Chinese americans want to back home for the holiday The doctor a “no go” to save the life

Beijing, chengdu, February 17 (ShangLanTing Paul peng wang) & other; Had it not been for the doctor to persuade, I might not even to Taiwan. Throughout the &; On February 16, the lunar day, 53, Mr Li talked about the experience of the Spring Festival, still concerned. It turns out that the Chinese americans from Taiwan lies on December 28 day, in the second people’s hospital of chengdu for the rescue, he would require hospital after waking, excuse to go to the toilet even tried to & other; Slip & throughout; . The doctor again and again to persuade, Mr Lee has finally agreed to surgery. At present, the channel on the other side of the family will also get to chengdu together with him.

ward, Mr Li hang on to the doctor’s hands. (photo: news)

a sudden heart attack and were determined to go

Mr Li is a Chinese American, to rong is the sixth year, most families in Taiwan. Like wandering outside alone all struggle, he also was in a hurry back to Taiwan for the holiday, the Spring Festival because of his second granddaughter will be born, that makes Mr Li more anxious to return.

a week before the onset of myocardial infarction, Mr Li always feel chest tightness, chest pain, but the thought of is coming back to Taiwan, he also didn’t put this & other; Throughout early warning &; At heart. December 28, Mr Li was friends for onset of acute myocardial infarction (ami) sent to the second people’s hospital of chengdu. Coronary angiography, according to Mr Li left anterior descending coronary artery in the middle of acute occlusion, this disease is a high mortality rate.

& other; When communication with Mr. Li, his insistence on discharge, even using the toilet an excuse to leave. Throughout the &; Cardiovascular physician He Guke chengdu second people’s hospital, said given Mr. Li the disease is severe, he hastened to call back to Mr. Li, tell him carefully. Under the doctor earnestly to persuade Mr Lee has finally agreed to surgery.

& other; Had it not been for the doctor to persuade, I could not even to Taiwan & throughout;

in Mr Li agreed to after the operation, due to the emergency situation, the second people’s hospital of chengdu heart immediately arrange with Mr Li to check, and underwent surgery in the day. Surgery for Mr. Li implant stents, occlude patency, restore blood flow unobstructed, finish completely reascularization, smooth over surgery, Mr Li chest pain symptoms.

& other; This will make Mr Li got on the plane home, consequence is unimaginable. Throughout the &; After surgery, the doctor in the heart of stone and put it down, but as Mr Li was arranged to live in ward, problem again.

li work in chengdu alone, no close relatives. See Mr Li no one to take care of, and near the Spring Festival, cardiology, the second people’s hospital of chengdu nurses take up Mr Lee’s diet daily life, hope he can feel the warmth of home in chengdu.

on this day, thank what Mr Li came to see his doctor. He regrets, it is good to always thinking about to go home, can just didn’t expect to have home, & other; If it weren’t for the doctor persuaded, I couldn’t to Taiwan. Throughout the &;

the doctor said that Mr. Li before chest tightness, chest pain is the body of warning, and Mr Li have high blood pressure, usually have the habit of smoking, more attention to.

the expert reminds, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, high blood sugar this & other; Three high & throughout; Easily lead to cardiovascular and now living pressure, irregular habits, not health, it may cause myocardial infarction. In front of the strange body, must be caused take seriously, timely medical treatment. (finish)

the original title: Chinese American doctor to back home for the holiday 1 & other Can’t go & throughout; To save the life

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