Eat spicy dry tofu 15 coma? Young clarification only had four or five package, doctors said the sick

on the morning of February 6, young xiao yong moved from intensive care unit to ordinary ward, elder sister and younger sister also in trouble for his illness.

legal evening news & middot; View the news reported on February 7, hunan chenzhou a 15-year-old teenager coma after eating too much spicy article. At midnight on January 31, 40 minutes, the boy was Martin from yongxing county town hospital to chenzhou city first people’s hospital emergency department. Parents said their children after buying edible after 15 package spicy dry tofu.

after the hospital, the boy was diagnosed with diabetic ketoacidosis. Now the boy had been launched intensive care unit, is still in the hospital for treatment.

the doctor tells a reporter, the network spread the boy 15 bags after eating spicy dry tofu poisoning coma is misinformation. Boy with diabetes, diagnosed as diabetic ketoacidosis, hot strip is only one cause. In addition, due to the local accent in & other; Four, ten throughout all &; , the boy actually eat only four or five packages, sees a doctor to listen to recorded wrong in receiving list.

however, the boy said, & other; Don’t eat spicy anymore & throughout; .

boy in a coma after eating the spicy dry tofu, overnight transfer

40 points midnight on January 31, 2018, the first people’s hospital of chenzhou city of hunan province were an emergency transfer was 15 years old boy, coma patients once happening. According to patients’ father, the son xiao yong (not his real name) of the illness is caused due to consumption of 15 bags spicy dry tofu.

the patient’s father, said on January 30, children to Martin yongxing county town of a small shop to buy some spicy dry tofu. After eating in the evening, xiao yong started vomiting, abdominal pain, irritability, etc., family hurriedly sent him to a local hospital, xiao yong once appeared in a coma, the disease is severe. January 31 in the morning, the family had to transfer child emergency to chenzhou city first people’s hospital for treatment.

hospital doctors, patients admitted to hospital, in liver and kidney damage, when urine soy sauce color. Auxiliary breathing, breathing machine immediately after admission and gastric lavage, vomiting, catharsis, etc. Through laboratory tests, found that high blood sugar and urine ketone is positive, the diagnosis of diabetic ketoacidosis.

young poisoning after eating the article 15 package spicy coma, after media reports, caused a large number of netizens, many people to this question.

sceptic: article 100 kg eat spicy is possible severe poisoning

it is known that diabetic ketoacidosis is one of the most common diabetes patients of severe acute complications, its causes are lack of enough insulin in patients with diabetes, or due to infection, trauma, such as stress lead to severe insulin resistance, and the acute metabolic disorder of sugar, fat and protein. In this process, the body has accumulated too much called & other; The ketone body & throughout; Acid metabolism of substances, if not timely detection and treatment, will eventually cause ketoacidosis.

often spread on the Internet related medical knowledge of the netizen cheng-jun zhang said, according to the media description, the boy seems to have two at the same time & other Poisoning & throughout; : one kind is exogenous (foodborne) nitrite poisoning, another kind is endogenous from the complications of diabetes ketoacidosis. However, no matter from the cause (spicy dry tofu contains a lot of nitrite), or the media describe the signs (except for the urine in the soy sauce color is nitrite poisoning can occur, but ketoacidosis urine can also lead to less) look, don’t have the clinical features of nitrite poisoning.

nitrite poisoning was caused by nitrite and hemoglobin, make the bivalent iron is oxidized to ferric iron, methemoglobin formation, and losing the ability to carry oxygen, leading to hypoxia. According to the calculation, assuming 15-year-olds weight 50 kg, you need to eat 3.5 grams of nitrite poisoning will appear on the verge of death. Even spicy dry tofu added nitrite, according to the maximum amount of 0.15 g/kg standard, adolescents need to eat more than 20 kg spicy dry tofu. If, in accordance with 0.03 g to 0.05 g/kg maximum residue standard, need to eat more nearly 100 kilograms of spicy dry tofu can lead to serious poisoning of dying.

boy said eat spicy dry tofu, four or five package is not 15 bags

on the morning of February 6, the reporter in chenzhou city in the intensive care unit of the first people’s hospital, meet the netizen called & other; Article hot boy & throughout; Xiao yong, the doctor a few days after nursing treatment, xiao yong can normal communication with people.

xiao yong the rumor said that he is not, as is circulating, continuous ate article 15 package spicy, but only had four or five package. & other; Have relatives in the village got married that day, I also ate a few pieces and joyful. Throughout the &; Xiao yong said.

for xiao yong eat spicy dry tofu, the number of hospital accepts a single record of 15 packages. The first people’s hospital of chenzhou city a staff explained that the local people pronunciation & other; Forty throughout all &; , may lead to the doctor to listen to the wrong.

