clear advice & throughout; And & other Regular physical examination at ordinary times, think it is not necessary to do special two cancer screening accurately. Throughout the &;

network is the first channel to obtain accurate screening information, but are of variable quality easy to mislead the public information

in the aspect of information channels to obtain accurate screening: & other; Network information & throughout; More than & other; Throughout the hospital doctors and nurses to inform &; The first area for access to information channels. Deputy director of the institute, tsinghua university health communication Su Jing said: & other; Network information become the main source of public access to health science, but its information quality is uneven. Inaccurate or even false, sensational information will greatly to mislead the public. Social work, therefore, to purify the propagation environment, increase the supply of high quality, scientific and accurate health information is the key. We advocate experts and professional medical staff can positively in the media and the media platforms are easy to understand science. Make good money out bad money, enhance the consciousness of women’s health, help women from two carcinoma. Throughout the &;

hao luo jie can provide & other; at the same time Two cancer & throughout; Screening solutions, the future continue to make contributions to health China

hao luo jie, general manager of China Xu Li said in his speech & other; We believe that screening results can make women more understanding about their physical health, which is more calm and confident. So we are going to innovation of medical science and technology, focus on women’s health beliefs into the DNA of the brand, the constant pursuit of innovation and better screening technology. Howe los jie is currently the only one that can provide two cervical cancer, breast cancer screening solution supplier. At the same time, as a responsible corporate citizen, hao luo jie devoted & lsquo; Two cancer & rsquo; In the prevention and control of enterprise, become the government, associations, experts, professional institutions and the vast majority of women trusted partner. This research is a good try, hope to be able to with specific problems, for female friends remind, it is time to need to actively, accept the accurate screening on a regular basis. Accurate screening is an important part of health management. We believe that the precision that make life more confidence! In the future we will continue to work closely with all parties, jointly build & lsquo; Two cancer & rsquo; Line, make contributions to health in China. Throughout the &;

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