Chongqing s cancer 16 years of husband and wife, pain to be “the most romantic thing”



she is only a wish, hope his wife to accompany her through the next decade, another 20 years. He also has a wish, hope to golden, together with his wife entered the hundred years old. 16 years ago, Zhang Jinren was found for colon cancer, 3 years later, his wife Xia Shufen was diagnosed with breast cancer. A series of hit didn’t break them, husband and wife two people hand in hand to cancer, after all. Anticancer road, from the beginning to drag, to leave now. The old couple together gone through a journey of 48 years of marriage, in & other; The disease throughout the &; Before, they use optimistic & other interpretation; The most romantic matter & throughout; .

a bolt from the blue
the husband found to colon cancer
she didn’t have to drop down a drop of tears


a winter afternoon, warm warm sunshine through the window on the sofa, tea table of the sitting room spotless, small and exquisite house orderly, full of warmth. A 75 – year – old Zhang Jinren diligent to pour two cups of tea, greeted us to sit down. A 73 – year – old Xia Shufen stood up from the balcony of the computer desk, naturally took the Zhang Jinren empty cup in hand, is full of water. Who would have thought that the diligent zhang grandpa and summer grandma likes playing computer games are after a series of surgery and chemotherapy of patients with cancer?

two people support each other next to sit down, Zhang Jinren laments, & other; Although we are now well. Recall the time both of us are just finish operation, completely from people. Throughout the &;

before retirement, Zhang Jinren is professor of citrus research institute at the university of Chinese academy of agricultural sciences/southwest, Xia Shufen is beibei xiema kindergarten teacher. DetailPic


in 2001, Zhang Jinren is still in research work, forget all about eating and sleeping, often because the experiment in the laboratory spends all day, a water to drink a bite. For a time, always good Zhang Jinren body suddenly what all can’t eat, suddenly and violently thin body, listless all day. At first he didn’t care about, so bear more than two months, it suddenly found himself right abdomen has a bag. Family hurriedly brought him to a hospital checking, have been told is colon cancer, must be immediately surgery.

on hearing the news, Xia Shufen feel days falling down. & other; My old man is a man of injections are afraid of, see the results I have been to keep him, cyst, he also more relaxed. Throughout the &; Recall the situation, she a face of the sufferings, & other; Pain can’t stand him finish operation, use the analgesic pump also useless. Throughout the &; Speaking of his wife was sin, Xia Shufen lovingly red eyes.

& other; I was basically in a coma, then only know shout pain. Throughout the &; A gust of wind blew into the room, Zhang Jinren turned to dig out from the corner of the sofa to Xia Shufen wear a hat. & other; I have been think surgery cut the cyst was good, I didn’t react later began chemotherapy, I have to be cancer! Throughout the &; Zhang Jinren startled by the facts.

& other; Thanks to her and her son, they are my spiritual pillar. Throughout the &; Zhang Jinren memories, when Xia Shufen and son two shifts, 24 hours a day to take care of him. & other; She is very strong, not before I drop a tear, but is I secretly cried several times. Throughout the &; Later, when Xia Shufen care Zhang Jinren, duodenal bulb ulcers, and pain could not hold the head of a bed straight up, all these Zhang Jinren see in the eye.

after surgery, Zhang Jinren need to accept 6 times chemotherapy, but he can not stand, for the third time, resolutely stop chemotherapy. Xia Shufen after learning, persuaded his wife to insist, but Zhang Jin goodness means that she will forget about it, in the day of his wife after discharge, she care, while quietly consent subject to many for colon cancer, folk prescription according to do.

role reversal

breast cancer wife he hands make soup soup for her


just returned home from the hospital, unable to eat anything Zhang Jinren, angular badly, Xia Shufen is thinking of ways to give him recuperate food every day. Know that sweet potatoes are good for colon cancer, she tried to put the sweet potato to make all kinds of delicious food, let originally not love to eat sweet potato Zhang Jinren began to accept again a day of sweet potato.

after discharge Zhang Jinren, under the care of Xia Shufen, the body gradually improving, but it still won’t change the fact that he is a cancer patient. Will relapse? Will transfer? Zhang Jinren worry too often whole night can’t sleep all night.

