Chinese medical cosmetology conference held in Shanghai international medical beauty peak BBS

(the original title: bai hui medical hand in hand in the whole association held & other; Injection of beauty and facial young master class & throughout;)

on December 8, 2017 & ndash; 10, sponsored by the China association of cosmetic surgery branch, China association of cosmetic surgery medical beauty and art to undertake the first & other; China medical beauty international medical beauty peak BBS & throughout; The grand opening in the center of the Shanghai world expo coordination. Among them, the high-profile 2017 1st & other; Injection of beauty and facial young master class & throughout; Points BBS on December 8 in bai hui medical group is held ceremoniously. This is one of the world association of medical cosmetic surgery a big party, international top medical beauty higher-ups peak dialogue, with the domestic industry elite representatives a joyous event, in-depth industry development trend and technology innovation.

to take photos with the leaders and experts at home and abroad

it is known that the peak BBS is the China association of cosmetic surgery at the national level and the American association of cosmetic surgery, Japan association of cosmetic surgery, IMCAS, and many other countries and regions a comprehensive cooperation association. Clasp international conference, science, art, cultural quality, strive to make meeting real return to the academic. During the three-day meeting, from the Chinese, American, Japan and other international cosmetic surgery higher-ups gathered top talk, plan for the domestic and foreign plastic new technology, new achievements and new progress.

to attend & other; Injection of beauty and facial young master class & throughout; Points BBS’s guest is associate professor at the Chinese academy of medical sciences plastic surgery hospital xue-feng han, Peking union medical college hospital medical hairdressing qiu-ning sun, director of the China association of cosmetic surgery facial younger branch of stone ice, jian-ying gu, vice President of the affiliated zhongshan hospital of fudan university, fudan university, huashan hospital dermatology Wu Wenyu, deputy director of the Chinese medical cosmetology executive chairman and the ninth people’s hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university professor hai-yan cui director hong mei outpatient clinic, university of California, Davis medical center and member of the American college of surgery doctor Lee l. q. professor Pu, cosmetic plastic surgery leader in internationally recognized Foad Nahai, the facial plastic surgery, Dr Dr Steven Dayan, a professor at the university of marseille, France medical Dr Philippe Berros other experts and scholars at home and abroad. DetailPic

bai hui medical group co-founder and chief executive Danny Mr Dou address

bai hui medical group honorary dean always Dr. Furuyama furusan physicians, bai hui medical group specialist medical beauty chain always dean Wang Ji widely such as bai hui medical specialists and experts attending around & other; Injection of beauty and facial younger & throughout; Topic for the different angles, different levels, different forms of communication. Among them, professor hai-yan cui taught the fiber treatment application in facial younger, through theory combined with the operation video demo, detailed the application of optical fiber technology in non-trace remove eye bags. Professor Steven Dayan Shared filling treatment of facial younger subjects, explaining the interpretation of the difference between male and female facial filler, and through the real case Shared his place in the injection process, dose selection and the optimization of the operation process of detailed specification. Professor xue-feng han has Shared the hyaluronic acid filler to achieve three-dimensional facial 3 v to build “the topic, from different angles on the three-dimensional shape of facial 3 v of methods and techniques & hellip; & hellip; In the international authoritative expert theory and wisdom of the collision, the master thinking perspective, show a new skill. .those live discussion in the link, each other, exhibit the discussion atmosphere, the collision sparks a wonderful.

as the venue of host, bai hui medical group co-founder and chief executive Danny Mr Dou said: & other; The master class held not only let the experts knowledge and horizons, but also as a global medical beauty industry bridge of communication and exchanges each other. The experts from around the world are discussed in the field, and to share and exchange more international new technology, new ideas, help speed up our country and the international academic front, and promote the rapid development of the medical cosmetic industry in China. At the same time, the master class BBS choice in bai hui medical group, is not only the recognition of bai hui medical industry authority, also is for our further, urge the cypress will make greater contribution to the medical beauty industry, to hand over more excellent answers. Throughout the &;

this & other; Injection of beauty and facial young master class & throughout; BBS, integrating the industry experts and platform of technology, high quality resources, become the window of the essence of technology industry to communicate with each other. Academic exchanges has ended, but the cooperation and technology innovation moment, never curtain call. The future bring you health will integrate more parker international medical resources, strengthen the research and development of medical science and technology innovation, constantly enhance the level of medical services and for more beautiful people to better plastic beauty experience.

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