Elevator to smoke “urge to smoke” sudden death case of 267 days: encounter will stop again

from panic anxiety to restore calm what say again meet smoking in public places would stop

& other; Discourage smoking elevator & throughout; 267 days of the

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what said to meet people who smoke in public places would prevent photography/FuYao

on May 2, 2017, zhengzhou what the elevator in his village discourage smoking is an old man, instead of a dispute, the old man died after a few minutes, then the old man’s family will be what to court. Zhengzhou jinshui district people’s court of first instance verdict that what there is no inevitable cause-and-effect relationship between behavior and the old man died, consider & other; Fairness & throughout; Sentence, what the old man’s family 15000 yuan compensation, the old man’s family then appeal. On January 23, zhengzhou city intermediate people’s court for canceling the first-instance judgment, sentence, what does not assume tort liability.

from happening, publicize the result of the second instance to the court, what has experienced 267 days a year. In this 267 days, he had ever fear, anxiety, and then gradually restore calm, during this time, his second son was born, but also because & other; Discourage smoking elevator & throughout; Events and withstand the pressure, quit the original work. Now, a second trial results were announced, what also gradually from the vortex of public opinion to flee, he says, has experienced the most troubled life 267 days later, just want to quiet a quiet life, and to meet people smoking in public places, he also will go to stop.

on 27 January, zhengzhou started another snow of this winter, just after 8 o ‘clock in the morning, what was in a hurry with a 3 year old son go out to the hospital, the recent influenza given what cold intravenous drop eldest son need to go to the hospital every day, go home after he also needs to take care of newborn and loving more than 8 months younger son, such busy life let he care about his online last year & other; Discourage smoking elevator case & throughout; Another round of attention. & other; Hope that the sentence to be able to draw a full stop to that, let me return to calm life. Throughout the &; What said.

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the old man to smoke in the elevator

day 1

elevator dissuade and thought that the tragedy of the

from happening to the second case, a total of 267 days, said what, this is probably the hardest in my life for a period of time.

it happened on May 2, 2017, only half a month time from what lover due date, this is what the second child, this time, his wife have been at home, waiting for the birth of the child.

what oneself also used to smoke, but the son was born, he would give up smoking.

& other; Everyone knows that smoking is bad for children and pregnant women are, because of the wife’s pregnancy, so that time I will be someone in the elevator that smoking in public places. Throughout the &; What says, oneself also often advised before smoking in public places, people pay attention to, in the reunion, people take their children to attend, if there is a classmate, smoking will tell his classmates extinguish your cigarettes, because the relationship between acquaintances, everyone will give what this & other; Face & throughout; , & other; A ha ha & throughout; After the extinguish the cigarette. But this time, in the elevator of the old man did not give what this & other; Face & throughout; .

what happened next, and a lot of people read on the Internet video not & ndash; & ndash; An old man takes one mouthful smoke in the elevator, the elevator door opened what came in and found the old man and began to discourage smoking, then both parties in a dispute over and go to the property & other Discuss justice & throughout; .

because there is no sound, video image only and when the elevator is not others, so what said the two men, may never know, but people see from the video recording, physical confrontation is not two people, the old man also has not put out his cigarette. Then two people to the property management office and was advised to open, what does not care about, soon left the property office to village went to the door take delivery.

what do not know, and their dispute over the old man is 69 years old this year, people with heart disease, put 5 stent in the body.

on the morning of the incident, what take the Courier returned to the village, suddenly heard someone said property office with an old man fainted in the past. Because of work in the medical, what ran to property office to check the situation, he saw lying on the ground it is before and his arguments with the old man.

& other; The old man was very rapid breathing, and his face was blue, I hurriedly knelt down and gave him a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), but soon the old man’s heart has stopped breathing, was came after the ambulance picked up. Throughout the &; What said.

although not in arguments and the words of the old man with a conflict, but in the face of the old man’s death, what still have some vague worry. Out of the property management office, he is not in accordance with the original plan to go out, but returned home, and his wife said the incident. & other; Wife asked did I scold old man, I said no, she said it should be ok, don’t think much. Throughout the &; What said.

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what discouraged after arguing with the old man

14 days

dispute and under double pressures have quit her job

there found him at noon on the day. In the afternoon, what came to the public security bureau of zhengzhou city culture road branch of public security brigade culture road squadron, where he first saw the old man’s family.

within the culture road squadron, the restrained attitude at the beginning, because is not a criminal case, the police suggested that both sides talks things over solve. The opinion of the old man’s family was asked what an apology and compensation of 200000 yuan, while Yang Fanze insist they had no fault of his own, deadlocked, the two sides become more excited mood.

as a result of negotiation, the two sides to their dispersed, and before the culture road squadron, what suddenly dropped to his knees to old people’s family, but was quickly pulled up. & other; When does a bit of a panic in heart, and think of my wife is going to have a baby, so afraid of being some entangled, just to move. Throughout the &; What explains.

