Chinese caterpillar fungus does not contain anti-cancer properties cordycepin? The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine experts: whether cancer has nothing to do with it

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a researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of plant physiological ecology of cheng-shu wang’s team recently in the international academic journal “cell & middot; chemical biology, published a study: in cordyceps militaris, cordycepin and spray he Ding Tong synthesis, and have very little synthesis of cordycepin in cordyceps sinensis and sprayed his genes. Was research progress in the wedding, did not expect, this research was mistaken for a lot of media and Chinese caterpillar fungus is not cancer.

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a researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of plant physiological ecology of cheng-shu wang recently some in distress situation.

recently, his team in the international academic journal “cell & middot; chemical biology, published a study: in cordyceps militaris, cordycepin and spray he Ding Tong synthesis, and have very little synthesis of cordycepin in cordyceps sinensis and sprayed his genes.

it is scientific research progress in the wedding, did not expect that this research was mistaken for a lot of media and Chinese caterpillar fungus is not cancer.

cordyceps sinensis contains cordycepin is

in cheng-shu wang in the study of Chinese caterpillar fungus, is a popular traditional Chinese medicinal materials.

a common tea shop in Beijing, good quality Chinese caterpillar fungus, monovalent 370 yuan per gram, 370000 yuan per kg. A gram of gold price, but also hundreds of yuan.

& other; It can nourish Yin runfei, good for kidney, can enhance immunity, anti-tumor. Throughout the &; The shop salesman so introduce Chinese caterpillar fungus. The salesman is not without basis. There is a record of earlier medical ancient books of Chinese caterpillar fungus. “Pharmacopoeia of the People’s Republic of China” account cordyceps sinensis, & other; Invigorating the lung, hemostatic phlegm. For kidney essence loss, impotence, spermatorrhea, waist and knee ache, chronic cough asthma, pain syndromes haemoptysis. Throughout the &;

but no & other traditional Chinese medicine; Antitumor & throughout; , it is believed that the anticancer effects of cordyceps sinensis, to some extent is that contains cordycepin.

cordycepin, namely 3 & prime; – deoxyadenosine, as early as 1950 in cordyceps militaris by scientists in Germany found that follow-up studies prove that it has antibacterial, insect-resistant and antitumor biological activity. Although the cordycepin has yet to medicine, the United States food and drug administration (FDA) in 2007 approved cordycepin used in clinical trials for the treatment of leukemia.

all in all, have a common content of cordycepin is often people as an important index to measure the quality of Chinese caterpillar fungus.

as the most expensive one in the hundreds of Chinese caterpillar fungus cordyceps sinensis contains cordycepin seems to be a matter of course. Businessmen often with caterpillar fungus propagate the efficiency of the cordyceps sinensis, a cordyceps capsule products on taobao will cordycepin marked as one of the main ingredients.

however, this course & other; Suppose & throughout; , but have been questioned. In 2014, the famous anti-counterfeiting wang hai has to report, buy their own famous cordyceps sinensis buccal tablet products & other; Throughout the grass &; After testing found that do not contain cordycepin.

academic research, also did not give this & other; Suppose & throughout; Provides the basis.

don’t contains cordycepin don’t cancer?

& other; Cordyceps sinensis contains no cordycepin, or cordycepin content is very low, is academia has been accepted. Throughout the &; Qinghai cordyceps sinensis, animal husbandry and veterinary academy of sciences laboratory yu-ling li, director of the science and technology journal reporter interview.

the Macao university of traditional Chinese medicine, deputy director of state key laboratory of quality research shao-ping li told reporters that as early as in 2006, his team had been in the international journal “journal of analytical chemistry that cordyceps sinensis contains no conventional high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) method can detect the cordycepin, previous reports from the natural and the artificial Chinese caterpillar fungus detection of cordycepin is improper detection method of miscalculation.

