Corner for grey sexual education recent best-selling books: there were bookshops in sales last year



in recent years, with the changes of The Times, many parents start to popularity education knowledge in advance. Recently, a bookstore found in chengdu tianfu morning post reporter, is sex education books also silently hidden in the corner, from the original into a significant position in the children’s section train now. So, now the sex education book sales? What parents about sex education books changed? Tianfu morning post reporter has carried on the investigation.


walked to the front desk

sex education books in the conspicuous position

many bookstores in chengdu before about children into how to protect their sexual education books, but because the parents thought idea hasn’t changed, sex education books are placed in inconspicuous location & other; all the year round Eat the ash & throughout; . Today, change their attitude, parents began to bookstores to buy sex education in a book, to popularize knowledge.

the tianfu morning post reporter yesterday visited chengdu many bookstores, she found, the spring city road many bookstores are specially decoration about sexual education book train. Originally in the corner, a dusty books, and now has become an children’s bookstore & other; Pin crown & throughout; . The story of chicken chicken breast story “the body” “serena go & hellip; & hellip; Various related to sexual education books put in the prominent position.

reporter to browse a few books, found that within the book knowledge covers the differences between men and women, how to love and protect themselves and & other; Where I come from throughout the &; Such as their parents think that difficult knowledge.

among them, in the small power forward introduced serena is a little sperm, he and his three hundred million friends lived together in Mr Brown’s body. In a day of swimming competition, serena through their efforts to win the prize & ndash; & ndash; & other; A beautiful egg & throughout; . However, after the match, serena was gone, but a little girl was born XiaoNa & hellip; & hellip; The contents of the book, it is every parents were children questions & other; Where I come from throughout the &; ? Through the way of interesting stories in the book, to tell the children & other; I am so long. Throughout the &; When not only solved the parents asked embarrassing and helpless, also let children clear the ground together & other Sex education & throughout; Lesson here.



” learn to love yourself less than a week to sell 60 this

& other; From after the start of September, sex education books begin to sell, but it was not until last month become & lsquo; Hot & rsquo; To get up. Throughout the &; In chengdu, a bookstore, a children’s book salesman MingJing said the entire October, sex education books sold nearly 200, more than sex education book sales for all of last year. Even “learn to love yourself” sexual education books on new less than a month of time, has been sold out. & other; The entire series, a total of three, respectively is “don’t touch me” “don’t kiss me” “don’t talk to stranger”, popularity can sold four a day. Throughout the &; MingJing said, originally didn’t people buy the books on the shelf, now on the shelves and shelves, 60 will be free this less than a week.

according to MingJing query this quarter sexual education book sales, according to the highest peak in October day have sell out of 17 sexual education about children’s book. & other; It had been in previous years have no sales, in both parents see dragging children go. Throughout the &; MingJing said, parents thought had gone from pomp into now actively looking for child sex education books. For this purpose, the bookstore special will originally corner & other; Eat the ash & throughout; Years of sexual education planning books, put in the children’s books in a prominent position. And set up a special identity card, clearly marked & other; Let children know their body structure, learn to love, learn to respect, to protect themselves. Throughout the &; , and also remind parents sex education is love education.

let MingJing awkwardly, still have parents see sex education books, afraid, afraid of reading to children. & other; Young parents thought more open, with children less than four – year – old mother to give children to buy books, but also have grandpa’s grandmother pulled the child to go because of the taboo. Throughout the &; MingJing said, when I see parents taboo sexual education, the in the mind is a little sad.

in MingJing view, the children of the sexual assault incident, because parents give children popularity education without a clear knowledge. & other; From twitter to see this happen every time, I will think of those who do not sexual education for children to see the parents of the book. Throughout the &; MingJing, said the popularity of sex education books, some secret hope children can make is absolute can’t keep, others to the touch of uncomfortable when you want to say it out loud.


parents feel

by books daughter finally understand where

& other; She was 4 years old in kindergarten, I said to her, can’t let others touch you. Throughout the &; Parents daughter 5 years old this year zhang told the tianfu morning post reporter, bookstore just have to “learn to love your child sex education books, bought a set of itself. In order to let daughter know more clearly and to protect themselves, zhang often give their children the story. & other; Sometimes I also ask her, if there is a stranger to you sugar, let you go with him, what will you do? Throughout the &; Zhang said that in recent years online reports out of child sex abuse in the news, give yourself a lesson.

prior to this, zhang has been unacceptable daughter asked myself & other; I come from? Throughout the &; & other; Why my mother has a chest and his not & throughout; Sensitive issues, such as children ask every day, zhang xin is avoided, said the daughter is sometimes can’t buy anything. For this purpose, the daughter at home also cried several times, then daughter to kindergarten kindergarten, zhang simply told daughter some knowledge about sex education. But is only & other; Don’t let anyone touch you & throughout; & other; A stranger to you things. Don’t & throughout; & other; In addition to mom and dad will pick you up others, do not follow & throughout; Such as fur knowledge. To this, zhang xin reason: & other; I don’t know how to tell her, so she doesn’t understand clearly, I describe not clear, but embarrassed to say. Throughout the &;

however, since march of this year, a school of hangzhou issue sexual education to children’s books, zhang xin, begin to pay close attention to young child sex abuse in the news. & other; Every time I see all spirit hand trembling, see the suffering children innocent appearance, as a mother tears stream down. Throughout the &; Zhang said that for some talk about sex before she changed the color change of ideas, actively search on the Internet about sexual education children’s books. Zhang hopes, can through the lively and interesting story form, let daughter understand the importance of protecting our own.

although zhang xin’s move by her daughter’s grandma and grandpa, but zhang believes that earlier to universal knowledge, only to the child to do nothing. Zhang xin said: & other; Every time in a bookstore as long as see books on sex education, will buy for their children. Throughout the &; Today, the daughter of zhang xin has through the books know they come from, run into kindergarten kids ask, will also be active to friend.


experts view

early sexual education can from harm

for now parents change of attitude toward sex education thought, sichuan academy of social sciences, said professor Hu Guangwei along with the development of the society, everyone began to slowly from about sex color change to now parents knowledge about adolescent sex education popularization, the only explanation is the progress of the society. & other; At the beginning of the sex education just introduced the physiological health, content is very shallow. Throughout the &; Hu Guangwei said that once the sexual education does not include the security, is just the physiological anatomy, but the most important thing in sex education should actually be & other; Safe sex & throughout; The problem.

& other; Children was sexually assaulted events have occurred in recent years, as parents is necessary to early sexual education for children, from harm. Throughout the &; Hu Guangwei think, now, parents turn in to sex education thought, is a kind of ideological progress, parents and teachers from the heart began to pay attention to sex education. In Hu Guangwei view, however, now in bookstores sexual education book is too theoretical, hope in the future about sex education books can become more easy to understand.

(formerly called the past in the corner & other eat throughout gray &; children’s fire up “)

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