Cities barrier-free facilities penetration rate is only 40%


15 December, dongcheng district afterglow temple street, a car parked on the blind, a broken chair was thrown in the blind side. The Beijing news reporter jia-ning wang taken

barrier-free elevators, bathrooms popularity is less than 20%; Electricity to the point, catering accommodation, at the end of the business center of penetration rates at the three

Beijing news dispatch (reporter Dai Xuan) for the disabled, the elderly, children and other groups, barrier-free facilities is an important guarantee of travel convenience. However, in the near future with luomenhasi ZhongCanLian hundreds of our country city field survey found that the prevalence rate of barrier-free facilities, and public satisfaction is still not optimistic. Reporter recently in several medical institutions, mall, Beijing subway stations and other public places experience, found that a lot of barrier-free facilities design is unreasonable, some old dirty, hard to use.

health, transport and government window high penetration

recently, the China consumers’ association (hereinafter referred to as & other; Throughout luomenhasi &;) With the China disabled persons’ federation (hereinafter referred to as & other; Throughout ZhongCanLian &;) Released in 2017 cities barrier-free facilities survey report experience.

5-10 months of this year, joint ZhongCanLian pair in 31 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions within the scope of selected 102 major cities in barrier-free facilities survey experience activities. Experience include business center, catering accommodation, transportation, financial services, tourism scenic spot 10 types of consumer services such as place of barrier-free armrest, barrier-free elevators (including braille, voice, low button, etc.), barrier-free toilet, etc.

experience data from investigation, at present our country barrier-free facilities overall rate is relatively low, experience on the spot investigation and penetration rate of 40.6%. The barrier-free elevators and barrier-free toilet penetration are relatively low, regardless of the first-hand survey data or public perception survey, penetration are below 20%.

in various places, medical and health units, transportation, and government service window three places consumers barrier-free facilities penetration is relatively high, electricity, catering accommodation, commercial center penetration to the branch after three.

barrier-free toilet satisfaction scored lowest

in addition, the survey data show that the current domestic barrier-free facilities overall satisfaction in middle rdi level, experience survey on satisfaction of 70.8 points. The barrier-free toilet satisfaction scored lowest, at 66.7.

barrier-free facilities, refers to the people to protect the disabled, the elderly, injuries, children and other people travel, such as roads, public buildings, residential building construction project in the construction of form a complete set of service facilities. According to the second national handicapped person sampling survey data show, China’s existing more than 8500 disabled; National bureau of statistics data show that China’s current population of about 231 million people over 60, and a lot of injuries, children, pregnant women, and so on. Barrier-free facilities setting and usage, is closely related to these groups.

question 1

not normally open or occupation as he

pair is introduced, the experience, found that major cities are supporting a barrier-free facilities, but in some cities of barrier-free facilities are not normally open use. On the one hand can neither play the actual effects of barrier-free facilities, on the other hand is a waste of resources of public service.

in addition, because of various subjective and objective reasons, barrier-free facilities often is he occupied, among them with barrier-free toilet and blind road occupied most common & ndash; & ndash;

low in changchun, jilin is occupied by a lot of sundry business center of barrier-free toilet can’t use the

low baoding traveling scenic area of TV park diversion of blind

low hebei shijiazhuang golden circle building entrances into parking caused barrier-free entrance was completely blocked

low in taiyuan in Shanxi Province wanda commercial center square blind is occupied by a large area

when the second department store business center of ningbo of zhejiang ningbo barrier-free toilet occupied by other things

grid lakeside south fujian xiamen warm countries blind be Shared cycling power supply business hall area occupy

question 2

maintenance does not reach the designated position design unreasonable

the barrier-free environment construction byelaw “regulation, the ownership of the barrier-free facilities and the manager, should ensure the normal use of barrier-free facilities. But from the survey, part of barrier-free facilities maintenance remain inadequate situation & ndash; & ndash;

low Shanghai business center of pudong store barrier-free toilet have been unable to use the

anhui ma on shan station barrier-free toilet facilities was badly damaged, failed to timely repair, and there is no corresponding prompt remind

