Counterfeit condoms across the province to produce: cost a few cents Mainly through the network marketing

counterfeit condoms across the province to produce

cost a few cents sell tens of dollars, mostly through online sales, stands at more than $5 million

fester in the room, a pile of soaking by inferior silicone condoms in the blue barrel, after is full of oil pollution of laminating machine for the outer packing, has become an & other; Durex & throughout; & other; Okamoto & throughout; Such as a well-known brand.

recently, involving many domestic provinces and cities, mainly through online sales, stands at more than $5 million of counterfeit famous brand of condom case surfaced.

for figure/visual China

black workshop formed complete & other; Industrial chain & throughout;

& other; And part of the online store sales of some well-known brands of condoms, some is actually fake. Throughout the &; Recently, the reporter received a HuBeiJi people familiar with the fact that some fake durex, okamoto, kappa, silk etc condom brand into the market.

in Shanxi Province, at the end of 2017, a clue was transferred to yuncheng salt lake police. Clues, according to wang mou, and other people in yuncheng salt lake valley illegal processing, selling fake durex, okamoto, ji on the registered trademark of condoms.

by investigating, shanxi yuncheng police learned that part of the production and sale of counterfeit goods, from the purchase of equipment, processing, packing to sale, form a complete & other Industrial chain & throughout; . Yuncheng police locked 6 dens, captured wang mou, Liu Mou suspect. Preliminary investigation shows, wang mou and others were purchased from zhejiang as packing box, purchased from shangqiu, henan province, zhengzhou and other places condoms naked set of production, packaging machine, naked set into the drums containing silicone oil, after soaking out on the laminating machine, laminating machine and the processing fees payable to each packing box for a dime, hire villagers near the packing.

sales channels are well-known network platform offline adult shop

produce counterfeit condoms, is how to form & other Top and bottom line & throughout; ? Reporter survey found that there are & other; The net friend & throughout; Online contact, also have a brother and younger brother into the line, and pregnant women involved.

was arrested wang mou, 32 years old this year. In 2016, wang mou when chatting online met Du Mou henan book processing, the sale fake condoms woman. Du Mou learned that wang mou in recent years has been engaged in network marketing work, put forward hired wang mou selling products for her, to give him 3000 yuan a month plus commission, and citing zhengzhou scrutiny counterfeit condoms, put forward to carry the processing equipment to yuncheng. In October the same year, wang mou through friends Liu Mou took place in a village, courtyard placement machine. Since then, Liu Mou also join in.

he said that they contact Du Mou mainly through micro letter, QQ, confirmed to the goods time, type, quantity, price, etc. By being caught, he for Du Mou sales of counterfeit famous brand condoms got about $100000 payment for goods, his salary plus commission of about 20000 yuan, sales channels both micro, micro letter, a lot of spelling, taobao, jingdong, such as network platform, also have some offline adult shop.

early February, the police to capture of the pregnant women in zhengzhou huang and her husband. Huang admits that he is associated with wang mou & other; Du Mou & throughout; , & other; Du Mou & throughout; Is her outside contact aliases. According to the suspects confession, a box of 3 pens counterfeit famous brand condoms, costs just 0.42 yuan, to sell in the market to 10 yuan to tens of yuan, profit. According to the xinhua news agency

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