14th day after the incident, what under the love life of a boy, this is what the second do the father, but this time, his face is more of a trace of anxiety and fear.

the old man’s family to keep the rational, not after the fact to live with one unit of what harassed or have other extremist behavior, just tell what they are about to leave the legal procedures, to go to court, prepare what. Never play the case what also hurriedly to find their own lawyer.

soon, for fear of want the old man’s family moved from the village, and what some friends have advised him, for children and loved ones, and their own security, it is better to move out. But what has always insisted on his right, so you may as well have been living here.

what not zhengzhou people, his old home in more than 200 km distance from zhengzhou zhoukou, parents are farmers, from the local technical secondary school after graduation, he was admitted to the college, a school of zhengzhou and get & other; Assistant practicing doctors & throughout; Qualifications, a local hospital in zhengzhou and the inpatient pharmacy work.

in 2015, he bought this house now loan, a month to 5000 yuan in loans. & other; Discourage smoking elevator & throughout; Resigned his job shortly after the incident, what, on the one hand is the need to take care of wife and children, on the other hand is because it made him really no mood to work, every month loan can only rely on the previous savings.

& other; I am working in a hospital, the responsibility is heavy, though I try to make yourself calm on the surface, but the heart still have a lot of conflict and depressed, and then the family things really is more, so I chose to resign. Throughout the &; What said.

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scuffle with what the old man to leave the building, soon after the old man died

126th day

was sentenced & other; Compensation & throughout; 15000 he & other; Pledging not to recognize compensate & throughout;

fortunately, what family did not give him too much pressure, what love always thought her husband also discourage smoking behavior there’s nothing wrong, and his son in the home of the parents can know & other; Eat throughout the case &; Some worry, but also did not give him too much blame.

on September 4, 2017, jinshui district people’s court of first instance verdict, thought the old man to smoke in the elevator in both language dispute occurs, the old man died, the defendant failed to anticipate what the result is, the behavior and the old man died not necessarily cause and effect. But the old man was in verbal argument with what, after the sudden death in accordance with the provisions of the act of tort liability, the victim and the offender is no fault to the occurrence of damage, can according to the actual situation, by both parties to share the loss. According to the fair principle, the court has decided what to the families of the dead compensation of 15000 yuan.

to this result, what’s attorney ChanYanWei do not accept at first, she felt from the legal level, which should not be out of 15000, but in terms of humanitarian, and they recognize.

and what has always felt that this matter myself, yes, but they are all live in the same unit of a neighbor, the former does and what she had an argument, so I took some money compensation is understandable, but he always adhere to the oneself is & other Pledging not to recognize compensate & throughout; .

don’t accept the judgment and the old man’s family, they then filed an appeal.

after the first trial, what soon ready for 15000 yuan, hope to the old man’s family, but was blocked by the old man’s family.

during the period of waiting for the second trial, the old man’s lawyer had tried to call what, want to be able to economic compensation, but was turned down by the what. & other; Still believe go the judicial process. Throughout the &; He said.

187th day

attention after being invited to tobacco control conference

after the first-instance judgment, local media reported on the case, then the event fermentation, spread across the country. This also let never contact media what began to frequent contact with the reporter, settle good boy every night, he will open a computer, to see online reports and comments about this, sometimes a look at two o ‘clock in the morning. & other; Don’t know what you will say I, so I will go to online to see, analysis the direction of public opinion. Throughout the &; Some rigorous personality what said.

this matter, also let what some changes have taken place in life, he put his WeChat signature changed & other; Respect for life care health & throughout; .

last November 24th, what to accept the invitation of the Chinese association on tobacco control, attended to be held in zhengzhou & other; The 18th annual national conference on tobacco control & throughout; Had planned this seminar held in Beijing, then change to the zhengzhou, what, as a representative of the zhengzhou local tobacco was invited to the meeting.

according to the organizers, the attendance of 650 people, accounted for 580 people, of whom are from the smoking control this seminar also reward 52 tobacco control advanced individual, but what is not among them.

did not arrange what to speak at the meeting or other activities, in addition to accept another round of media interviews, more often, he just sat quietly in their own position to listen to others’ reports and remarks, & other; Myself in the elevator and the elderly to discourage smoking because of a dispute, begin to pay more attention to quit smoking this one, so let me, I am also interested in, to listen to listen to. Throughout the &; He said.

what the plot environment is good, buy this house in 2015 when 10000 yuan per square meter, the price now has risen to 30000.

even if it happened after the impact is very big, what also did not intend to move out, is only the first few months after the old man died, every time the elevator and the old man in a dispute over at that time, his heart will feel some regret.

& other; null

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