& other; Don’t eat spicy anymore. Throughout the &; 15, xiao yong is not fully understand their own cause, he said before every day to eat two 3 packets, but later don’t eat anymore.

hospital, the doctor just popularize related knowledge, unexpectedly misunderstood

firo chenzhou city first people’s hospital doctor said, in fact, xiao yong in the three months ago, has been suffering from diabetes, and on the Internet, the so-called eat 15 package spicy dry tofu cause of diabetic ketoacidosis is a misunderstanding, the doctor just for popular science, did not directly say will poisoning after eating spicy dry tofu and even diabetes. & other; If didn’t eat spicy dry tofu, eat the rice, steamed buns, and even have a drink later, can also cause disease. Throughout the &; Firo physician said, spicy dry tofu is one of the cause, is not the decisive factor.

and work in a hospital nurse Tang Jingxia confirms to the reporter, was originally published on the network of the article is written by her, by netizens after misunderstanding, some even send information questions in the middle of the night.

for xiao yong’s current condition, the first people’s hospital of chenzhou city chief physician Zhang Shengan an interview with reporters, said the patient conscious, urine more than ever, but kidney function is damaged, need a period of rehabilitation process.

reporters later learned that because of illness better recovery, xiao yong was taken to the general ward.

& other; Article hot boy & throughout; None have donated, generous food drug safety to carry out special projects

reporter in an interview from yong sister learned ms wong, xiao yong family poverty, mother when working in guangdong a few years ago the missing, ms wong has been married, like father suffers from diabetes and drinking alcohol liver, depend on local work part-time pulling xiao yong and two daughters. Xiao yong, after onset of illness cost more than 30000 yuan in the home, and have begun to owe fee in a hospital.

in the afternoon, February 6, a lane in yongxing county civilized village, reporters found the home of xiao yong & ndash; & ndash; A two-story building. Building, none can actually use to describe. Above a layer of two rooms for xiao yong father’s bedroom, a plastic hang down, this is used to block rain inside the house when it rains, the bricks around, fast air leakage.

spicy dry tofu poor boys, nothing valuables at home.

due to the elder sister is married, in the next layer distribution of the brother and sister’s bedroom, xiao yong room with a piece of broken hard bed, a favorite at ordinary times be put in the position of the inside of the mountain bike. The most modern in the home is a small refrigerator and a color TV, popular in the 90 s perception and the walls of black, posted on the wall inside the sitting room a few certificates.

according to Huang Guotong, head of the village, xiao yong, the old house collapsed in a few years ago, the old township is the home of the two layers of building with twenty thousand yuan price to sell to them.

the reporter understands in the local, & other; Spicy dry tofu boy & throughout; After exposure, through the network of many people that, to the hospital to visit. Jiusan society chenzhou YanQuan club chairs hong-bo wang said, hear & other; Article hot boy & throughout; Born in a poor family, he and a few members to raise 3000 yuan of money, hope to be able to do our little power, the family to share a bit of pressure for the child, the subsequent will continue to focus on.

& other; Spicy dry tofu boy & throughout; The news triggered a lot of attention in chenzhou local journalists from chenzhou city yongxing county food and drug administration to a worker, I heard & other Young consumption of article 15 package hot & throughout; Was seriously ill, after eating the agency sent to investigate, for the spicy dry tofu sampling test of the market. & other; Department of health survey result has come out, can not determine spicy dry tofu boy’s condition because eating spicy dry tofu. Throughout the &; The staff said that at present the county is carrying out special projects about spicy dry tofu and other leisure food.

on February 6, oil yongxing county public security bureau police station’s police rushed to the hospital, overnight to spicy dry tofu boy home two person of no account to investigate, for the child to deal with registered permanent residence to collect data.

(formerly called the boy eat spicy dry tofu 15 coma? Doctor: eat four or five package, the main disease “)

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