“Cough medicine god” the truth behind the popular New York: does not treat the flu

& other; Cough medicine & god throughout; The truth behind the popular New York

Chinese medicines, experts remind cough don’t abuse, suit the remedy to the case is the fundamental, can accentuate otherwise illness

in recent days, several media reprinted the Wall Street journal reported that due to the flu, americans called & other; Honey and loquat herbal supplements & throughout; Of Kyoto read CiAn honey refined fritillary bulb become pipagao in sudden fame, many people mouth its mysterious curative effect, the drug on amazon’s highest priced at $85.58. Thus, read CiAn become pipagao in dealer & ndash; & ndash; King live medical group’s share price rose.

a over-the-counter (OTC) cough proprietary Chinese medicine in China and really conquered the westerners? In fact, in the United States, read CiAn become pipagao in only is regarded as a supplement. The American medical expert reminds, herbal medicine can not be as prevention in the first line of defense for the treatment of influenza. Beijing hospitals doctor an interview with the Beijing news said, fritillary bulb become pipagao in this class of drugs is the main effect of heat runfei, cough, phlegm, and not to treat influenza, just can relieve the symptoms of cough, sputum, and must follow the doctor’s advice, not blindly.

read CiAn become pipagao in New York City circle powder

the United States centers for disease control and prevention, according to the latest data sheet is the third week in 2018, the national total of 4064 people died from flu and pneumonia, to about 10% of the total number of deaths over the same. Because of the flu outbreak continues to rise, expected the death toll will rise. Flu with anxiety, keen to find and share new recipe for new yorkers, began to word of mouth a cough medicines from Hong Kong, China & ndash; & ndash; Read CiAn become pipagao in.

in February this year, the Wall Street journal published an article about read CiAn become pipagao in reports, direct read CiAn become pipagao in up out of the United States. Reports mention, the world’s ninth largest pruitt, art college professor and architect Alex Schweder cough for more than a week, in taking the CiAn become pipagao in after 15 minutes to begin to work.

management in the pearl river in New York City department store, the boss of us also mentioned, all of a sudden, everyone is talking about reading CiAn become pipagao in, a lot of white for this product.

Beijing news reporter query found that read CiAn become pipagao in offline drugstore sells for $7 for each bottle, and act as purchasing agency at amazon, the highest price reached $85.58. Many businesses still mark & other; Stock of goods is not much, want to purchase a quick & throughout; The warning. However, price tall read CiAn become pipagao in neglected, no sales records.

in the Wall Street journal reported, Kyoto read CiAn on weibo immediately be reached for promotion, to & other; Much guan become pipagao in! Throughout the &; For forward comments about read CiAn become pipagao in the blasting red report. Overseas, has brought the social circle, but read the Kyoto CiAn also found that many bought fake products, customer feedback even copied very like packaging, manufacturers have to on weibo science how to identify true and false products.

read CiAn become pipagao in distributor shares rose

many outlets in the Wall Street journal report at the same time, according to the report after back home, lead to read CiAn become pipagao in dealer & ndash; & ndash; Hong Kong listed company gold live medicine also benefit. On February 23, gold medicine group shares opened at hk $1.13, hk $1.16. After a weekend, February 26 high at hk $1.5, which rose to hk $1.8 and finally closed at 1.45 Hong Kong dollars, rose 25%. On February 27, still maintain a gain of 4.14%, after two days stock prices began to fall, but still higher than the share price on February 26th. As of March 5th at 12 noon, the stock price at hk $1.35.

Beijing news about this interview gold medicine, gold live medical response to think, & other; Ascension is not just a visibility throughout the &; . Recent outbreak at home and abroad, flu outbreak is serious, related pharmaceutical products market demand for rapid growth. Related pharmaceutical enterprise, therefore, in the near future also attract attention from both the focus of the capital market, as investors choose investment targets. Group rose recently, on the one hand, because of the production, sales and marketing of flu drugs pharmaceutical sector rose. On the other hand may also be due to the exposure group, recently the market rapidly increase, company’s business model to gain market recognition.

at the same time, other cough products is also not far behind.

baiyun mountain old ban on 28 February and March 1 respectively by & other; National brands & throughout; Topic @ Kyoto CiAn, marketing obviously worked this time. The Beijing news reporter sees from the comments, some netizens is learned, & other; The original old pan has become pipagao in & throughout; . Some comments also said: & other; This creative, play with rivals, the atmosphere. Throughout the &;

1 medicine told the Beijing news reporter, the season of winter is a cold cough, cough products have been in a state of sell like hot cakes. Read 1 medicine network, according to data from Kyoto CiAn honey refined fritillary bulb become pipagao in overall sales growth of 77% in February than in January, the Kyoto read CiAn honey refined fritillary bulb become pipagao in 300 ml bottle sales rose 125% last month, and has been in hot state. In cough medicines, the top three, respectively is Kyoto read CiAn honey refined fritillary bulb become pipagao in baiyun mountain, pan old snake gall fritillary bulb become pipagao in syrup, tai chi, urgent. Behind the two basic equal sales during the Spring Festival.

in addition, the Beijing news reporter learned from baiyun mountain old pan, affected by flu in mainland China, Hong Kong, southeast Asia, Canada and so on all have sales of pan old honey refined fritillary bulb become pipagao in year-on-year sales doubled, break goods, first has been to work overtime production.

