Citic medical spring rain doctors hand in hand To build new Internet diagnosis platform

launch ceremony the

citic medical Internet platform opening

spring rain doctors & other; Embrace health & throughout; Strategy was deepened again. On December 11, citic medical doctors formally to the spring rain reached a strategic cooperation relations, will integrate the advantage resources together, in & other; The Internet throughout the hospital &; Field exploration innovation model and sets up the model. The scene, for cooperation to build the first project & ndash; & ndash; Citic medical diagnosis platform for Internet was unveiled.

according to the strategic cooperation agreement, the two sides will in & other; The Internet throughout the hospital &; Make full use of its resources and technology accumulation area, build in citic medical affiliated hospital & other; The Internet diagnosis & throughout; Platform, the construction and operation to promote the Internet platform, exploration & other; Internet + d raise + medicine + health & throughout; Operating model, artificial intelligence, and establish the tripartite cooperation in areas such as large data.

cooperation first implementation in the construction of Internet diagnosis platform. According to introducing, the two sides will use their own Internet information technology resources, customer resources, doctor, operation mode and marketing advantages, mutual help citic medical affiliated hospital diagnosis platform construction of the Internet.

to build Internet platform will be able to cover before diagnosis, diagnosis, diagnosis of the whole process of online new medical service mode, and establish ecological hospital as the core of the Internet industry chain, gradually achieve & other; D combining, medical insurance, medical education & throughout; The goal of. In the future, as the further development and application of the artificial intelligence, medical data, the two sides will also explore provide personalized health care services for patients, effective intervention to a user’s lifestyle, health management, etc.

demand for social economic development, the Internet medical factors such as comprehensive analysis, the two sides to build the Internet first to be born in citic huizhou hospital diagnosis platform. The hospital is located in ZhongKai high-tech zone, huizhou, guangdong province, is belonging to primary subsidiary of citic group in China, as a national level 3 general hospital. In early December citic huizhou hospital has launched the new WeChat public, realize the online visits, make an appointment, check report, payment and so on many functions.

Zhang Jisheng citic medical general manager, said citic medical upholds & other; Medical pratt &whitney, health for the people & throughout; The concept of development, is committed to through the promotion of advanced medical technology, people benefit more patients. The building of new diagnostic platform, the Internet is a strategic layout citic medical future-oriented, committed to in & other; Internet medical & throughout; Field exploration innovation model and sets up the model, with the help of the Internet technology, mobile network technology, big data and the artificial intelligence technology, better development and exert the efficiency of medical service.

spring rain doctor, said CEO Zhang Kun medical is one of China’s four major medical group, citic has profound medical resources and excellent medical health investment strategic vision. This time, can reach strategic cooperation with citic medical, doctor is the spring rain & other Embrace health & throughout; Corporate strategy and a strong push. Through the cooperation with citic medical group and the subordinate hospital, spring rain doctors online technology and operation ability, will be able to release more energy, with the help of the Internet technology to further improve the patient’s treatment experience.

it is reported that citic medical health industry group co., LTD., is China’s citic group co., LTD., a wholly owned subsidiary, business areas mainly involves integration of the medical service, medical health services, health management, medical distribution, medical logistics management and a series of related business. currently, citic medical has with the Beijing university school of medicine, central south university school of medicine, zhejiang university school of medicine, sun yat-sen university school of medicine and other domestic well-known medical colleges and universities, and Peking union medical college hospital, fuwai hospital, founding, china-japan friendship hospital, xuanwu hospital, the research and the depth of many famous hospital has established the close cooperation relations.

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