Depth of investigation: who cadmium rice “dyeing” out of the mountain village

Huang Longmiao this year has more than ten thousand jin of rice. Official extraction of five samples of rice, a new report from Huang Longmiao of farmland.

Ding Gushan sulfur gold copper ore, has been permanently closed. On November 15, sulfur gold copper ore padlocked. Photography (except signature)/Beijing news reporter Jia Shiyu

jiujiang mine pollution for many years, with the villagers had to report failed

a for & other; Cadmium rice & throughout; The storm, broke the quiet Ding Gu mountain village.

cadmium, is a kind of human body metabolism of heavy metal elements, if excessive consumption, serious when can cause renal dysfunction, rickets, etc. So the national food safety standards & ndash; & ndash; food contaminants in limited “regulation, the index of the cadmium content in rice is 0.2 mg/kg.

in October 2017, the environmental volunteers jing Ding Gu mountain of the house of a farmer’s rice sample detection. The results showed that the cadmium content in rice is 1.62 mg/kg.

Ding Gu mountain village is located in the port town of jiangxi jiujiang wood mulberry area. Jiujiang is a traditional Chinese & other; The big four market & throughout; One of the port town of is one of the traditional rice planting base.

problem after Revelations that he and district environmental protection bureau announced on November 14, has founded a workgroup to village and household surveys, the suspected pollution 75206 jin of rice, and to receive and inspection result confirmed, for innocent treatment is indeed the contamination concentration of rice.

in addition, city, district departments of environmental protection, agriculture, food and so on have been suspected soil, water body pollution areas, such as rice, sampling inspection.

report produced & other; Cadmium rice & throughout; Nothing

& other; Cadmium rice & throughout; Storm happens, local villagers began to worry about their health problems. Ding Gu village villagers noticed Vince river, were people suspected of cadmium poisoning symptoms appeared.

a month ago, Ding Gu village villagers huang jiao died because of illness, at the age of 65. The wife of hospital discharge records show that huang was diagnosed with hypertensive kidney disease, chronic kidney disease stage 5, renal anemia, bone disease such as arthritis.

in addition, the 66 – year – old villager laurel home furnace suspected cadmium poisoning. He has been slow to act, each word he unconsciously bite a tooth, back and forth from Zi Zi noise. Guangxi home furnace tells a reporter, oneself body pain for many years, need to shake the body from time to time.

Beijing news reporter visited the jiao huang and laurel furnace, and other villagers home found that the villagers suffering from joint pain, liver disease, kidney disease situation is, and hard to prove that is caused by the cadmium poisoning.

however, people still associate it Japan & other; Pain pain disease & throughout; . In the last century, Japan for mining cause farmland to suffer severe cadmium pollution. Local farmers long-term consumption of contaminated soil on rice and other food, lead to cadmium poisoning symptoms such as bone pain.

the contaminated land yield of rice, all have the possibility of cadmium. Most of them, by the villagers as rations daily edible, can eat will be sold.

Ding Gu village villagers NieGuXi admits, although know that the land pollution, but don’t know the rice will be polluted, and in addition to eat and sell, he has no better choice. & other; We can’t give destroyed the meters. Throughout the &;

as for the rice sales, where will the adverse effect to human body, has been difficult to textual research.

, it’s no surprise the villagers Huang Longmiao. There are at least two years, he don’t eat their own rice field.

Huang Longmiao is 59 years old, is also a local LiangFan, later became the earliest cadmium rice whistleblowers.

in May 2015, the food and drug administration in jiujiang county of jiangxi province in the rice market of the mulberry leaf area (now), advertisements of jiujiang league super grain and oil company (hereinafter referred to as & other; Throughout al super grain and oil &;) Production of rice by detecting cadmium exceeds bid.

, according to a report by sampling the cadmium content of rice is 0.24 mg/kg, more than 0.2 mg/kg of the highest standards of the state. League super grain and oil boss yu an interview with local media said, in the production of this batch of rice paddy from Ding Gu mountain village.

Huang Longmiao is the company’s large supply of rice. He told the Beijing news reporter, the batch of cadmium rice is processed by Ding Gu mountain village of 2014 rice.

therefore, league super grain and oil by high penalties, Huang Longmiao rice to have a stable market.

Huang Longmiao unwilling, he had to go to the wood mulberry district environmental protection bureau to complain about the the rice cadmium.

in September 2015, he and district environmental protection bureau, according to the reply & other; You provide inspection report sheet producers for jiujiang super grain and oil industrial co., LTD., although you grow rice by jiujiang league super grain and oil industrial co., LTD., after processed into rice into the supermarket, but it can’t prove that the test batches of rice planting rice products for you. Throughout the &;

he also said that the district environmental protection bureau of rice were detected cadmium exist a variety of reasons, such as rice varieties, soil background, excessive fertilization cadmium can cause rice. So, Huang Longmiao cadmium rice samples, cannot be proved to be caused by mine pollution.

Huang Longmiao think impassability, how can we prove that the rice is processed Ding Gushan of rice? Besides the mining pollution, what reason can lead to rice cadmium?

in October 2015, local media the invertors Yang evening news also have been a Ding Gushan cadmium exposure meters, also there is no cause for concern.

since November 2015 and December 2016, Huang Longmiao and their field sampling, the produce of rice to the jiangxi province quality supervision and inspection of grain and oil testing.

Huang Longmiao shows the Beijing news reporter the two test report. Report shows that two copies of the cadmium content in rice samples were 0.71 mg/kg, more than three times more than the national standard limit.

Huang Longmiao, according to the test, after he repeatedly to the environmental protection bureau, the mulberry area area of agriculture and area bureau, and jiujiang city environmental protection bureau, the city bureau and the municipal bureau of land and resources reflecting the problem of cadmium rice, but all failed.

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