Elderly population over 230 million, the new health care economic remedy to the case companies compete for older drugs market

the ageing population in China is booming, and for pharmaceutical companies, the group of slow disease market is their layout China the next five years, ten years must focus on the fields. With the vigorous development of the Internet and mobile technology, also inject new elements for this potential market. How to get away from & other; Mobile terminal & throughout; The elderly consumption style, become a difficult problem in front of each big pharmaceutical companies.

use & other; Mobile terminal & throughout; Doctors to layout, use traditional way to reach the patient, primary care, the family doctor would be layout of this new group & other; Medicine & throughout; ?

the elderly medical consumption new sample

Chen meijuan walked, a 67 – year – old aunt (not her real name), now retired and disposable income of 3000 yuan a month, quite pay attention to your healthy diet at ordinary times, in an interview with the financial journalist, she revealed his general from the doctors, the channel such as television, newspaper for some information on health management. Don’t use mobile applications, however, seldom use does not include health application of mobile applications.

for a few years ago was detected with diabetes, auntie chan self-provided glucose meter in the home, in the past year she went to a total of 12 hospitals, including eight times to community hospitals.

Chen meijuan walked is China’s 230 million elderly health life consumption in a microcosm of the way: a considerable part of a history of slow, rely mainly on & other; Self & throughout; Supplementary control, slow disease treatment site from 3 armour hospital changed to neighborhood community hospitals.

& other; Chen aunts & throughout; Is becoming the most pharmaceutical enterprise one of the most concerned about consumer image. According to the latest data released by the national bureau of statistics, by the end of 2016 China 60 years of age and older population of 230 million people, accounting for 16.7% of the total population. 65 years of age and older population 65 people, accounting for 10.8% of the total population. Growing elderly population, and brings the rapid increase of slow patient group, it is changing in recent years, China’s pharmaceutical market a bonus for pharmaceutical companies, and how to make the layout also become industry players, including enterprises, consulting firm’s greatest concern.

the market situation is before drug firms, although the rapid development of mobile applications, but to public hospital seeking treatment is still the mainstream of Chinese patients, PWC in this year’s a medical report. In it, for the slow disease, if you can see a doctor in the same physician, improve medical coherence, for patients and doctors can greatly improve medical efficiency, and the current domestic in this respect, there is room to improve.

PWC believes that combining the resources of the country in recent years actively promote health sinking, by the community medical supplies & other The family doctor & throughout; Be the best solution to solve the problem of slow disease. In fact, the smell of the pharmaceutical companies, they have had layout.

such as novartis, Pfizer, sanofi, multinational pharmaceutical giant has scooped the layout, in recent years, many pharmaceutical companies are with grassroots medical market in China in a more and more closely linked.

& have spent

hold grassroots doctors

from layout & other; Three groups & throughout; To the layout of individual doctors at the grassroots level of energy obviously is multiplied, what is worth for drug firms?

to slow disease medication niche – cardiovascular drug market as an example, according to the Chinese cardiovascular disease report released in June of 2016 statistics, at present, the cardiovascular disease deaths accounted for the total urban and rural residents the first cause of death, the countryside was 45.01%, the city was 42.61%. Cardiovascular disease risk factors in China popular trend obviously, led to the increase of the onset of cardiovascular disease. The next 10 years the cardiovascular disease patients will continue to grow rapidly.

and kang CMH in according to the latest statistics, in 2016, sales of cardiovascular diseases in China top ten drug sales grew more than 30.2%, the total and this year will continue to increase. According to the existing statistical data, Pfizer, step length pharmaceutical industry and Shanghai medicine for the subdivision of the top three sales manufacturers in the industry.

the first financial reporter the interview slow disease drug companies understand that in more than a decade ago, their focus has gathered in big cities of 3 armour hospital, now the ground has shifted to include the community hospitals, county hospitals, primary care system.

& other; For chronic diseases such as hypertension, hyperlipidemia department doctors at the grass-roots level, their demand can focus more on how to make patients early, fully understand his condition correctly choose the right way to go to a doctor, monitoring and management for a long period. From the Angle of the patients, most patients hope to maintain timely communication with the doctor, in order to fully understand the condition of their progress and the diagnosis and treatment. Throughout the &; Pfizer China Wu Xiaobin to answer the first financial journalist, said the anti-infection drugs and cardiovascular disease in recent years, the no.1 Chinese market, multinational companies are now more focus on the grassroots doctors and patients.

three years ago, Pfizer has along with the national institutes of health and family planning commission hospital management opened & other; County set sail in & throughout; Grass-roots projects, including for hospital managers to do professional management training, professional training for doctors, transmission county doctor into & other; The top & throughout; Through high levels of diagnosis and treatment, etc.

mobile technology is hard to hit the elderly, but for pharmaceutical companies, using mobile technology can more efficient and economical medicine of doctor of academic promotion. In fact, including spring rain doctors, clove garden, a lot of the mobile end cover group from the primary and secondary hospital doctor.

but in Wu Xiaobin opinion, although there are some mobile medical products currently on the market are explore the solution of family doctors, but still can’t fully meet doctors hope to continue to track their diagnosis and treatment of patients, patients want to know how to choose suits own doctors and hospitals, etc. For pharmaceutical companies, for their part, more is to cooperate with national health authorities to explore some solutions, how to apply some of the new Internet technology for medical each link to add & other; Lubricant & throughout; And the ultimate goal is to make the whole medical system can run efficiently.

in fact, the health department also does not rule out the pharmaceutical companies for the layout of the join at the grassroots level to effective drug classification management helps to the national level health care and reasonable regulation and distribution of medical resources. The above mentioned slow cardiovascular disease management, for instance, vice President of the Beijing tiantan hospital affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, professor yong-jun wang has pointed out that through the use of statins lipid-lowering drugs, can significantly reduce the risk of disease of heart head blood-vessel, & other; But unfortunately, compared with other countries, our country statin utilization rate is very low, only 1.7%. For a doctor at the grass-roots level, how to correctly select and use of drugs is a difficult problem. Throughout the &; Yong-jun wang said.

learn to like the top doctors in big cities & other Suit the remedy to the case & throughout; Is needed for the grassroots doctors now, the most important courses in long time in the past, medicine academic promotion for grassroots ignore, let these grassroots doctors don’t even know now some good medicine and new medicine, and is accompanied by a new wave of senile hypertension population transfer, pharmaceutical companies hope that through the breach of the layout of this circuit to find new markets.

it is important to note that domestic enterprises in the face of a slow disease market competition, in quite a number of niche is still in backwardness. Diabetes drugs, for example, the cic researcher at the consulting firm Xu Lingni pointed out that the current domestic selling 50 kinds of diabetes drugs, there are 40 kinds of enterprises with foreign investment, and other In the face of slow disease market competition in the market, domestic enterprises should be prepared. First to intensify research and development, achieve market must win consumer recognition, has the actual effect, and can’t just rely on advertising. Throughout the &;

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