Domestic radiation victims “first person” : 22 years, want to let people see my pain


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delta hseik-wen soong called & other; The first domestic radiation victims throughout the &;

22 years ago, hseik-wen soong picked up the string of & other; Key chain & throughout; And he took them several times the amount of radiation into his body.

& other; Key chain & throughout; Actually is a kind of nuclear radiation called iridium – 192, in the absence of protective measures under the contact with the human body can’t imagine. Hseik-wen soong has had seven times surgery, lost his legs and left forearm.

he called & other; The first domestic radiation victims throughout the &; , back this & other; Throughout the first &; Reputation is not easy. Hseik-wen soong’s body under the resulting symptoms, the shadow of the radiation has stayed in his heart, pain, despair and do not come loose. Until a wife have children, life finally more glorious.

the past 22 years, hseik-wen soong’s physical condition worsened again. He found that the show than the optimistic side, maybe it’s time to let people see their own pain, also see because of the damage from the radiation.

delta radiation iridium – 192 brought hseik-wen soong 22 years of pain


be & other; Key chain & throughout; Change the fate of

in July 2017, hseik-wen soong to the trip to Beijing, he had the symptoms of vomiting blood, their hometown hospital, cirrhosis of the liver and cyst. 307 hospital in Beijing review, the result detected radioactive cataract, memory damage, liver cirrhosis, diabetes and so on a series of symptoms.

dozens of inspection, cost at least fifty thousand yuan, not after the treatment. Hseik-wen soong, cure in the hospital back to jilin for a week’s stay home.

see not over of the disease, money to burn, hseik-wen soong with 22 years accustomed to this day.

on January 5, 1996 in the morning, hseik-wen soong to sunup group construction company to work as usual, on the way in the snow he saw a & other; Key chain & throughout; Like a small chain. Whether he lost it and ask people around him, everyone said no, hurry to work hseik-wen soong put small chain into his trousers pocket.

on the morning of the hseik-wen soong began to dizziness, nausea, and vomiting to collapse. Before sent to the hospital by a colleague, construction captain came to visit, simply ask hseik-wen soong symptom expression began to nervous.

the small chain was hseik-wen soong into trouser pocket is not the key chain, but the company test left mistakes due to work at the construction site by the radioactive material iridium – 192. Know these, hseik-wen soong has in excess of the radiation exposure for hours. He was sent to Beijing 307 hospital treatment, endured the pain in the legs, he once put cure hope on the doctor.

the next two years, in order to prevent deterioration, hseik-wen soong had seven times surgery and have amputated legs and left forearm, surgery has more than 30 hours, suture needle to more than three hundred. Pain, the original hope becomes a compromise.

the first told by the doctor may need amputation, hseik-wen soong want to cry, want to call and want to run, finally said to the doctor, & other; Cutting, big deal into the lame. Throughout the &;

he thought into the lame is the worst outcome, the reality then again and again forced him to reduce to the requirements of the body, & other; Live & throughout; Became the most really count on it.

delta now hseik-wen soong and his wife runs a kindergarten

pain never stop

at the end of 2017, jilin snow, outside a piece of white. Hseik-wen soong sat on the wheelchair and took the son from the hand of the wife Yang guang, carefully before the bosom, the way across the mother-in-law home for dinner.

he manipulated the wheelchair out of the door, through the compaction of snow, a dozen meters away such repeated every day. You can complete most of the time, but the rain and snow on the hill, can still need someone to push a hand down to a wheelchair.

every day in a wheelchair, with the right hand of the two to turn a wheelchair control lever, hseik-wen soong spine under pressure for a long time, started to become bent, and show some hunchback. The wheelchair hseik-wen soong lean, comb hair meticulously. Left side face due to radiation, and muscle atrophy, & other; Not fat anymore & throughout; And say this words, hseik-wen soong laughing.

in the past 22 years, hseik-wen soong has been trying to become more aware of the radiation damage. But the more understanding, more fear.

& other; So long, still have all sorts of problems are detected, fear has never stopped. Throughout the &; Real let hseik-wen soong fear is not a disease itself, is endless. He doesn’t know when to stop the emergence of a new problem, it might be the moment till the end of life.

hseik-wen soong fears about collision injury, his wound healing slowly, even a few months is not good, then is probably fester. He try to be careful, but on which action of wheelchair has been in use for six years, malfunctions, early by the change of time. In order to save money, he only a once have it repaired.

the wheelchair pedal with multiple welding iron black traces, the wheels also changed. On either side of the handrail was he wrapped the thick, black tape for broken, even the control rod of built-in chip has also been friends apart to repair it.

home everywhere on the wall of the wheels of the black impact, because every hseik-wen soong wheelchair broke twice, once into the streets, wheelchair suddenly out of control & other; Anchor the car & throughout; , uncontrolled rotation, hseik-wen soong themselves unable to control, can only stop waiting wheelchair with his eyes closed.

