“Couples” how to form? Due to the husband and wife of microbiological ecological environment



look, this is a no flaw of the scene.

left no fingerprints, DNA, monitoring fails, the police even suspect the micro fiber on the clothes I couldn’t find it. Obviously, the crime is a murderer of anti reconnaissance capability is very strong, he seems to have no breath left.

investigation took only a day. The police with a microbial sensor scans the air in the room, locking suspects by comparison. Betrayed him, is he carrying microbes, they will leave a mark in every place. In the face of technology, these tracks floating in the air like a invisible qr code, gently & other; Sweep & throughout; , you will be able to lock each person unique identity.

at the university of Oregon in the United States James & middot; The medoc team in the design of the experiment, the criminal suspect almost nowhere to hide. In order to increase the difficulty that investigation, they even dressed suspects in unified disinfection with clothing and shoes.

in the invisible micro world, hundreds of thousands of live microorganisms. They are almost everywhere, less than 20 minutes can multiply generation. In less than 10 meters long inside human body bowel, there are about 10 trillion bacteria survive, decided to the health of human beings.

according to the scientists, the number of microorganisms in the human body is about 10 times their own cell number. They found that these germs not only has a broad application prospect in the field of health care, is stored in each person’s unique genetic information, known as human & other; Throughout the genome &; . At the end of 2007, the United States to perform & other; The human microbiome project & throughout; And several European countries, Japan and China are involved.

someone tried to put the faeces of healthy volunteers colony injected into the patient’s body, to restore the latter of the intestinal microflora balance. British researchers found to contain bacteria metabolic diseases such as obesity, diabetes, and experiments on animals.

in our hair and teeth, organs and bones, tears and blood, microbial breeding, telling about the master secret & ndash; & ndash; In the future, he is fat or thin, the risk of stroke, diabetes, who lives in where, reaction speed, whether impatient personality, strong learning ability is not strong. People often say that the & other; Husband and wife phase & throughout; Because family members especially microbial ecological environment close to the couple, lead to personality, behavior, and even looks more and more similar.

the harvard school of public health, Noah & middot; Mr Le has been looking for the secret of the microbial in various corners of the life. & other; Each hand with an average of 150 species of microbes, which may appear in less than 20 kinds of another person’s hand. Throughout the &; In the study, they can easily determine the owner of a mobile phone, or a few days ago someone ever use a computer.

these microbes from the human body can still survive after a long time, not affected by temperature, light, humidity change. For humans, want to get rid of them is also a very difficult thing. Even if you repeatedly to wash your hands, put on just disinfection clothing, microbiota will reappear in the combination of the original way. The ghost of the dead hand of ChiZhun your life habits, silently tell us about the place you visited, contact person, eat the food as well as the unique physical characteristics.

high accuracy and retention time long and hard to erase and imitation, microorganism is perfect investigation tool. In the forensic field, microbial communities will form the so-called forensic field & other; Microbial fingerprint & throughout; Time, revealed the victim dies, the cause of death and so on.

when people swallow the last breath, the body has become more & other; Active & throughout; . In a few seconds, the blood flow, no longer ears are cold first, cells begin to hypoxia, tissue acid increased, a large number of enzymes from the broken cell escape, all the internal organs rot, most microorganisms are very enjoy this kind of change.

these chemical changes in the body also will attract insects and animals, they lay eggs, eat soft tissue, even pulled out hair fill the nest. All of these changes in the calculation of scientists. , when the murder, the police may carry few jins weight toolbox rushed to the scene, with the power of science to set the machine & other; Microbial clock & throughout; , the death time estimation accurate to hours.

DNA, fingerprints is often considered as the unique features of the individual, but the scene of the crime is often not as police wish. On the porous material is hard to leave the criminal fingerprints, DNA testing also needs blood, semen, saliva and other human body components. Meet with the twins, the most excellent forensic master will do.

in the information age, identification of pressure also fell on the head of all information security workers. They tried to use the iris, finger vein images to identify, even a person walking posture have been given.

now they more a weapon, can target only by microorganisms. In sichuan police academy, a man named DaiYong can even smell through calculate the underwear, an associate professor of master, he has three research papers by SCI.

in fiction, animation, and movies, detective character can always solve crimes by almost invisible detail. Now, the artistic processing of imagination is becoming a reality. Criminals want to hide yourself become increasingly difficult. Identified and whereabouts leakers is everywhere, we just can hear them.

(the original title: who draw & other; Husband and wife phase & throughout;)

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