Cordyceps sinensis was confirmed not cancer Is there a drug store still claims that its anti-cancer effect

cordyceps sinensis was identified no cancer

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creative photo/Beijing news reporter yuan-zheng wang

international scientific journal cell ZiKan “chemical biology, published online in the near future the Chinese academy of sciences, Shanghai institute of plant physiology ecological cheng-shu wang team to complete the research, according to genes and produce mode, Chinese caterpillar fungus could not contain anti-cancer properties of cordycepin and he butyl spray division. On the contrary, wide distribution, low price for these two ingredients cordyceps militaris.

beginning in the 1990 s, Chinese caterpillar fungus began to be continued as high nutritional value of tonic hyped, combined with the production scarce and prices, a media call Chinese caterpillar fungus and other Soft gold & throughout; . At the same time, due to the reason of high arsenic, Chinese caterpillar fungus nourishing function also stirred controversy. State food drug safety administration had explicitly suggest that long-term use of cordyceps sinensis have & other; High risk & throughout; .

recently, the Beijing news reporter visited Beijing more than a dozen pharmacy found that part of the pharmacy staff claims to cordyceps sinensis have anti-cancer effect.

part of the pharmacy claims cordyceps sinensis have anti-cancer effect

a third-party medical service system MaiSiKang lai founder Shi Lichen told the Beijing news reporter, no evidence of cordyceps sinensis has anti-cancer effect, & other; Cordyceps sinensis so-called cancer are occurring in the process of marketing concept, is a marketing gimmick & throughout; , & other; If there is no common people to the research results of this know, may also have a lot of people want to believe. Throughout the &;

on October 25, 26, the Beijing news reporter visited Beijing more than a dozen specialist in pharmacies and Chinese caterpillar fungus, also confirmed this & other; Marketing gimmick & throughout; The existence of.

in dongcheng district of Beijing, built a pharmacy, the Beijing news reporter to buy gifts for asking the store the effect of cordyceps sinensis. Officials say it has improve human immunity, kidney and the effect of anti-cancer, & other; Otherwise why so expensive, many people are at the function (cancer) to buy. Throughout the &; The Beijing news reporter discovery, the store sell much money cordyceps box are production gian wide embellish Chinese medicine yinpian co., LTD. Subsequently, the Beijing news reporter for consulting, choi manager prove to the company, the other party said product has anti-cancer effects.

in other pharmacy in a similar situation. Near Beijing nanluogu xiang yuan hall, the clerk also claimed that Chinese caterpillar fungus has anti-cancer effects, and selling well, & other; Cordyceps sinensis has double repair of Yin and Yang, the effect of inhibiting tumor, a lot of lung cancer patients are edible, no ill after eating can also play the role of prevention. Throughout the &; The cordyceps products from xining in qinghai province xuefeng special medicinal materials co., LTD., production, the Beijing news reporter in the same reason to call the company, the other says, although the product packaging is not marked efficacy, but Chinese caterpillar fungus is good products to improve human immunity, especially lung diseases, can have the effect of secondary cancer, but long-term use.

only tongrentang drugstore near Peking union medical college hospital staff said, Chinese caterpillar fungus is a kind of traditional Chinese medicine, and other Its efficacy, we are according to pharmacopoeia pharmacopoeia and the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine that no cancer, no medicine can write it can cure cancer & throughout; .

in addition, part of the management of Chinese caterpillar fungus store situation is not optimistic. Visit found that near DengShiKou one extremely grass franchises have been closed, in a still hung near wangfujing have cordyceps specializes in stores has become a beauty.

in electric business platform, sales of Chinese caterpillar fungus is still hot. The Beijing news reporter in shopping website & other; Cordyceps sinensis & throughout; For keywords to search, the emergence of more than 900 kinds of goods, platform, according to a certain merchants of 1 gram of four Chinese caterpillar fungus box sales month in more than 6000.

cordyceps sinensis market scale once inflation

referred to in traditional Chinese medicine in China and the vast majority of scholars of Chinese caterpillar fungus, is especially ergot families and stroma of cordyceps fungus and its parasitic insects hepialidae cordyceps bat moth larvae complex bodies, mainly produced in qinghai, Tibet, sichuan, yunnan, gansu and other places at an altitude of 4000 meters to 5000 meters in the alpine meadow.

according to the China pharmacopoeia (2015 edition), the function of the cordyceps sinensis attending for invigorating the lung, hemostatic phlegm. For kidney essence loss, impotence, spermatorrhea, waist and knee pain, chronic cough false asthma, pain syndromes haemoptysis.

as the star product in Chinese herbal medicine, Chinese caterpillar fungus has continued high price, a kilo of ten yuan. And China association of traditional Chinese medicine Chinese herbal medicine information center, according to official website on October 26, Chinese traditional medicine the net of heaven and earth, according to safe drug market, 2000 qinghai cordyceps production price is 180000 yuan, compared with 200000 yuan in the first half of the price, the decline is not obvious. According to NBS survey office in qinghai’s statistics show that 2017 years ago in the third quarter, the qinghai province cordyceps prices rose 10.36%, one of the highest rise in the second quarter rose 17.84%.

as A stock market only A pure & other; Chinese caterpillar fungus stocks & throughout; Pure powder, cordyceps sinensis piece & other; Throughout the grass &; The production of enterprises & ndash; & ndash; Qinghai spring even in more than 2 billion yuan in 2014 revenue.

cordyceps health food companies seek to transform

for caterpillar fungus health food enterprises, in 2016 was a turning point. In February 2016, national food drug safety administration on its website released the tip about cordyceps products consumption, in the Chinese caterpillar fungus, cordyceps sinensis powder and pure powder products of monitoring and inspection, found that arsenic content is 4.4 to 9.9 mg/kg. Cordyceps sinensis is a Chinese herbal medicine, do not belong to the drug and food material. Concerned expert analyzes believed that health food safety standards of the state of arsenic in the limited value of 1.0 mg/kg, long-term consumption of Chinese caterpillar fungus, cordyceps sinensis powder and pure powder products can cause excessive intake of arsenic, there is high risk.

in March 2016, national food drug safety administration issued a notice, stop Chinese caterpillar fungus used in health foods pilot work. At present, qinghai spring subsidiary medical trial has been asked to stop pure powder tablets cordyceps products and related products production and operation. In earlier in December 2010, the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine, post, cordyceps sinensis as ordinary food raw materials to produce food is strictly prohibited.

the national food administration of drug safety identify cordyceps sinensis & other Identity & throughout; Nearly eighty percent performance, contribution to the company’s absolute main products, qinghai spring also suffered a fatal blow, net profit growth rate of 31.49% in 2016. Then began transformation, advertising business gradually become the main source of revenue.

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