& other; Construct nests aspergillus cordycepin can synthesis, and the mold is widespread in nature. So if can detect cordycepin from field collection of Chinese caterpillar fungus, it means that the mould contamination problems. Throughout the &; Cheng-shu wang explained to the reporter.

shao-ping li evaluation, actually cheng-shu wang group is focused on the discovery, illuminates the cordycepin biosynthesis paths and related genes.

the reporter understands, since 2011, cheng-shu wang team has completed the cordyceps militaris and cordyceps sinensis and cicada 18 kinds of cordyceps sinensis genome research. On this basis, they reveal the synthetic mechanism of cordycepin: cordycepin and spray he d by the same biosynthesis gene cluster, the latter plays the cordycepin structure stability & other; Protector & throughout; The role of. Even more remarkably, the study also found that does not contain the gene cluster in cordyceps sinensis.

on October 19, 2017, the results to the fungi cordycepin and its molecular spray protection department he ding “topic published in international journals.

& other; From the perspective of chemical testing before cordyceps sinensis contains no cordycepin, some people don’t believe it. Now genome sequencing, found that no synthesis of its genes. Throughout the &; Cheng-shu wang told science and technology journal reporter in an interview.

but soon, the result was interpreted, & other; Cordyceps sinensis was identified no cancer & throughout; .

& other; Teacher wang research results from the scientific perspective, there is no problem. But not only the active components of cordyceps sinensis cordycepin. Throughout the &; In xing-zhong liu, a researcher at the Chinese academy of sciences institute of microbiology, Chinese caterpillar fungus excluding cordycepin, is not the same as Chinese caterpillar fungus is not cancer.

yu-ling li a similar view. Both scholars think, Chinese caterpillar fungus may also contain other anti-cancer properties, but it is not clear.

& other; Accurately & lsquo; Cordyceps sinensis contains no known anti-cancer properties & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Cheng-shu wang said the study is from the perspective of biology, Chinese caterpillar fungus excluding cordycepin and spray, he just did not jumping to conclusions Chinese caterpillar fungus is cancer.

whether cancer has nothing to do with the cordycepin

cordyceps biology yu-ling li, prefer to look at it from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine cordyceps sinensis.

& other; Cordyceps sinensis is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, we should not blindly according to the principle of western medicine, must resolve to one of its genes or corresponding targets, just think it. Throughout the &; Yu-ling li said.

yu-ling li thinks, from the point of ancient books and modern scientific research, Chinese caterpillar fungus is indeed has the very good effect, but there is no way to explain from the Angle of pharmacology, what it the various components of the specific target.

medical ancient books only recorded the other effect of cordyceps sinensis, as to whether have antitumor effect, can only be judged on the basis of modern scientific experiments.

li shao equality in a paper published in 2001, the cordyceps sinensis antitumor research progress is introduced, cordyceps antitumor effects reported in the 1960 s, a series of subsequent research has shown that & other; Cordyceps sinensis indeed have antitumor effect & throughout; .

this paper enumerates a variety of research on antitumor activity of the cordyceps sinensis. For example, the study found that cordyceps sinensis alcohol extract of airy ascites carcinoma in mice has obvious inhibitory effect, effect and dose was significantly positive correlation.

& other; In addition, Chinese caterpillar fungus is contained in cordyceps polysaccharide, etc have obvious improve immunity function. Throughout the &; Shao-ping li, modern research shows that immune closely associated with cancer and immune therapy has become an important approach to cancer treatment and research hot spot.

but about whether Chinese caterpillar fungus cancer is still controversial in academic circles. An unnamed industry experts believe that at this stage research at most can only prove that Chinese caterpillar fungus with cells in antitumor activity, also cannot directly to conclusions & other Chinese caterpillar fungus cancer & throughout; .

for scientific research personnel is more unknown. Cheng-shu wang tells a reporter, the team found in cordyceps sinensis genome 20 May synthetic gene cluster of active material, only the unknown gene function.

& other; But can be confirmed that whether Chinese caterpillar fungus cancer and had nothing to do with the cordycepin. Throughout the &; Shao-ping li said. & have spent

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