Duan Tao: non-public hospitals will soon change, system of doctor please be prepared!

former dean of Shanghai health care of the first penetration Duan Tao in his speech, pointed out that non-public hospital will be big changes in!

on January 20, by the national institute of health mobile health and good doctor online co-host of “leading the conference – and 2018 brand doctors annual festival”, the former dean of Shanghai health care of the first penetration Duan Tao in his speech, pointed out that non-public hospital will be big changes in!

Duan Tao dean speech full sorting:

hello, front spring spirit technology development trend, the teacher had said about the why everyone uncomfortable, why there are anxious. Mr Zhu told the patient-doctor relationship, health care, the problem of lack of trust. I correct you, Mr Zhu said that no one want to beat him, I often see him in the group with the doctors in the quarrel, hate to itch of root, doctors to Mr Zhu, so not to say don’t want to hit you, is not enough, this is a joke.

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left left left & have spent

now whether government, medical institutions and patients, and doctors, everyone not satisfied for the health. If there is a reform to the quartet is not satisfied, this also is very not easy, this is our current state of health. So in this state, what do we do? With one of the most simple words to describe health reform or the doctor-patient relationship between the biggest problem, is trust. The world make any deal the biggest cost is the trust, a trust, all the cost of trading can become very low or zero.

just spring spirit teacher speak technology rapid development, bring you uneasy, bring anxiety. Why now everyone in anxiety, anxiety? The first don’t understand, don’t understand the technology development trend; The second will not. Don’t understand and not outside in the hot, don’t you who anxiety anxiety? This is currently the industry or technology development brings us a lot of change, in the many changes, the only constant is change.

my patients in 90, after some time ago to do surgery, met a pair of small husband and wife look for me to see the doctor, who have tattoos, wear clothes a see be secondary yuan children, few words, they have begun to do mom and dad, they are my patients. After in 90? 90 after thinking? You know what? If you want to communication, to establish good relations between doctor and patient, let patients make sense of trust, to have communication. If want to doctors and patients, say and do is different, how to understand? So we have to change.

don’t say you, I have been changed. You know when was this year’s grammy awards? Know the pupils are listening to now? Know huang who is the boss? Know Justin just send a new single? Surgery on Thursday, I sent a circle of friends. The mother is my fans, she come to see me, she said very happy today, because January 18 is jay’s birthday, her male god and jay Chou sent a new single that day, she was lying on the operating table, her another male god give her surgery, she is very happy. When you are able to know your patient, know what he’s thinking, ability to communicate with him very equal, to generate trust, just can have a good communication between the doctor-patient relationship.

now everyone in the meeting, the weekend to you all here today. Because Zhang Quanling technology development trend, the teacher had said to let everyone know, know, there will be no anxiety. Zhu Hengpeng teacher to tell everyone about why the current situation of the reform is like this? Everybody know we told to build a good interaction between the doctor-patient relationship, trust, in fact, the doctor-patient relationship, doctor-patient conflicts.

today my topic is “non-public medical impending change”, the conference’s slogan is “have to” in the future. We are talking about a lot of the development of the technology development, a lot of business model, all had come. Technology will change a lot, technology has changed people’s connection, so the agency appears less important. After you watch, more is the “monk”, not “temple”, this is the Internet bring us.

many causes of anxiety is what? Many people don’t understand the Internet technology, don’t understand, artificial intelligence, don’t understand block chain, actually don’t have to worry so much. The teacher ask Jiang Xiaobai just spring spirit, that’s not an Internet company, to see a XiaJiang small white, the founder of the senior professionals, is a pure white wine industry ten years, he did Jin Liufu liquor and to think in the Internet, understand and close to his customers. So you don’t worry, always feel BAT to subvert medical, want to replace our doctor. Won’t, who will replace you. Dean is likely to be replaced, but as a doctor is others can’t replace.

my patients more than 90% of the patients are on the Internet first met me, and become my patients. So I chat with them, to communicate with them, it is very easy. She said: “I have seen you WeChat public has for several years, see you like see old acquaintance, and really no problem today, just take a look at you, see you at a glance the heart. I know the things you have said, but you tell me no problem, I was relieved.” This is the Internet gives us a very good communication opportunity.

