Dining record video to report smoking, zha became “meddling”?

on smoking in public places, need more citizens & other; Mind their own business & throughout; , & other; Throughout a snoop &; Multiplied, smokers in public places will be less. Beijing BBS

on smoking in public places, need more citizens & other; Mind their own business & throughout; , & other; Throughout a snoop &; Multiplied, smokers in public places will be less.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

recently & other; Chaoyang district a lady dissuade smokers in the hotel & throughout; Causing concern.

it is reported that on 27 January, to a rinse the butcher’s shop is located in chaoyang district of wheat west street, a woman who found the stool next to a diner dinner in smoking, reflect the fruitless to in-store staff, after the woman to record video exposure, which was blocked by a man smoking. On January 31st afternoon, chaoyang district family planning supervision jointly by chaoyang district health food drug safety, the Beijing association of tobacco control, the wheat shop street agency, and other units and departments, hotel of involved in the investigation.

the field to understand that the restaurant for diner after tobacco dissuasion failed, not to leave, also did not call to report complaints. In addition, the on-site inspection, found that the hotel without tobacco management system, anti-smoking complain report number on the label. In view of the above situation, the chaoyang district family planning of health supervision and investigation of hotel of involved, the case will be fined 2000 yuan to 10000 yuan.

a lot of people, for the smokers should also be punished in accordance with the law, that’s not a problem. Female diners for shooting video, people to her evaluation seems inconsistent. According to her, said she had seen some netizens message accusing her & other; Melodramatic & throughout; & other; Much & throughout; . This is too extreme.

himself to the restaurant to eat, but was forced to accept the dangers of secondhand smoke on the body, should stand up and rights protection, of course, how to become a & other Business & throughout; ? Besides, discouraged and inform against smoking in public places, is diner in accordance with the law, safeguard the public interest, with & other; Meddle & throughout; Gan?

“Beijing tobacco control ordinance provides that individual found smoking in smoking is forbidden in public places, to dissuade smokers to stop smoking may exercise; Asked the site operators, managers discourage smokers to stop smoking; The right to complain to the family planning administrative department of public health report.

our traditional morality, contains a lot of don’t mind their own business ideas, such as & other; Each person should sweep the snow from his own doorstep, others throughout the tile frost &; , at the same time, the total education mo when & other; S rafters & throughout; . Mr Lu xun has long criticized this & other; Don’t meddle & throughout; Point of view, and he said & other; I have a bias, think all this, there is no business, only because they have no the spirit and power in many times, so he had to catch a little tube & throughout; , he called for even when a & other; Mask & throughout; .

so, for social progress and the things related to public interests, though they may have nothing to do with yourself, or tube of a tube. Everyone no matter & other; Business & throughout; , the result is hindered the progress of the society.

on smoking in public places, all the citizens need to & other Mind their own business & throughout; And need some more citizens like female guests. Such & other; Throughout a snoop &; Even more, the number of smoking in public places to fall.

/YanGuoAn (clerk)

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