Drug safety administration: every claim that disease prevention, treatment, health food, all not to buy it

food drug safety administration of the original title 】 【 remind consumers: scientific and rational view of food health care products advertising

Beijing February 24 (xinhua) (reporter Chen Cong) health food packaging dazzling difficult to choose? Hypoglycemic lipid-lowering on manufacturer claims product? State food and drug supervision and management of administration warns customer: to the scientific, rational look at food, health food advertising and publicity, who claims that the function of disease prevention, treatment, all don’t buy. DetailPic

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food drug safety administration reminds, consumer should be regular places to buy the product to the full certificates, special attention should be paid to have the business license and food business licenses. , meeting, through the network television, purchases products, direct marketing and telephone also should first confirm qualification information.

in addition, when consumer is bought should carefully check the packaging label information, make & other Four & throughout; : don’t buy no producer name and address, production date and shelf life of products; Don’t buy labels without food production license for prepackaged food; Don’t buy labels or instructions mentioned can prevent disease and treatment function of the product; Don’t buy no health food approval number on the label, but claims to be health food products.

food administration of drug safety warning, not statement in health food advertising & other; This product can not replace medicine & throughout; All don’t buy; Don’t blindly to any knowledge lecture for the purpose of product sales, expert reports, etc. In case of food, health food, the problem of fraud and false advertising, can call the hotline 12331 complain inform against.

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