Chinese women “two cancer” accurate screening mission project officially started

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October is breast cancer awareness month prevention and cure, hao jie China today start Chinese women cervical cancer, breast cancer (cancer) accurate screening mission project. Project will take the lead in 10 cities of the country’s female school-age online investigation, to understand the broad masses of urban women’s perception of cervical cancer, breast cancer, as well as to the & other; Two cancer & throughout; Accurate screening of cognition and action status quo, and thus to adopt targeted outreach activities to promote women take the initiative to adopt accurate screening of health management consciousness. Through accurate screening precancerous lesions and active treatment in time, early breast cancer and cervical cancer five-year survival rate can be greatly improved, which can effectively protect women from & other; Beauty killer & throughout; .

& other; Two cancer & throughout; High incidence, prevention and cure should be start from early screen popular

according to the national cancer center, according to data released in recent years the incidence of breast cancer, cervical cancer death rates in China are high and the younger trend. About 100000 new cases of cervical cancer in China in 2015 cases, 30000 cases died. new hair of 278000 cases of breast cancer mortality rates of more than 70000. Is particularly serious, breast cancer incidence of a disease is the world’s more than twice as many, especially in urban areas. Two cancer has become a serious threat of China’s female life and health.

early screening, early detection, early treatment can effectively control or even cure cancer. Most early cerical cancer treatment five-year survival rate is 90%. Early detection of breast cancer and the cure rate of 95% or more, and, in the late of less than 20% chance of breast cancer patients live for 5 years. Don’t the later period, the lower the survival rate. From treatment, the level of our country with developed countries has no obvious difference. But unlike the European and American women have stronger consciousness, active screening for the early accurate, most of the patients in our country is in the middle-late until a significant discomfort clinic and missed the best treatment opportunity. This also explains why the cervical cancer overall five-year survival rate is almost seventy percent, while only 45% in China.

accurate screening is a key link of the health management

the purpose of screening is to detect precancerous lesions, take appropriate interventions to prevent its progression to cancer, accurate screening is whether screening accuracy and screening frequency is precise, the screening result is accurate. & other; Three precision & throughout; Can directly determine the women veterinarian, avoid & other; Two cancer & throughout; The hazards. However, ordinary women are often poorly understood.

according to introducing, the detection rate is & other; Two cancer & throughout; The core essential factor screening effect. To cervical cancer screening of cervical cells exfoliated cytology test (TCT) and human papilloma virus (HPV) combination of virology test way, can the greatest degree of sensitivity and improve screening specific degree, improve the lesion detection rate, reduce missed diagnosis and misdiagnosis. In breast cancer screening, for type according to the Asian women’s dense breast, mammary gland fault the latest 3 d technology can effectively reduce the effects of normal breast tissue and lesion group superposition, enhance the accuracy in diagnosis of breast cancer, to achieve the purpose of accurate screening.

regular accurate screening can not only greatly improve the cure rate, make sure the test results can also help women to eliminate anxiety and worry, better health status of their own, and increase the confidence and peace of mind. Experts warn broad female, cervical cancer early breast cancer has no obvious symptoms, regardless of whether the body is unwell, should be timely to carry on the scientific and standardized screening. Against cervical cancer, it is recommended that the female school-age for TCT associated with HPV screening, if combined screening results were negative, it also could be screening intervals for 3 years. Women over 40 should Chinese anti-cancer association guidelines of diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and the requirements of the specification, normal breast X-ray inspection on a regular basis, dense breast joint B ultrasonic examination, high-risk groups should accept the combination of ultrasound and even magnetic resonance at the same time.

hand in hand, sustained, build women & other; Two cancer & throughout; Line

cervical cancer, breast cancer is the relation of public health of the people’s livelihood, cannot leave the multilateral efforts. Women in the survey by understanding the current our country city & other Two cancer & throughout; Accurate screening cognition and action of the status quo, found that misunderstanding and blind spots, to the mission alignment with emphasis in the future, so as to improve the consciousness of women’s initiative for screening precision.

hao luo jie, general manager of China, says Mr Xu Li & other; Hao luo jie as the world’s leading can provide both cancer, cervical cancer and breast cancer screening solutions suppliers, for many years, the government, the national center for women’s and children’s hand in hand, cancer foundation in China, the Chinese medical association branch institutions such as radiology, support & lsquo; Two cancer & rsquo; Public screening programmes, rural two cancer screening project, launched & other; Chen light & throughout; Plan on the basis of breast imaging doctor to provide professional training, to boost women’s health undertakings in our country. Hope the new forms of & other; Two cancer & throughout; Health education activities can from the different Angle, pay attention to the stress of life rhythm fast, urban women, and improve their consciousness of health management. Future hao jie of China will hold a series of rich of public welfare activities, to play the power of the enterprise citizen, and female friends build women & other; Two cancer & throughout; Of defense. Throughout the &;

related: about two cancer screening

the American college of obstetricians and gynecologists (ACOG) of 2016 cervical cancer screening and prevention guidelines recommend:

sexual life of women since the age of 21 in cervical cancer screening;

21-29 women every three years on a cervical cytology;

30-65 – year – old woman, the preferred combination of cervical cytology and HPV detection, once every five years. If a cerical cytology alone, once every 3 years;

there are risk factors of women need to shorten the screening interval: HIV infection; Practical immunosuppressant immune function is low (e.g., solid organ transplant), birth had diethylstilbestrol exposure; CIN2, CIN3 or follow-up after cerical cancer treatment;

65, as many women can stop the screening of the age.

China association of breast cancer diagnosis and treatment guidelines and standards (2017 edition) advice:

40-45, an annual breast X-ray screening, dense breast and B ultra joint inspection;

45-69 years old, once every 1 to 2 years breast X-ray, dense breast and B ultra joint inspection;

70 years of age or older, once every 2 years breast X-ray;

suggest to screening high-risk groups in advance (less than 40 years old), screening besides X-ray, still can wait for the new application of MRI imaging methods.

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