Civilian battalion hospital to let the old man was health center hospital 1 week only take 100 survey

went to the hospital to see a doctor, the bag eats encase treatment, only need to spend 100 yuan. Do you believe? Recently, jiangsu huaian citizens Mr. Gao to jiangsu news broadcast, in huaian huaian area has such a private hospital, rural elderly examination need pay 100 yuan, can be in the hospital treatment for a week, the bag eats encase. A week later, and the vehicle is responsible for the old man home. All and all, just sick old man will his social security card mortgage at the hospital. There really is such a good thing? DetailPic


100 bucks, bag eats encase package treatment?

in October last year, huaian huaian area axle town of Mr. Gao’s father for cerebral infarction, in huaian first people’s hospital. After treatment, the old man recovered well. New Year’s day this year, working when Mr. Gao called home, father is a company called & other; Huaian yan chai hospital & throughout; Private hospital treatment in hospital.

your family also told Mr. Gao, the hospital for as long as pay 100 yuan, the old man can be here for a week, the bag eats encase. To this, Mr. Gao is very confused at first, then he find out that it is true that some people spent 100 yuan, eat live in hospital for a week. But the premise is, must take personal id card and health card in the hospital, to get out of the hospital.

on January 9, reporters in huaian area axle town met Mr. Gao’s father. High old man told reporters that hospital see a doctor only cost 100 yuan, he felt very affordable, then go to the hospital, in the hospital for a week.

reporter: over there for you know not to know what treatment?

high old man: treatment? Hang water every day.

reporter: hang water?

high old man, who knows what specific medicine. Don’t know what kind of medicine. The other did not. Light hanging water. A chest X-ray and blood tests, had ever done.

$one hundred in the hospital for a week, not at a loss?

the & other; Huaian yan chai hospital & throughout; , huaian huaian area xiangyu at large. The reporter sees in the hospital ward area on the second floor, every room of about 10 square meters, has six or seven beds, primitive conditions. In a conference room at the end of the ward, seven or eight old man is in the sun, the old people told reporters that they came from different towns, huaian area surrounding are & other; 100 yuan in hospital a week & throughout; Attract the propaganda, some old man has lived in school for many times.

the reporter understands, the old man dozens in the hospital, many are old cerebral infarction rehabilitation pretty well. But high old man tells a reporter, rule here is & other; The good disease & throughout; , a serious illness can cure here. As for why the price is very cheap, old people guess: private & other; It is mainly by cooperative medical care, health care. Throughout the &; & other; This hospital, they make is not your personal money, make health care is money, is the public money. Throughout the &;

reporter also learned that whether to a few old people or for the first time to the hospital, their experiences are very similar: hospital old man must have a basic medical insurance for urban residents or new rural cooperative medical insurance, basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents since 2018); Hospital id and medicare card must stay in the hospital; Shall not be issued by the hospital discharge hospitalization treatment and check expenses listing details. Hospital what is the cost, which shall be borne by the patients themselves, the old people all don’t know.


reporters to call the hospital status of the patient’s family surnamed lu, the head of the advisory 100 yuan to live a week courtyard which contains in the specific diagnosis and treatment process, the head of the first, said hospital must make an appointment, diagnosis and treatment is mainly water and comprehensive review. However, cerebral infarction rehabilitation medicine, ct to pay extra. The head also emphasized, with the patient’s social security card.

hanging the hospital medical insurance fixed-point service nameplate

one hundred to the patients, the health care center of reimbursement is more than four thousand

9 January afternoon, the reporter, along with the high old man relatives carry the old man came to yan chai hospital id card, social security card, demanding high old man in hospital treatment and check expenses during the detail, it was in the hospital staff to refuse. Hospital officials said the must high himself to come to the old man, to issue the relevant documents.

so tall old man in the hospital for a week, & other; The actual produce & throughout; What is the cost? In huaian huaian area of medical insurance fund management center, the staff after the search, found that the old man was in the hospital for a week, yan chai hospital to submit at this point the medical expenses totaled 4681 yuan, of which included in urban and rural medical insurance plan as a whole to pay is 3539 yuan, shall be paid by cash from patients with the amount of 1142 yuan.

huaian area health management center, medical GuanLiGu section chief wang, 2017, yan chai hospital of urban and rural residents of medical-insured fund settlement rate at 40% to 50%, according to the calculation, if the old man the higher hospital and settlement through audit, yan chai hospital can get 1416 yuan to 1750 yuan or so reimbursements, and surplus of about 3000 yuan, you need to own hospital.

as a for-profit private hospitals, charging a patient to only 100 yuan, to remove insurance reimbursement, they need & other; Digestion & throughout; More than 2000 yuan, how profitable in a hospital? Reporters call again, head of the lu yan chai hospital, she said, not divulged.

huaian huaian area, said Zhu Gongwei, director of the medical insurance fund management center to this & other; 100 dollars a week, and Andy live throughout treatment &; Hospital way or heard for the first time, but it is judgment, yan chai hospital have arbitrage behavior is still too early to diddle medical insurance funds, even did not rule out hospital benefit, actively to attract patients to see a doctor. But in 2017, the medical insurance fund management center audit shares already check out the yan chai hospital of 51 does not conform to the stipulations of the reimbursement of medical behavior.

Zhu Gongwei said: & other; In 2017, we passed the audit and review the medical record, the hospital has a total of worker health care has 27 does not conform to the stipulations of the reimbursement, 24 on residents of urban and rural health care does not conform to the stipulations of the reimbursement. We found that is not the 100 dollar question in hospital, but found that your treatment in the medical record is not in conformity with the relevant provisions, then we directly is refused to pay. Throughout the &;

Zhu Gongwei said that in the case of reporter received feedback, after they have been organized an investigation team, investigating similar behavior immediately yan chai hospital, the hospital is suspected of taking medical insurance funds temporarily not conclusive. The survey results will be the first time feedback to the public.

& other; In the medical field, what something called excessive medical treatment, what is called lower threshold, without a complete authority to explain, we can only according to our daily work experience, at the time of audit, I think this is unreasonable, you can refuse to pay to you. Throughout the &;

the personage inside course of study: hospital was suspected of taking medical insurance funds

& other; Local health departments have the responsibility to investigate this situation. Throughout the &; The thoracic hospital of jiangsu province before tang jin, this behavior is probably the medical institutions in the illegal taking medical insurance funds. & other; May is the actual patients medical costs only a few hundred yuan, hospital to profit by reimbursement. On the other hand, the responsibility of the health administrative department and the fund safety, found possible criminal clues and transferred to public security organs should be investigated. Throughout the &;

tang jin said, if by related department investigation, there is a hospital really use this way to show the diddle insurance money, in the long run, all at the expense of the interests of the urban and rural residents basic medical insurance of people, should be taken seriously.

& other; All ginseng protect personnel to the interests of the damage is certain. You attend insurance, the insurance cost, at the same time there is also a big part of is that the government subsidies for you, always so many dishes, took the money away from other illegal ways, you should use the money, less money in the pool, you services provided by the corresponding discount. How much money do how many thing. So you say I think this phenomenon is very serious, we should report to public security, procuratorial organs. Throughout the &;

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