Disability elderly care demand experts: care insurance under the rule of law must be sped up

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according to the national health and family planning commission data, by the end of 2016, more than 60 elderly population has reached 230 million, accounting for 16.7% of the total population. And according to the old office released in October 2016, the fourth sampling investigation results on China’s urban and rural elderly living conditions, according to a disability in China roughly 40.63 million people, half the fail the elderly.

recently by social sciences documentation publishing house published “the China urban construction research report (2017) (healthy urban blue book) advice, needs to establish the security system for long-term care.

fail half disability elderly in the nursing problem

& other; Elderly health status, fragile, resource consumption, high demand for medical services. Throughout the &; The team members in healthy urban blue book said.

national centre for gerontology Yue zhao tao and others in the blue book, said high blood pressure and cardio-cerebrovascular disease, malignant tumor, diabetes and other chronic non-communicable diseases have become the leading cause of threat to the elderly health, & other; China’s cause of death monitoring data shows that chronic diseases account for 91.2% of China’s older population death & throughout; .

based on this, zhao Yue tao and others in the blue book proposal, needs & other; Strengthen the elderly health related laws and regulations and policy support & throughout; , including exploration to establish the security system for long-term care.

long-term care services, is to point to by basic life care and the therapeutic separated from health care, rehabilitation services, separate form a social service system, so as to reduce of rising health care costs as a result of an ageing population pressure.

population and labor economics, Chinese academy of social science research associate king bridge told the legal daily reporter, across the country to establish a long term care insurance system, and help for the fail, half to the old man to build a safety net out.

in king bridge view, along with our country the development of the society, the national population policy adjustment, change the way of people’s life, family show the tendency of miniaturization, decreases, only-child families more or less children, family endowment functions increasingly weaken, once appear, disability or half disability, old man, the family will face difficulties.

king bridge, said at present, our country has more than 40 million disability, half disability, old man, the future will also increase, has become a social problem we have to deal with.

& other; Long guard risk & throughout; Should fully implement as soon as possible

in order to solve the disability, and nursing problem of the disability, old man, as early as 2012, Qingdao in shandong province in the national first for long-term care insurance system for urban employees.

in July 2016, the ministry of human resources and social security issued “the guidance of the pilot implementation of long-term care insurance system”, put forward to use 1 year to 2 years, in Shanghai, chongqing, guangzhou, Qingdao and other 15 cities, explore to establish long-term care insurance system. Strive to be & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; Period, the basic form to adapt to China’s socialist market economic system of policy framework for the long-term care insurance system.

king bridge after field survey found that when the pilot according to local conditions around the respective innovation care insurance mode, neither the specification, also not unified, & other; Suggested on the basis of the preliminary exploration and pilot end as soon as possible, at the national level on laws and regulations, implementation of long-term care insurance under the rule of law, guarantee the implementation of the nursing insurance system & throughout; .

king bridge that long-term care insurance laws and regulations need to be unified and clear questions include: capture to expend the crowd, age, payment standard, nursing treatment standard, the safeguard object, payment, etc.

the Chinese people’s university law school, a part-time professor declined to be named, considering China’s disability, half disability huge crowd, long-term care insurance ginseng protect condition should not be too much, as long as follow the principle of corresponding rights and obligations, as long as pay affordable cost, should be able to join.

the professor said, there is a need to clear the object’s treatment, is how to define disability old man.

the professor told the legal daily reporter, the determination of payment mechanism is also a very basic and key problem, & other; The first thing to consider the sustainability of system, if there is no sustainability, system can’t run, also want to consider the payment ability of the parties involved throughout the &; .

king bridge, cautioned that only national long-term care insurance system for the fail, half the disability elderly a in safety net, which is the most basic safety net, can neither replace the body of the family responsibility, also does not take the place of commercial care insurance, such as the provision of multi-level nursing service.

king bridge, & other; Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; End in 2020, our country can be in the long-term care insurance law by 2020 laws and regulations.

the adjunct professor of law school, renmin university of China believes that the future is likely to be in the form of normative documents by the state council issued the implementation of long-term care insurance system, but the best, of course, is in the form of the state council, formulate rules for special long-term care insurance.

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