I once chatted with some deans, they said: “nonsense, the Internet, private hospitals, also want to dig our these professors? Impossible!” I said: “I tell you, do you have these doctors, the directors, the current status is that people are not, the heart has far. Don’t think he is good with you now, now is not because I think this opportunity is not good enough, the opportunity is not mature enough, he come out to also have no confidence to oneself, in fact heart already has the outside.” Especially in the meeting today and not in the meeting place of live many doctors, everybody is a pioneer, you already know that using the Internet means to build their own platform, set up with very good communication between patient and trust network. The future will give you personal, even bring you have to do other things very large benefits.

today I chat with you about non-public medical impending change. Dean, I don’t do to set up a company, focus on children, I have more understanding to the industry. In business over the past six months, I’ve seen all kinds of investors and the bosses of the non-public medical institutions, we have done so much depth communication. Actually found in the process of development of non-public medical lack most is not money, is missing here, is lack of the excellent doctor, is lack of the excellent understand market, understand the service of the deans.

many top public hospital is not suitable for non-public medical institutions, the head of the why? He has the ability and the ability to dean non-public medical institutions have a is not match, the second is the opposite. Because of 3 armour hospital so big, so many patients, the dean to have is the ability of the patient, to limit number, going to crack down on scalpers, check against all day. But the non-public medical institutions in the management ability and market ability is he does not have, if dean with medical backbone out at the same time, may we here more popular than deans.

what are the changes occurring within the non-public medical?

first of all, I would say “more”

quantity more and more, size is more and more big, the proportion is more and more big, the quality is getting better and better, but more and more fierce competition, more and more big, professional capital and professional approach. So when dealing with the medical institutions, can obviously feel the changes.

non-public medical association secretary general, vice President of hao, often lectures will be referred to the following Numbers: non-public medical institutions have close to 4.5, China now accounts for 45% of all medical institutions. Non-public medical hospital in 1.78, accounts for 60% of all the number of medical institutions, the growth rate of public medical institution basic is zero, the private medical institutions in the past few years, annual quantity growth rate is 13%. But there is a defect, now all services together accounted for 15% of private medical institutions, hospital beds accounted for 22% of all hospital beds. In any industry, once a part of the proportion to more than double digits, have certain discourse, but the future could become an important change or even overthrow the power of the industry. Now more and how much of the listed company in both medical and large group including Renaissance, China resources and other large companies, comprehensive and real estate companies, medical device industry company, more and more people are buying hospital, hospital building, hospital, has reached a state of overheating.

from 2013 to 2014, wang jianlin was recently said to want to invest $1000 to build a hospital, the next key is to build a medical institution; Mr Guo said to build 500 medical institutions.

public hospital doctor is very busy, the doctor stock which is about 2 million, 2 million doctors, can really be the private hospitals, dig out as the talent of how many? You must be in the person. So you don’t worry, don’t try so hard, no matter. All to the patient’s disease, everyone to do their own brand, the patient service is good enough.

I when dean’s biggest management experience is: as the dean will serve two people, one is to put the patient good service; Secondly, the medical staff good service, make them satisfied to let him happy. Hospitals do not do this, do that every day they will make corresponding decision.

you want to spend a lot of time and energy to do? Personal brand, to make your brand with the agency’s help from each other, but not you attached on the brand. As Mr Zhu told just now, want to let everyone remember your name, but remember you is which hospital, which institution, that’s right, this is the power of personal brands.

I am told Wang Hang last at the meeting, a good doctor is a don’t like Internet companies, Internet companies spend a lot of time to help doctor to build our brand, this is a very good thing. Talk to Mr Zhu, he said that your doctor how so difficult to deal with, can’t understand such a simple logic. I said I actually looked back at many experts in our hospital, especially many ZhuanBing experts, doing very good people, have a common characteristic, is single-minded. Especially large, director of how speak all doesn’t make sense, but he really can do clinical well, he is one thing at a time is right, just do surgery, studying, cure the disease, one track-minded, technically good technology is characteristic of him. This is a lot of the characteristics of large public hospital doctor.

evaluate the doctor is good, I have a personal assessment standard: good technology, good character, good service, has the brand, have the team consciousness. Is really a good doctor.

a piece of non-public medical institutions development situation,

but Breaking  Point to

health there is a light, no future. Non-public medical situation of the development of a good, but there are still a lot of glass doors, swing door, ceiling. Want to open a clinic in Beijing, Shanghai, how long does it take? There are a lot of policy limitations, three public hospitals say who go out will dispense with director of practicing more, so there are still a lot of glass doors, swing door, there are still many problems.

non-public medical big development’s condition

to detonate the conditions in the development of public hospital is? This condition has been slowly began to close, began to have:

business insurance, business insurance to develop in China.


is already in changing the connection relations between people.

free practice: the doctor the doctor more practice is artificial, many public hospitals say you take my money, full-time what treatment to you, also avoid dry in the outside, I don’t agree. That is the reason why a lot of public hospital against more practice. Really to do the development of non-public medical major, must you not him, talk to the dean, like now my state. I’m still in public hospitals to do, but must be strong enough, to leave when living alone to talk to the dean.


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