Cities across the country the user can hand mirror, pay treasure to make an appointment cervical cancer vaccination!

on November 6, ali health announced, online booking will cervical cancer vaccine immunization services ranging from 41 cities expand to more than 100 cities across the country more than 800 community health service centers. In new cities, both in the north to guangzhou, hangzhou such first-tier cities, including wuhan, changsha, taiyuan, the provincial capital city.

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the more than 100 women of the city’s residents, as long as the cell phone taobao, pay treasure to search & other; Cervical cancer vaccine & throughout; , you can enter the page of consulting service booking, for enquiries of community health service center immunization information, consulting medical professionals and intelligent robot, consulting the relevant vaccination knowledge, online booking and enjoy vaccine immunization services. User click & other; To make an appointment immediately & throughout; Can choose the city and nearby communities vaccination, after submit booking can choose convenient time also enjoy vaccination consulting services.

in ali health vaccine advisory appointment page you can see, online consultation and cervical cancer vaccination knowledge does not charge any fee, and offline vaccination booking service charge of $1, will be donated to the all China women’s development foundation of maternal health express & ndash; & ndash; Super early cervical cancer screening public welfare projects. The actual cost of the vaccine to offline every vaccination point shall be the final cost.

as a serious threat to the health of women of the common malignant tumor, cervical malignant tumor of female reproductive system in our country, and its morbidity and mortality in the first place, and younger and more. The human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccination is one of the world health organization recommends cervical cancer prevention measures. On July 31, 2017, produced by glaxosmithkline bivalent HPV vaccine & other; Went right & throughout; As China’s first approved officially listed on the mainland HPV vaccine. This means that the domestic 9-25 women according to their needs, at his own expense voluntarily at the provincial, city, district (county), the centers for disease control and prevention with 2 kinds of vaccination certificate of vaccination or vaccination.

now, such vaccination services more convenient online booking channels. On August 15, ali health and glaxosmithkline (China) announced together with the adult disease prevention and innovative services, in the first period, for anhui, fujian, guangxi, hainan, henan, heilongjiang, jiangxi, liaoning, Inner Mongolia, shandong, shaanxi, sichuan, yunnan, chongqing 14 provinces/municipalities directly under the central government, more than 40 cities provide online booking online counseling and adult disease vaccine immunization services. Up to now, through this platform advisory users more than one thousand people a day on average, the cumulative registration and booking more than 50000 users. As the second phase of the online coverage increased to more than 100 city, is expected to double during the 11 booking services will further rise quickly.

& other; Ali health mission, is to make health within easy reach. Vaccine inoculation on the web site services online before so many city visit numerous pairs of 11, also is wants to let more young urban women, can use a more convenient way to look after their health. Throughout the &; Ali said Zhong Congdi, disease prevention and health business head, is expected by the end of this year, the project will cover more than 120 cities in China, 1500 community health service centers.

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