Client sees a doctor should pay attention to the basic etiquette

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must be in the hospital staff has been entrusted to find doctors friends!!!! Well-known 3 armour hospital medical workers, in particular, is said to be a day on average 1.5 m & other; By supporting rate & throughout; !

today is to review some friends and my own personal experience & other; By supporting & throughout; Events, there are many & other; Look & throughout; And even & other; Fire emit three zhangs & throughout; , hope those & other; Ask to see a doctor & throughout; People must pay attention to in the treatment process should pay attention to etiquette.

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first, don’t think we work in a hospital, the hospital is our own open, feel free to visit. Must respect others pay;

a friend at a time before going abroad to do a surgery outpatient surgery, I was looking for friends as fast as a doctor completed a series of registration, see a doctor, laboratory, surgical process. Maybe the process is too smooth, the second time she take a look at other department, not so smooth, I will be silent complain door, immediately regret it is not his family hospital zha!

big hospital often have thousands of employees, and we have a job of intersection are dozens of people, it is not possible departments on flat.

please friends to help, and whether human are also. Including I myself will go to other department sees a doctor, I’m must do acknowledge, this is basic manners. But I found that people who think that we can be in the hospital visit, almost forgot the basic social etiquette, finally do we take the time, place, and finally also have to take the gift.

so warn those who get to see the doctor, be sure to respect other people’s pay.

second, ask for the amount is not unlimited, so let’s cherish the chance to use;

a friend who is not very well, I see a well-known experts, because what is at stake his family I have made every effort to help look for the expert, the problem settled satisfactorily. Has continued to me looking for experts to see the doctor again, for a while is his classmate, for a while and his relatives. I politely refused. My principle is good friends can help you, yourself or immediate family members can help, vital help, other entirely out of place in the jurisdiction.

so, must treasure the use of lines, don’t use.

third, ask a doctor is more should respect the rules of the hospital, the doctor’s decision, don’t let the introducer is difficult;

this experience is very & other; Fire emit three zhangs & throughout; . I help a relative living in the city’s most difficult hospital, thought the old lady’s son & other; Demon & throughout; Come to visit time because in the treatment of patients with a few small differences, after a clash with the nurse, incredibly still move his hand. I apologize to the department, and go to see the nurse, also somebody else husband please make amends for dinner together. & have spent

as long as in hospital doctors, nurses, decisions must be respected, if have different opinion to talk over a good, don’t think that is who introduced to, you can run amok.

4, if there is no deep friendship, to ask for as far as possible don’t do those tricky;

this seems to be a human, but I have met a special & other; Look & throughout; Thing to do. I only once, with someone is not the intersection of each other. One day it was late, she continued to call me, incredibly let me help her to hang so-and-so experts, a famous hospital and request went to see the next day. I immediately by people who do not understand the way of the world & other Stunned & throughout; ! Apart from the experts is the second day visits, even visits, is you let me at 5:00 am moved a small bench to queue the somebody else the hospital register, I’m on my own to buy you a thousands of yuan of cattle number? ! As if my parents hadn’t asked me so much, you are my what royalty? !

no matter how urgent things, ask for to also want to know the discretion.

5, others help you, thank you must know;

it is more ridiculous. A friend to so-and-so big sports medicine in the hospital, the hospital especially difficult, and to ask me for help. I was looking for a friend, he is a good luck, has been admitted to the hospital. Out because I was on a business trip, can’t go to the hospital must help people, I will let me to thank the doctor for patients’ families, imagined each other to forget as an excuse to incredibly don’t mention it. Behind you, I not only take the time to take on. Since then, the person to ask me what I would not move to help again.

to pay to have at least the respect of others, without gratitude, is the posterior broke myself.

6, respect for the doctor’s time;

what do you think sometimes find acquaintances is introduced to see a specialist, you can enjoy more privileges than other patients, can be the endless questions, endless puts forward various requirements, don’t put such expectations, otherwise you will hurt so bad.

the doctors at the hospital is very hard, not only will be responsible for medical and scientific research, teaching, their time is very precious. Especially in the outpatient service, doctors often half a day to see dozens of patients, even have no time to drink water, go to the bathroom. If have more time for you, natural and other patients were squeezed out of time, it makes doctors are difficult. Want so good question, quick questions, avoid by all means ask the same questions over and over again, or repeated verification. And you don’t cry because it is too demanding, let the other patients have opinions, so as to bring the doctor.

moreover is the lengthy meal can save a province.

7, to get better communication, can hang the special consultation clinic;

general outpatient clinic will limit the number of patients, so the outpatient doctor relative will communicate with the doctor for longer periods of time, communication will be more fully, the registration fee will be slightly more expensive. For those economic condition is good, have more communication needs of patients, suggest don’t ordinary outpatient service to the can go hang outpatient clinics.

8, there are many hospitals can register online booking in advance, don’t ask for full again.

many patients don’t know the country a lot of big hospital basic open online booking register, try to register online. In addition, small problem is not necessarily ran large hospital, a sick you don’t look for a person to visit everywhere, many ordinary doctor can solve a problem.

there are still many questions not list, also welcome friends doctor, patient friends tell me about the things you see a doctor!

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