Don’t drink alcohol was detected forensic how also “drunken drivers” innocence?

police with alcohol tester is to test the driver. Zhao Weishe

our correspondent dong-ming yu

our trainee journalist chih-ming wang

our correspondent tube only

drunken driving, blow first, after the blood test, as long as detected in the blood alcohol, you can’t run. But something strange forensic xian-yi zhuo & hellip; & hellip;

one day last October, jiangsu somewhere two cars crashed into each other’s traffic accident happened, the police arrived dial 120 and call an ambulance. Rescuers in the process of treatment, to the injured driver in pursuance of the weekend. According to the law enforcement process, the doctor picked two tube blood: is divided into A and B pipe, A pipe for filing, B pipe inspection.

after the traffic police will B tube sample sent to a local medical institutions for alcohol test, the results showed that the weekend of 0.35 mg per ml of alcohol content in blood. According to the state administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine issued “vehicle drivers blood, breath alcohol threshold, and inspection rules, up to 0.2 mg per milliliter blood alcohol content is drunken driving, 0.8 mg belongs to drunk driving.

according to this standard, some belong to drunk driving. The police punished according to the results for the weekend.

& other; I don’t have to drink, how to become drunk driving? Throughout the &; In the face of police punishment, some denied himself drunk wine, & other; The result is too unfair to me, was fined by the drunk driving is one thing, also can not get car insurance company claims, I need the truth. Throughout the &;

to the testing results are further confirmation, also some take orally, in order to make the traffic police to the rest of A tube of blood samples and sent to another local medical institutions for testing. Results show that was as high as 0.87 mg per milliliter blood alcohol content, according to regulations, some belong to drunk driving.

drunken driving drunk, some more defy: & other; I didn’t touch when a drop of wine, how to become drunk again? There is a issue. Throughout the &;

meanwhile, traffic police are also beginning to questioned the results: two tube blood is the weekend, how alcohol is not the same? Where is the problem really out? With two different test results, the traffic police cannot jump to judgment.

in the end, the local traffic police came to SiJian looking for the truth. Fortunately, before detection of two pipe blood and part of the rest.

xian-yi zhuo and his colleagues took samples from the remaining test again, before the alcohol content of data and the test results are basically identical. & other; Our test results showed that B tube of 0.33 mg per milliliter blood alcohol content, A tube of 0.86 mg per milliliter blood alcohol content, with previous results. Throughout the &;

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