Dialogue about the flu under Beijing’s middle-aged, zi-jian feng, deputy director of the China CDC influenza pandemic is a human fate, are you ready?


the flu under Beijing’s middle-aged continue & other; Brush screen & throughout; . To provide the author’s father-in-law diagnosis and treatment of china-japan friendship hospital respiratory specialist qing-yuan zhan, it & other; Artificial lung & throughout; Do science, and called on the public to early recognition and treatment of influenza, the severe influenza but confused still unsolved. & other; An unknown virus & throughout; What is? Why flu death? For the critical patients and families, smooth referral medical service system can issue?

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on February 12th, “flu under Beijing’s middle-aged” (hereinafter referred to as the “flu”) to continue & other; Refresh & throughout; .

organization media and the media follow up; Provide the author father-in-law an expert diagnosis and treatment of china-japan friendship hospital qing-yuan zhan, & other; Artificial lung & throughout; Do science, and called on the public to the flu, severe flu early recognition and treatment. (refer to reading the father-in-law via treated experts qing-yuan zhan, rounding the middle-aged Beijing “under the” flu flu, elaborate the doctor called “the lungs” artificial lung whether help?” , the original in the breathing world)

& other; An unknown virus & throughout; What is? Why flu death? For the critical patients and families can smooth referral medical service system can issue?

on February 12, the national guard in the scio Wang Hesheng, deputy director of the planning committee of the conference, said this winter activity intensity is higher than average flu epidemic has been falling in recent years. But confusion remains unsolved. The healthy point interview, zi-jian feng, deputy director of the centers for disease control and prevention in China.

death is the characteristic of influenza

with healthpoint health point: why flu death?

zi-jian feng: death is one of the characteristics of the flu. (refer to reading the flu is how to kill people?” , the original in southern weekend) in general, flu intensive proportion is not high, the public & other; Influenza deaths throughout the &; The feeling is not strong. But because many in this year’s flu patients, severe cases, death cases increase of absolute value.

is to measure the severity of flu fatality rate indicator. Popular 2009 swine flu, case fatality rate is 0.2 & permil; That there might be two deaths in the 10000 people, is not high compared with other diseases. During the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, case fatality rate can reach 2%, which rises 100 times.

in general, flu is given priority to with light case, most of the patients will heal in a few days. Only a handful of patients will be very serious, there are some patients died. Is self-healing, develop severe or death? It depends on the characteristics of the virus, is related to the patient’s own constitution difference.

some people infected with the flu, the body’s immune response is very strong, we call & other; Cytokine storm & throughout; . & other; Cytokine storm & throughout; The goal is to clear the virus, but also may lead to a patient’s own body damage, such as “flu” is mentioned & other; White lung & throughout; .

with healthpoint health points: mentioned & other; White lung & throughout; , is likely to be infected with certain & other; An unknown virus & throughout; ?

zi-jian feng: & other; White lung & throughout; Is not a virus affects directly as a result, it is virus invasion, the body caused by a strong and even excessive immune reaction. I don’t have direct contact with the case, according to the professional knowledge and experience, the paper & other patients White lung & throughout; Stage, it could have been removed, but still immune response in enhanced, so the patient’s respiratory tract specimens in undetectable virus.

I reasoned that this & other; An unknown virus & throughout; Probably still the flu virus. Of course, also can’t rule out other viral infections. Phenomenon is very common in clinic, a total of infection. Especially as the development to the patients with late, he continues to lower immunity, white blood cells, in this case, all kinds of opportunistic infections caused by bacteria can occur, and use all sorts of antibiotics are difficult to control. This is the body’s resistance to the consequences of the low case, in clinic is not abnormal, special, or can’t explain.

with healthpoint health point: there is a kind of view is that the patient developed severe, may be unable to be confirmed as soon as possible cause, do you agree with? How can the public free & other; For negligence to develop into severe & throughout; Panic?

zi-jian feng: first, develop into severe not delay caused by the flu. The patient’s individual response is different, some patients condition is self-limiting, 3 to 7 days, can alleviate symptoms; Some patients may be growing, like “flu” in the author’s father-in-law, even if the use & the other; Artificial lung & throughout; The most advanced medical method, also cannot be redeemed.

at the moment, before severe happens, there is no special good way to recognize this severe tendency and take clinical intervention. Is China’s current ability can’t do that, but is determined by the characteristics of the disease itself.

health point health points: the author in the article are always in the reflection, don’t close the window, didn’t immediately go to large hospital, isn’t it wrong?

zi-jian feng: open the window cold, resistance to drop, could lead to infection and disease. But specific to this case, because of virus infection and way has a lot of, that is a window to this end. In addition, each patient’s own body, immediately after the onset to the big hospital, end also is bad to say. We can’t use a case as the cognitive basis for the disease.