hseik-wen soong haven’t slept in a steadfast sleep, the night, the residual limb swelling and phantom limb pain began to emerge. It wakes as long as the rest of the time can only bit by bit cooking. Residual limb is sensitive to the change in the weather anomaly, the weather began to pain before, sometimes two or three days in advance can feel that, he calls himself is more accurate than the weather forecast. Every pain, hseik-wen soong was a quivering, throat subconsciously roar, pain after his throat dumb to speak.

once, a little more time in the morning hseik-wen soong was awakened by the pain again, he shook his wheelchair into a few meters high small balcony, grind on the fence with, a few moments, he wants to jump so forget it.

there are spiritual torture, hseik-wen soong afraid of quiet, quiet and night pain will make his thoughts. For two decades ago a hseik-wen soong don’t want to think of, but the pain and quiet will remind him of what happened at that time, back to pick it up & other; Key chain & throughout; After the painful experience it again.

he don’t want to mention these, with his wife wife have enough pressure, a few years ago hseik-wen soong raises a dog, hope to be able to put your attention in animals. He named the dog Xiao Wolf, Xiao Wolf sensible clever, often leaves followed him, but then infected dogs wen, a very short period of time and then he died. Before leaving Xiao Wolf lift his head to stare at hseik-wen soong, refused to remove her eyes. Since hseik-wen soong didn’t have a dog again, raises a few fish in the sitting room only.

in order to get rid of the pain, also have irrelevant thoughts appear, such as & other; Change the body & throughout; . A few years ago, hseik-wen soong began to focus on removable nipple surgery on the news, he had a look forward to, and even have wanted to be the volunteer.

delta wife accompany hseik-wen soong through the life of the node

because of his wife and children & other; Rebirth & throughout;

in the lunar calendar during the village families begin to package frozen dumplings, do the cleaning. Hseik-wen soong was his wife at home tidy up clean and tidy, wife cleaning at hseik-wen soong will speak to speak hseik-wen soong’s vision has been to her. His wife is not willing to tell hseik-wen soong son what interesting approached him and said, do what fun, said two people, laughing together.

the wife Yang guang thinner, speaks clear voice, beautiful appearance, speed slightly faster. Hseik-wen soong felt, Yang guang ACTS as high efficiency, is a better woman.

ten years ago in jiaohe hseik-wen soong’s hometown love lam tsuen opened a kindergarten. All transactions are in the kindergarten Yang guang hands-on, when decorating, lack of workers, Yang guang is a person to the wall with cement, lack of driver, she ran to learn to drive. Never complain that life is not easy in the presence of hseik-wen soong Yang guang, in front of hseik-wen soong, always smile.

know Yang Guangshi, hseik-wen soong has completed the amputation, can only rely on a wheelchair and family life. To remember and his wife together for so many years, hseik-wen soong guilty smile, & other; We don’t have to fall in love of process & throughout; . Met, Yang guang has accompanied hseik-wen soong in Beijing, jilin, wuhan and other places, review treatment, install artificial limb, rights protection, those hseik-wen soong deem important nodes in life, Yang guang beside him.

the relationship between two people has been questioned, people don’t want to believe that health beautiful Yang guang will be willing to give his own life in a wheelchair hseik-wen soong. They do not explain what, just live your life, until the family recognition, by all the people a blessing.

when he was 19 years old hseik-wen soong like writing, writing is beautiful. Not before the accident, he often stations to write to the company’s publicity and several award his manuscript. He also loved singing, the most popular song. Hseik-wen soong zheng zhi hua high school put the streets are singer song, he was also singing along, but he can’t understand zheng zhi hua deeper meaning in the lyrics. Over the years, to realize the words & other; He said wind and rain, this pain is nothing & throughout; Lyrics of deeper meaning.

in Yang guang’s encouragement, hseik-wen soong to contact with the text. With his finger, he only a bone a word a word on their years of experience and feelings, hseik-wen soong in June, 2004, 370000 – word biography “birth and death chain” print.

when I first got together, Yang guang will suddenly said to hseik-wen soong, & other; You see you like a waste, you look like a monster & throughout; So let hseik-wen soong was injured and was puzzling. Yang guang tell hseik-wen soong, he can never hide in the home, always to the streets to meet all the strangers at another’s eyes. & other; Speak from my mouth to let you hurt, from a stranger’s mouth? Throughout the &;

2015 hseik-wen soong and Yang guang’s son was born. After two people never think, the doctor also said that the body hseik-wen soong to birth of hope is not big. The son was born, hseik-wen soong couldn’t believe this is true, he also ran to ask others, & other; When dad what feeling? Throughout the &;

son occupied most of his life, want to be a soldier, when they asked why serious answer & other; Defend the motherland, protect the mother & throughout; , children know how to share, to say thank you when they looked at each other’s eyes.

run to play, can’t take son cannot provide better material life to his son, keep hseik-wen soong felt guilty. At the end of last year, at the suggestion of friends start and his wife as a rice business.

& other; I don’t want to stand and the mud. Throughout the &; Even if not improve the material conditions, hseik-wen soong also want son to remember their own independent life and brave.

delta son’s hands in hseik-wen soong’s big hand

show pain more valuable

on January 6, hseik-wen soong in own WeChat friends wrote: & other; Woke up today have a kind of special feeling, but couldn’t say for sure. Throughout the &; null

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