Domestic annual sales of nearly 4 billion pediatric medicine, god overseas clinical trials is stage rats

the treatment of cataract & other; God throughout medicine &; Sally PuAi, eye drops was exposed after investigation, another & other; God throughout medicine &; Horse maud is more “ask the pharmacist” founder, director of the Beijing united family hospital pharmacists outpatient service, China union medical university medicine master ji mei skinned. According to her, the imported drugs in foreign medical clinical trials was still in the stage of mice, curative effect is not clear, but in our country has become an expensive & other; God throughout medicine &; In each big hospital of pediatrics abuse, sales is expected to reach 4 billion yuan. Ji even may suggest that relevant departments to review the clinical curative effect of horse many maude.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

status of pediatrics & other; God throughout medicine &; Almost & other; Is the disease and then open & throughout;

ji MeiFa articles reflect, in micro letter on the network consultation platform in the public, almost every day can see consulting about horse moder more oral liquid. Go through thick, she found that the drug is pediatrics, the dermatological department of otolaryngology and doctors’ favourite, out of the three departments finish see disease of children, almost each hand has many maude horse on its list, assembly line: prevent colds to a box, fever, cough to a box, rhinitis tonsillitis to a box, eczema, urticaria to a box & hellip; & hellip; A carton of the unit price varies from dozens to hundreds of yuan, and an open is a month of quantity, is eating a three months of treatment, it is no wonder that doctors will 1 iving in it!

ji pharmacist retrieved on the Internet, according to data from the horse moder more sales in our country is very good, more than 2016 horse maude in domestic level hospital sales reached $3.5 billion, in the retail pharmacy sales is 427 million, plus the other grade hospital sales, & other; I guess the total will reach 4 billion! And this among them, the vast majority of the children. Throughout the &; She said in the article.

query to the Beijing youth daily reporter online pharmacy, horse moder more roughly divided into capsules, granules, tablets, oral liquid, four kinds of dosage forms. The granules, capsules, tablets are domestic medicine, carton and 40 yuan, and oral liquid is Italian imported drugs, expensive, single box of original price 194 yuan, the promotion price 140 yuan. On the usage and dosage of the oral liquid, can query to the baidu encyclopedia, childhood onset period, twice a day, a total of two weeks, or as directed by the doctor’s advice. If it is used to prevent disease, once per day, at least 60 days or as directed by the doctor’s advice.

on baidu encyclopedia, according to the drug for immune stimulation regulator, is suitable for the patients with the body’s immune function is low; Upper and lower respiratory tract infection repeatedly (pharyngitis, tracheitis, bronchitis, etc.); Otolaryngology repeated infection (rhinitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, sinusitis); Urinary tract infection; Gynecological infections; And can be used to prevent acute infection, shorten the course of the disease and reduce the severity of the disease can be used as an acute infection period of auxiliary drug use.

question & other; God throughout medicine &; The clinical curative effect is not clear and so on four big problems

eating the food and drug administration’s official website can query to retrieve countries, many maude oral liquid is imported drugs, made in Italy, the release date of December 2, 2015, will be valid as of December 2, 2020.

but even mei ji investigation after the overseas each big medicine website, found that the made in Italy of imported drugs in medical research abroad, according to the clinical efficacy and safety are not clear. According to ji mei summary, the drug four big problems.

problem a: researchers have focused on China and a handful of several European countries such as Italy, Russia. The top two article newly published articles is the Chinese doctors, but also stay in preclinical animal studies stage, is not a spring chicken is mice, no practical guidance to clinical significance.

problem two: in 2015, abroad have had a 3 years old for 57 just into the health of kindergarten children to prevent acute respiratory disease research. But after a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical research results show that compared with placebo, horse many maude did not show statistical significance on the prevention of acute respiratory infection.

question three: to ji even mei very surprise, evidence-based medical library in foreign authority on LAN (Cochrane), no more about horse maude in children is safe and effective research literature, domestic research is almost uniformly valid! These results suggest that more horse moder of recurrent respiratory tract infections, asthma, urinary tract infection, infection of department of gynaecology, hepatitis c, and even non-infectious diseases such as vitiligo, tumor, allergic purpura disease all have better effect on prevention or treatment, it has become the universal god of medicine.

problem four: preschool children’s own immune system continues to mature, should not be easily crown on low immunity hat and casual drug use. In addition to improve children’s immunity vaccine can prevent disease, European and American mainstream country there is no medicine to improve children’s immunity.

advice & other; God throughout medicine &; Curative effect should start to evaluate

ji mei think, horse moder more sell like hot cakes in our country is closely related to the pediatrician like this medicine. She analysis, doctors are like open, mainly based on the following three factors.

first is generating revenue. In the point of view, the implementation of the drug zero rate for hospital doctor expensive medicine power will be reduced. However, ji mei think, zero rate just reduce the hospital bonus and didn’t cut medicine generation of kickbacks to doctors. The second is manual mechanical prescriptions. In ji mei, some doctors don’t pay attention to how real curative effect, some doctors never look up the original documents, instructions how to write how he was, how his teacher teach he how to letter, maybe so he open his own family and friends, like to eat? Finally there is a doctor in order to comfort factor or deal with the parents of the patients.

ji mei think, now that the drug is in the domestic market for many years, there have been so many children, so she suggested industry department in charge of the national food administration of drug safety launch of the drug evaluation, such as the design of the large sample size scientific rigorous retrospective study to evaluate the real efficacy and safety of the medicine.

it is reported that in March 2016, the drug application in Pakistan, the country’s regulators will listen to the opinions of the expert group, that is: although the medicine in a few countries such as China, South Korea and Russia on the market for many years, but it has not been included in any pharmacology teaching material, this standard has not been drug regulatory approval for the drug regulatory department and the United States, it still requires further evaluation, the effectiveness and safety of evidence in a study with reliable, public use is not recommended. Titled “foreign medical clinical trials (the original is still in mice stage from the domestic level hospital sales reached 3.5 billion pediatric & other medicine & throughout; god horse maud was more experts scalping”)

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