China’s first family gene pool – goeldi gene pool construction start

on December 16, 2017, B – Soft Co., Ltd. (SZ. 300451, hereinafter referred to as & under other Entrepreneurship throughout the software &;) , United Electronics Co., Ltd. (SZ. 002642, hereinafter referred to as & under other Glory throughout the league &;) Signed a strategic cooperation agreement in hangzhou. Entrepreneurship Zhang Lvzheng GeHang chairman, general manager of software, such as league President zhang tong rong attended the signing ceremony. Based on this cooperation, both sides will be in the government under the guidance of the establishment of industrial union way for the country’s 100 million residents electronic health records to increase genetic databases, 7 + standard implementation residents electronic health records.

at the scene of the gene pool construction launched China’s first family photo

first gene pool of the family settled in China & other; Ninghai town in ge hong health & throughout;

the first project will be located in the town of zhejiang sea crossings (also called & other; Ninghai town in ge hong health & throughout;) . The project plan in 3 years time to complete & other Goeldi gene pool & throughout; The basic construction and running, goeldi gene pool is also China’s first family gene pool construction projects. The goeldi gene pool for the construction of the project, not only will provide important for local residents’ health management system support, but also on the 19th to the our country advances the strategy of the implementation of the national large data at the specific practice. Therefore, the project by sea county planning department, the sea crossings town of support, genomics expert professor Chen Zugeng, Zheng Houfeng genetics experts were invited to participate in the gene pool construction.

the first phase project of building a center, two libraries, two platform, namely: the residents’ health data center genetic information and DNA sequencing, DNA sample library, application platform, large biological omics data analysis platform; The first batch of 1000 local goeldi posterity in gene sequencing, correlation analysis results will be for the prevention of major diseases, environmental intervention, early diagnosis and treatment, etc. To provide data support. In the future, each partner is also planning to set up funds and industrial platform, focusing on cure not ill, cloud areas such as health, VR, couplet of medical hatching, introduction and cultivation, to better help ge hong health town health industry development.

& other; Goeldi gene pool construction & throughout; Truly built for health services vary from person to person

business software GeHang chairman at the signing ceremony, points out that & other; Healthy big data is the national strategic resources, covering all the life cycle, is related to the personal health of public health data, clinical data, genomics, iot aspects of data gathering and data aggregation. In the past, health data stay in clinical data collection, personal electronic health records data level is low, cannot achieve & lsquo; Internet, communication, mutual recognition, interactive & rsquo; , also won’t be able to provide accurate and personalized health service for residents. & other; Goeldi gene pool construction & throughout; On the basis of health ninghai after the completion of big data will greatly enrich the local residents health coverage, truly make health services vary from person to person. Throughout the &;

business software and glorious united cooperation to jointly committed to the national health service and human health

this time, business software and the glory of the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, marking the two sides will deeply integrated in the business, the success of previous experience and technology advantage, committed to new technology scenario medical service and health management of product innovation and mode transformation, active service for national health and human health. In the goeldi gene pool construction, on the basis of business software and rong united cooperation mode of the future will be applied to more business software service area, covering over hundred million Chinese residents. Construction, implementation and operation of the project, will be to achieve universal health, comprehensive well-off & other; Health throughout China &; Strategy to provide strong support.

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