Chinese students to eat the hot convenient “hot pot” suspected to an American boarding school personnel evacuation

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in the us of Rhode Island, Rhode Island, a boarding school a self-heating from China & other; Convenient chafing dish & throughout; Directed a panic.

according to the Associated Press reported Wednesday, on Thursday, St Andrews School (st. Andrews School of carbon monoxide alarm rang, the students were to evacuate. Around 6 PM, the local fire department received a report to the police rushed to the scene, in the process of tracking trigger the alarm source tracking to the students’ dormitory. But investigators could not be find out what triggered the carbon monoxide alarm, because there is no gas or wood burning building elements.

and then, a Chinese student mentioned his dinner: his parents from China sent some beef & other; Convenient chafing dish & throughout; That contains with automatic heating heating food package.

the fire brigade Scott & middot; Carol (Scott) Carroll said in & other; Convenient chafing dish & throughout; Nearby, carbon monoxide table detected gas content is extremely high, which may have triggered the alarm system.

however, carroll said: & other; Building ventilation is good, no students so feeling unwell. Throughout the &;

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