Chinese medicine yinpian lack of uniform standards Medicine overall qualified rate is around 30%

in the driving of the policy, Chinese medicine yinpian become drug firms to be bestowed favor on newly. The latest figures show that in 2018, Chinese medicine yinpian market scale will exceed 270 billion yuan. Beijing commercial daily reporter recently visited found that several retail pharmacies are selling in Beijing Chinese medicine yinpian, more and more consumers accept and buy Chinese medicine yinpian. Huge market share and consumer recognition, attract rui kang pharmaceutical medicine, sig, temmoku pharmaceutical companies such as Chinese medicine yinpian overweight layout area. Analyzes believed that the future will have more business, Chinese medicine yinpian enterprise layout but domestic Chinese medicine yinpian market there is still a lack of unified division standard, under the attention of national policy, the domestic market will implement the standardization of Chinese medicine yinpian, the centralized development.

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rapid development

Chinese medicine yinpian usher in rapid development. According to the latest data show that in China in 2017, 2018, Chinese medicine yinpian market is expected to grow 19%, 17%, the size of the market more than $270 billion in 2018. According to the ministry’s official website published in 2017 in the first half of the pharmaceutical industry, according to the main economic indicators completion in the pharmaceutical industry in each industry, Chinese medicine yinpian processing industry development is rapid, revenues and profits by 21.33% and 22.78% growth respectively ranked first and second.

Beijing commercial daily reporter found that in the process of recently visited, bulk bags, bottles of different packaging, such as Chinese medicine yinpian has become essential goods of each retail pharmacies. & other; Now many customers think that often take medicine bad to the body, Chinese medicine yinpian belongs to traditional Chinese medicine products, buy to return does not need to be treated separately, when the tea drink can play a result, more and more consumers will buy Chinese medicine yinpian. Throughout the &; Beijing said several retail drugstore clerk.

with the rapid development of the domestic market gradually consumer recognition, the sig pharmaceutical, temmoku pharmaceutical, rui kang pharmaceutical companies such as Chinese medicine yinpian overweight layout area. Recently, the sig pharmaceutical 8 billion yuan to build including traditional Chinese medicinal materials trading center, warehousing logistics center of TCM, Chinese standard evaluation and research and development center of the project such as health in kunming city. In January of this year, rui kang pharmaceutical subscription is mainly engaged in production and sales of Chinese medicine yinpian wellspring medical 20.82 million shares overweight Chinese medicine yinpian business layout. In June, temmoku pharmaceutical announced plans to the production and sales of 360 million yuan to buy the main Chinese medicine yinpian Johnson pharmaceutical 100% stake.

the lack of standard

factors lead to the same origin, the natural conditions of Chinese medicine yinpian quality, lack of unified division standard. Analysts said, affected by the factors such as origin, natural conditions, the same kinds of Chinese medicinal materials quality existence very big difference, price differences there may be several times or even dozens of times. Chinese medicinal materials quality large difference in the same level of varieties of traditional Chinese medicine yinpian has many, combined with different processing technology, to further increase the processing of Chinese medicine yinpian level.

hebei academy of agricultural sciences’ medicinal plant research center, Chinese herbal medicine industry system of science and technology, director of the chief expert sunney xie had previously said in an interview with Beijing commercial daily reporter, at present, Chinese herbal medicine as a whole is not qualified rate at about 30%, some traditional production areas are not qualified rate is higher, do not accord with standard of the pharmacopoeia, the mainly content, ash content of impurities, exogenous pollutants such as overweight. & other; Set up Chinese medicinal materials quality tracking system, improve and stable quality of medicinal materials, is the key to the healthy development of the Chinese herbal medicine industry. Throughout the &;

in addition, Chinese medicine yinpian, low degree of specialization, large-scale production problems restrict the development of yinpian industry. The personage inside course of study says, in the early days, Chinese medicine yinpian production does not need to get GMP certificate, & many other Small workshops throughout the &; The production specification. From January 1, 2008, requires that all Chinese medicine yinpian production enterprises must be under the condition of GMP production. GMP reform to some extent, rectify the production environment of slices, but due to problems such as yinpian don’t form a complete set of production equipment, most enterprises are hard to finish in the true sense of standardized production lines.

specification development

card of guangzhou wide hang seng securities research institute, according to the analysis of existing 2015 Chinese medicine enterprises 1006, industry concentration degree is low, less than one hundred million yuan enterprise sales accounted for 70% of the market. Under attaches great importance to the national policy, Chinese medicine yinpian industry in China is expected to be towards standardization, centralization, integration, development trends, such as small package. Sig pharmaceutical said in its annual report this year and a half, as in recent years, the Chinese medicine yinpian industry increasingly strict, some smaller or do not conform to the regulatory requirements of enterprises in the industry will gradually be eliminated, industry concentration is expected to be improved.

in September this year, the national pharmacopoeia committee held a press conference, the introduction is about to begin, compiled in 2020 edition of “Chinese pharmacopoeia” the focus of the content and direction. Meeting, the national pharmacopoeia committee secretary general zhang wei said that the 2020 edition pharmacopeia will be fully develop traditional Chinese medicine and Chinese medicine yinpian heavy metals and harmful elements, pesticide residue standard of set limit to; The key to improve the quality of Chinese medicine yinpian standard research and develop, establish and perfect Chinese medicine yinpian quality standards.

a declined to be named, analysts say, Chinese medicine yinpian huge market space, the future will have more business in the field layout. In addition, with the domestic consumer accelerated the pace of life, consumer demand for the promptness of Chinese medicine yinpian and portability is rising year by year, Chinese medicine yinpian future will be more and more wide range, in order to meet consumer demand.

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