Double eyelid surgery need to be careful, and listen to the medical beauty higher-ups about way

a lot of girls all want to become beautiful, and who don’t want to have a pair of watery big eyes. Legal evening news “medical beauty class the first show, we asked the medical beauty industry tender & lsquo; Master eye & rsquo; & ndash; & ndash; Czy dean. Let him tell us something about how to have a pair of beautiful eyes.

host xuxa (left), dean czy (right)

czy dean said, the main purpose of the patients with plastic is pursuit & other; Beauty & throughout; , in does not affect the body health and body function under the premise of as much as possible to pursue & other Beauty & throughout; Even & other; Perfect & throughout; . & have spent

in recent years, the development of Chinese cosmetic industry is very fast. At the same time, South Korea is also doing a lot of & other; Consumption & throughout; For American customers from China, which caused by problems of illegal medical practice of medical disputes and subsequent damages consumer rights and interests protection industry association of the two countries have paid close attention to the problem.

czy dean also remind everyone here you should be careful when choosing beauty medical institutions, to the good faith management, management norms, has a good reputation among the masses, with regular medical qualifications agency brands is preferred. All of the cosmetic surgery is the most important is to choose a doctor, is also the hardest. Suggest that the beauty is not credulous advertisement publicity, to seeing is believing, consulting, regular inspection, also can seek advice surgery. Must find regular plastic surgeon operation, to ensure the safety and effect of double-fold eyelid surgery!

classification of double-fold eyelid plastic surgery:

double-fold eyelid plastic surgery is also known as double eyelid surgery, plastic surgery is very forming a surgical procedure, czy dean said, the surgery can only classified into 2 categories: embedded wire double eyelid, cut heavy eyelid.

scar constitution:

the essence of the scar is a kind of do not have normal skin tissue structure and physiological function, loss of normal tissue vitality, abnormal, not a sound organization. Scars not only destroys the body beauty, but also hinder relevant tissues or organs physiological function, and even lead to deformity.

scar constitution very small proportion of people in the crowd, its performance is after wound healing. Scar on the surface of the persistent increase, not only affect the appearance, and local pain, red itchy scar contraction function exercise. Scar constitution after the injury of any part of the form, can appear like a keloid scar’s infinite hyperplasia, and keloid can appear in some parts of the general population, or because of some reasons caused by scar healing. Is keloid scar constitution, in other words, a necessity, and keloid scar constitution of the people, which does not necessarily. General patients with hyperplastic scar and keloid can determine for scar constitution; Informally, is scar prominent leather and more trauma after the wound area.

for this scar constitution, serious is not suitable for double eyelid surgery. Light person will be expected to ask professional doctor to obtain consent to double eyelid surgery. Therefore, before selecting double-fold eyelid surgery, czy director hope everybody go check yourself whether plastic scar constitution.

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