in addition, some place facilities design obvious deficiencies, failed to function, even into formal and superficial, unable to rise to guarantee the purpose of the special group travel & ndash; & ndash;

low gansu lanzhou state grid warm Jin Changlu sales barrier-free entrance design is unreasonable, the wheelchair can’t use, such as

low barriers of guangxi qinzhou tourism scenic garden show park slope is steep, independent use difficult for the disabled

low in dingxi of gansu state grid warm youyi road power supply business hall barrier-free entrance design is unreasonable, the width is too narrow, the wheelchair can’t use such as

s reporter experience

disrepair into decoration is blind road occupied & other; Normal & throughout;

according to the results of the survey, pair national industries barrier-free facilities set use situation is not optimistic, so how is Beijing? Recently, the reporter visited Beijing district hospital, shopping mall, subway stations, and other public places, found a lot of barrier-free facilities problems set unreasonable, disrepair as decoration.

reporter station within guang qu men, magnetic device mouth stations, rui mall places such as experience, found that three places have set up a convenient use of barrier-free elevators for people with disabilities. Guang qu men in subway station of the blind road all the way to the elevator door, floor, are tangible braille dots on the close button, the elevator with armrest, arriving at a particular floor elevator speech, there is the design specification. However, in the side of the magnetic device mouth line 5 platform, set up a barrier-free elevators, although can’t use, the side with logo, leave a phone number to inform if necessary can contact this number. The mall barrier-free elevator, outweighed by advertisement the voice prompt floor to a hearing. In the new world shopping mall, search show mall, the reporter did not find a barrier-free elevators.

this reporter experience places, some have a barrier-free toilet. This layer, in PuRen hospital is equipped with a separate barrier-free toilet, including toilet, small wooden bench, armrest, from time to time to see cleaning staff to clean the toilet, toilet clean and available. On the armrest, however, are still rusty, touch, finger left black ash. And in the new world mall a corner on the third floor, barrier-free toilet, armrest, counters are dirtier, armrest is loose. Community health service stations in south east flower market, barrier-free toilet door plank, toilet cover already & other; Missing & throughout; , the barrier-free ramp is installed on the sliding door to the toilet, the ground elevation metal threshold, is not conducive to the wheelchair. While in the mall, mall search show and two subway station, has not been set barrier-free toilet.

outdoor condition is not good too much. Blind is standing on the pavement of barrier-free facilities, in the process of visiting, reporters found that Shared bike & other; Presence throughout the &; Become the norm. Beside the guang qu men middle school, many Shared bicycle across the blind, blind road are basic chocked up with bicycles around the corner. Not happened & other; Plug & throughout; The blind road, there is also a surface uneven, blind road exports are exported to the parking lot and other security hidden danger.

s to

old buildings barrier-free facilities renovation underpowered

pair analysis, barrier-free facilities setting and using appear many problems, for many reasons.

one of the reasons is part of the consumer place affected by the factors such as property rights, property management, design, modification is difficult. Especially some older relative construction sites, limited by consumer place their own space, the original design, operation, hardware and software factors such as peripheral, barrier-free facilities renovation has certain difficulty.

at the same time, the transformation of places within the barrier-free facilities property, property management, urban design, and other factors, from the barrier-free facilities planning, design, renovation and later operations and so on each link all requires more supporting resources, has certain difficulty. In order to maximize use of space and cost savings, part of the operator for existing barrier-free facilities operational power is insufficient, especially the old buildings of barrier-free facilities adapted relatively insufficient motivation.

in addition, barrier-free facilities construction which involves many departments, business there is a certain difficulty on the coordination. According to related regulations, the people’s government at or above the county level shall be responsible to organize the formulation of development planning and implementation, barrier-free environment construction of housing and urban-rural construction administrative department under the state council to be responsible for the supervision and administration of the barrier-free facilities construction activities, the competent department of industry and information technology under the state council and other relevant departments to do barrier-free environment construction work.

at the same time, barrier-free facilities renovation process also involves the urban planning, design and management, and other departments, work between various departments to coordinate and promote the way is not unified, unified supervision and regulation work of enterprise, also make some place barrier-free facilities construction and renovation is difficult.

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