Domestic milk powder last year began to rapid growth of the strict regulatory measures to ensure that the domestic milk powder quality


last year to $7 billion in sales in the domestic infant milk powder first flew out of milk powder will be this year’s revenue targets set at 10 billion yuan, is expected to increase 50%; Another is called the baby milk powder industry dark horse to extreme, the prince of the baby milk powder last year sales of 2.5 billion yuan this year will be the basis of the target directly doubled to 5 billion yuan. Last year 4 billion yuan of Macao optimal selling milk powder milk powder is increased by fifty percent this year to 6 billion yuan. Beijing youth daily reporter recently learned from milk powder more than domestic enterprises, the market rebound makes these enterprises on this year’s market overall bullish, a sharp rise in this year’s performance targets.

status: domestic infant milk powder 8% growth last year, the overall

north green to the reporter understands, rapid growth of the domestic milk powder actually has started since last year. In this year to the performance of large raises several milk powder enterprise, flying crane milk powder has achieved 60% of the whole of last year’s sales growth, especially for the high-end milk powder 241% more. Jun to extreme milk powder is 1.2 billion yuan in sales in 2016 increased to 2.5 billion yuan last year, rose more than 100%.

& other; In TuiPo began in 2009 as a whole, to fall into a 2014 – year history after the trough, domestic baby milk powder has already started to recover, this trend will continue. Throughout the &; The China dairy industry association of leading such evaluation the performance of the domestic milk powder in a year. Industry, according to data from 2017 domestic baby milk powder has already begun to break through in the round, the year the overall increase of 8%.

gap: the pattern of domestic milk powder industry is still far from stable

but the industry point out that although the domestic milk powder sales improved significantly, but the market structure and the developed markets is still a gap. & other; Milk powder industry in the developed countries in the first three overall market share of 65% to 90%, and leading companies of China’s milk powder concentration is only 27%, this means that the industry pattern is still far from stable, gap means development space. Throughout the &; & have spent American dairy chairman Cai Fangliang said so.

view: domestic infant milk powder is the safest food

actually, speaking of domestic milk powder in the bottom of a few years ago, but in 2008 on the melamine event, the event will be China’s infant milk powder industry was already take off in an instant strike, then is the winter market for many years. It was also in the next few years, the foreign brand milk powder to enter the Chinese market, it will be the domestic milk powder has possession of the market share gradually. This year from the melamine scandal has ten years, although most of the milk powder enterprise intends to taboo this sensitive topic, but in fact, the whole industry in the hope of this shadow can thoroughly after ten years in turn. Industry association last year had a special party convened a major domestic milk powder enterprises, is also hope industry work together out of the shadows.

according to the industry, in order to guarantee the quality of the domestic infant milk powder, infant milk powder in China to adopt the most stringent regulatory measures. According to the national food administration of drug safety according to the latest data, thus about 99.5% of the domestic infant formula, the safety index than other kinds of food.

at the same time, some domestic milk powder actively explore overseas markets also actively involved in the outside of the third party inspection agencies checking & other To the clean & throughout; . Water earlier this month, the third party testing institutions in Hong Kong bank of China on the local market sales of 16 brands of infant milk powder for screening more than 1000 kinds of toxic substances, in the end the only domestic milk powder sampling jun to extreme received & other; The green fish & throughout; The highest safety rating, also calculate back to the quality of the domestic milk powder. In response, the Chinese dairy industry association secretary-general mei-ju liu said, & other; Under the strict supervision, arguably China’s infant milk powder is one of the safest food. Throughout the &;

article/our reporter chang chin

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