cough medicines do not as a first line of defense to influenza

in domestic, the Beijing news reporter recently visited Beijing’s hall, the prince of the flourishing and hall, hall of pharmacy, found no fritillary bulb become pipagao in scenes of sell like hot cakes. Subsequently, the Beijing news reporter, bought citing cough medicine pharmacy staff ask for details of symptoms, there is no direct recommend fritillary bulb become pipagao in, but its effects are similar to other drugs. , according to the pharmacy staff were fritillary bulb become pipagao in cannot effect a radical cure disease, can only play a supplementary role of cough.

in fact, according to reports, read CiAn become pipagao in as herbal dietary supplement to the U.S. market, the United States food drug administration (FDA) suggest that consumers before taking such supplements and medical service providers to communicate, and alert to this kind of product of exaggerated propaganda, but do not have the authority to review supplements the safety and efficacy of FDA.

at the time of the flu, read CiAn become pipagao in popular in the United States, has caused the concerns of the American medical experts. The Wall Street journal, the New York Presbyterian hospital at Columbia University medical center of pulmonary medicine expert Keith Dr Brenner said taking herbal supplements may lead to health risks, including drugs, an overdose or taking over-the-counter medications. Use the person of this kind of herbal supplements or even may not disclose such information to the doctor, will exist hidden trouble. Dr Brenner reminds, in terms of the flu, and need to pay attention to virus infection is the most critical moment of time, because if effective antiviral drugs such as tamiflu, need to take within the first 48 hours. If the herbal medicine as the first line of defense, will lose the window period, especially if someone has other medical problems, so the flu virus can cause even more terrible risk of death in hospital.

gold medicine to the Beijing news reporter said, read CiAn become pipagao in main ingredients for unibract fritillary bulb, bitter almond, traditional Chinese medicine pinellia, etc. Unibract fritillary bulb, bitter almond and so on has the effect of cough expectorant runfei, for mild illness caused by the throat pain, dry cough, phlegm and other symptoms have a certain amount of relief. Medicine, the flu is caused by a virus, is different from the common cold, often accompanied by complications, the most common is the upper respiratory tract infection, acute bronchitis, pneumonia and so on. For the flu, must use of antiviral drugs, and to take corresponding drugs for complications. Also remind that read CiAn become pipagao in as proprietary Chinese medicine, corresponding to the specific condition of using is very important, it is recommended to use process, follow the doctor’s advice, and referring to the product specification in detail. For the friend that has plagued by influenza, also suggested that a doctor as soon as possible.

xiu-mei zhou, director of the Beijing fengtai hospital respiratory also remind, need to determine first flu was seriously ill, and selective drug use. If a lesser flu symptoms, no other complications, can need not antiviral drugs, choose some proprietary Chinese medicine, such as lotus antipyretic. But patients with symptoms of bronchitis, upper respiratory tract infection, can add some on the basis of western medicine fritillary bulb become pipagao in this kind of milder proprietary Chinese medicine, helps the illness faster recovery.

eating some cough medicine can lead to aggravation of

a lot of people catch a cold cough is love with fritillary bulb become pipagao in, even it is reported that some people in the United States with fritillary bulb become pipagao in sandwich, modulation cocktails.

this, Beijing haidian district community health service center of traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation of tsing lung bridge Li Yushuang reminds, fritillary bulb become pipagao in phlegm cough, pharynx, attending lung heat, phlegm heat, dry throat, pharyngeal itching. But its medicinal cold, only hot disease, the symptoms of runny nose, afraid of the cold start of the cold, cold phlegm cold coughs the effect is not obvious, and has the potential to cause symptoms worse. At the same time, fritillary bulb become pipagao in contains pinellia, not suitable for taking a large amount for a long time, otherwise it will lead to spleen and stomach cold sex. For taste xu han, especially not suitable for use.

in addition, proprietary Chinese medicine herb tea and also between taboo instead of medicine. Pinellia contrary to monkshood class of drugs, for example, the reaction will happen, will cause the digestive system and nervous system problems. And much better in the treatment of joint disease of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM)/proprietary Chinese medicine contain monkshood class medicine. In addition, the notice also similar components in the different/proprietary Chinese medicine Chinese traditional medicine, otherwise may lead to synergy to strengthen Chinese medicine, equivalent to a drug overdose.

there are some cough medicine, such as 999 puissant loquat dew, some worry that long-term use of addiction. This Li Yushuang said the drug taking short time won’t addiction, and that such cough medicine few will eat for a long time. & other; If long dress, there is still a risk of drug addiction. Throughout the &; Two weeks still did not stop such as cough, should consider to do further examination, rule out the possibility of other diseases.

Beijing fengtai hospital regions attending physician TongHaiYan reminds, the following several groups with honey refined fritillary bulb become pipagao in need to be careful:

1. A person with diabetes. Honey refined fritillary bulb become pipagao in honey, may cause higher blood sugar, diabetic suit.

2. Not take allergic to fritillary bulb, loquat.

3. The medicinal properties of such drugs slants cool, pregnant women and weak people need to be taken care of.

4. Children, the dose should be reduced to half of adult dose, and need to be under the guidance of physician or use under adult supervision.

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