& other; Old man, you want to so many stem what? Just like to live like every day! Throughout the &; Another let Zhang Jinren night tossing and turning, but Xia Shufen words let him find export as trapped beast. Treat & other; The disease throughout the &; Is a pity, sink, malaise is not straight? Or face the reality, smiles to the life? Zhang Jinren found the answer.


Zhang Jinren cancer participants enrolled in chongqing beibei center, communication methods and experience of the cancer, together with everybody comfort and encourage each other. He and his wife together, mountain climbing, travel, he found the answer is, & other; Live in the present, live for each day throughout the &; .

is destiny is always joking around, another & other; The disease throughout the &; Hit has been carefully take care of Zhang Jinren Xia Shufen.

in 2004, is still keen to find a variety of treatment of colon cancer, folk prescription Xia Shu for his wife who was diagnosed with breast cancer. Although his wife of cancer, Xia Shufen still fear, she never thought unexpectedly is so close to his death, in other words, she felt that his life has started the countdown.

at the time, Zhang Jinren fully take care of her every day with your son. Role reversal, Zhang Jinren became Xia Shufen spiritual prop. DetailPic


& other; The operation was performed in the summer, every night the wound and pain, ward and hot, because there are other patients, can’t beat the air conditioning too low, I can only take a paper fan, standing in her door on the left for a while, a moment in her right hand fan, until she falls asleep. Throughout the &; The days just finish operation, Xia Shufen pain can’t sleep all night, all night Zhang Jinren took their fans to help her door one night.

not only in hospital to take care of, in addition to do breakfast before Zhang Jinren almost did you do any housework, since after his wife was ill, he take the initiative to assume cooking, laundry and other housework. Zhang Jinren said, although very tired, but compared with her sickness, is dwarfed.

take Xia Shufen returned home, Zhang Jinren immediately said, later he come & other Cooking & throughout; , he said: & other; The family dinner, my bag! Throughout the &; In care of Xia Shufen days, the family meal will do two times, the patient’s meal especially bother, Zhang Jinren said, & other; Can’t eat too hard or too soft, balanced, every cook chop too thin, the dishes in the porridge boil, eat much food less. Throughout the &;


16 years anti-cancer road with hand in hand is the best & other; Medicine & throughout;

they are anti-cancer and support each other on the road, they are also necessities sauce vinegar noisy & other; Comedy duo & throughout; .

she likes to sleep late, he has more than 40 years every day dawn, just to let her sleep after open your eyes to eat a bowl of hot noodles.

he loved to swim, she will be sitting quietly at the shore and listen to the radio, hand towel, such as after Zhang Jinren swam ashore, first up, let her wipe water droplets.

she is a little small temper, complained that he didn’t personally to send birthday gift, but he is out of your pay check together make my niece accompanied her chose a beautiful coat.

he is a little small stubborn, often stay up late to translate some foreign literature, she always blame him not old, and a cup of hot tea for him, in a hot water bag.

& hellip; & hellip;

Zhang Jinren and his wife so hard after 48 years of marriage, but, among them a third time in dealing with cancer.

in the world the most beautiful love is not a magnificent and victorious, but leave, blessing. When it comes to cancer and other The secret & throughout; , Zhang Jinren said: & other; In fact, there is no secret, the average person to talk about cancer, but my experience is that cancer can be cured, but the need to have a good state of mind, correct treatment, 16 years survived, just like that. Throughout the &;

now, the old couple is very regular life, every day after breakfast, two people will go out for a walk together, go to the not far away from home, by the way of vegetable market to buy food.

in the afternoon, the nap Zhang Jinren will call busy playing computer games to play on his wife to go out shopping or swimming. Library, binjiang road, river, streets & hellip; & hellip; Often have a couple travel together.

in addition, special love Zhang Jinren creation. He took out a thick book he collected his published articles. He wrote to him and his wife in chongqing cancer participants, beibei branch has more than 100 people, organize activities every month. There, together they created the song of the cancer, also broadcast gymnastics the rehearsal, to go to a show, and mountain climbing, travel everywhere. They also named & other positive; Cancer good family & throughout; , become everyone’s & other; Anti-cancer warriors & throughout; . null

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