health point health point: how should we identify potentially lethal flu and the common cold?

zi-jian feng: first of all, the laboratory is rich, professional means to identify influenza and the common cold. , including China, there is currently widely used methods such as PCR, fast diagnosis reagent. Among them, the fast diagnosis reagent low cost, convenient use, can use in the clinic. , of course, this method also has defects, the accuracy is not high. But under the current technical level, the request fast, accuracy is bound to give discount.

second, in the vast majority of cases, in identifying clinical common cold and flu are not much value. Because the treatment of flu and the common cold, same difference may lie in the flu can be used within 48 hours, oseltamivir (namely & other; Duffy & throughout;) , but the vast majority of flu patients, even if they don’t use & other; Duffy & throughout; Symptoms, also can reduce gradually. & other; Duffy & throughout; Purpose is to shorten the course of the disease, relieve symptoms, perhaps can prevent some patients develop severe.

however, critically ill patients in all people infected with the proportion of so low, if clinically for each upper respiratory tract infection in patients with clinical trials screening PCR, usually also want to wait for a few hours to the result, waiting for medical institutions and patients can cause a lot of pressure, the cost is relatively high. Therefore, at this stage to the flu still is given priority to with the doctor’s routine diagnostic screening.

pandemic inevitable

with healthpoint health point: this year is the 1918 Spanish flu killed 50 million people in 100. In your opinion, on the influenza prevention and control, and what kind of work to do?

zi-jian feng: the flu is not a new disease, is a viral infection of respiratory diseases. Characteristics is a seasonal peak, every year in the northern hemisphere is high in winter. Flu epidemic intensity is different every year. Sometimes we feel almost, it is the past; Sometimes like this year, the feeling is very strong. To now level of science and technology, human influenza is inevitable, we can’t predict the virus variation.

need to alert is an influenza pandemic. The premise of an influenza pandemic is in great variation of the virus, people have no immunity to it, in the resulting spread widely in the global scope, illness and mortality will increase. To some extent, the pandemic is the destiny of mankind. Pandemics of 1918 case fatality rate 2%, and in a very short period of time, the impact on the society is very big. But from the current level of science, it is inevitable.

the global influenza research and prevention and control of inputs is very large. The world health organization (who) to set up one of the few global influenza surveillance network, China is part of the monitoring network. The public can learn that the influenza virus type and intensity of the premise, is the establishment of the monitoring network.

in addition, the human, in order to solve the problems developed flu vaccine is still is the best protection. China now has dozens of influenza vaccine production enterprises, the production capacity to 100 million people. If vaccine needs to further improve China’s capacity can be further expansion. It is a pity that at present the number of influenza vaccination in China is not much.

the lessons of the flu outbreak of disease control department also is this. We need to use a variety of methods, from the aspects such as policy, immunization services, medical staff education, promoting public influenza vaccination, especially in high-risk elderly, pregnant women, children. In developed countries is doing just that.

with healthpoint health point: for the flu under Beijing’s middle-aged, do you have any opinion and the evaluation?

zi-jian feng: first of all, from the CDC experts point of view, this article from the perspective of individuals and families, observation and feelings and record the effect of the flu outbreak, very valuable.

second, also encourage us to reflect on their own work, is there a way to promote the public vaccination. “Flu” is clearly shows the current Chinese medical system under the great pressure; In addition, the successful rate of uncertain circumstances, what do you want on the costly & other; Artificial lung & throughout; ? This is the tangle of the doctor and the tangle of family, involving medical ethics, the decision was very difficult.

in addition, how to deepen the reform, reduce trouble in the process of critically ill patients in clinic? Is one of the goals of the health reform, let the victim does not need to be so entangled with, the medical service system can help him solve the problem of referral, communication, etc. We want to improve social services and social governance, it is the goal of reform.

this article records the whole process, including middle-aged people assume all kinds of burden and pressure of the social role, can cause the reader’s empathy, compassion and empathy. I think to write very well.

with healthpoint health points: as CDC experts, do you have any advice for influenza pandemic response?

zi-jian feng: still need to do enough to prepare for an influenza pandemic. Winter flu has caused so much pressure to the medical institutions, if the patient number then doubled, number of patients with severe double again, our medical service system can withstand? That case, our doctors and nurses will fall ill. The whole society is prepared to do.

although we don’t know when the pandemic will occur, what guise. But we can determine that a pandemic would appear, this is inevitable.

this is Spanish pandemic in one hundred mark, is also an opportunity. The population of China is so big, there are so many, and in the process of rapid urbanization, including medical services, the entire social service system, will try our best to quickly adapt to the challenge, it needs the joint efforts of the whole society.

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