Chinese doctors in Morocco to introduce “massage”, promote Chinese culture to Africa

Morocco local time on February 24, 2018 afternoon, the Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine aid medical team in Morocco Hu Binglin doctors were invited to visit to Mohammed v university together with the whole team for the Confucius institute of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) of the fourth culture lectures and experience activity, Hu Binglin captain to introduce Chinese massage culture to the moroccans.

Chinese massage event

the Chinese ambassador to Morocco, Mrs Jiang-ping zhao counsellor, Burundi ambassador to Morocco, in the friendly association khalil doctor and Morocco Mohammed v university vice-chancellor Yismayil Gasu, Confucius institute moldova Karima Yatribi woman and Chinese liu hui dean and so on more than 200 TCM culture fans took part in the activity. On-site listen in addition to students, half is the Moroccan society. Many audience can only sit on the steps or crowded in the corridor, the atmosphere is warm.

Hu Binglin doctor of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in view of the audience is Morocco professionals, to tie in with the Confucius institute of traditional Chinese medicine goal to promote culture, the Chinese medicine massage more than 3000 years history of compression in 40 minutes lecture, let the African people know the nature of the world in addition to health care massage and Chinese massage this word belongs to medical properties. Know the Chinese medicine massage in addition to treat muscle and joint pain, also can treat disease of department of gynaecology, medical; Know in Chinese have more than 400 years ago by two hands treatment of pediatric diseases, and established a complete system of infantile massage medical theory; Know the Chinese massage, doctors and other practitioner should be after ten years of specialized training and exam system; Know the Chinese massage laboratory research methods & hellip; & hellip;

Hu Binglin also Shared his collection in Morocco massage clinic patients before and after treatment in Morocco photos were markedly improved, won the audience applause in Morocco. Then everyone very carefully follow Hu Binglin eye doctors learn do self massage.

the last is the routine activities of TCM, booth crowded waiting for inquiries and experience the audience of the massage, acupuncture, one of the audience in massage therapy after holding a microphone to cheerfully in the audience share, Chinese doctors in the massage treatment can directly to her pain, most at ordinary times very easily after treatment, eyes to see things very clearly, the original symptoms of dizziness and significantly reduce & hellip; & hellip;

Mohammed v of the Confucius institute at the university of cooperation with Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine aid medical team in Morocco culture lectures and experience of traditional Chinese medicine has four consecutive terms, each activity reaction is good, for Chinese and foreign media widely reported that aid the players have also made a lot of Morocco friend. This activity is the Confucius institute at the university of Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine and Mohammed v after signing for the first time, but also on the African continent, for the first time by the Chinese massage specialist formally introduce Chinese massage culture to foreigners, enrich the heralded the content of traditional Chinese medicine, it is of great significance.

the opening Mohammed v university vice-chancellor and Confucius institute moldova dean made a passionate speech, praised the TCM culture broad and profound, thanks to aid medical team help Mohammed v university Confucius institute completed the TCM culture promotion activities many times. China aid medical team in Morocco yan-ling xu chief for appreciation, chief to introduce you to the basic condition and service for the people in Morocco medical team history.

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