Ellen pau committee recommendations: accelerate the development of 0-3 years old infants and young children public nursery service

two child policy after full liberalisation, related to follow up to become one of the hot topic in the history of the two sessions.

the CPPCC national committee chairman Ellen pau, shandong institute of person of outstanding ability. Xinhua net data figure

on March 6, the CPPCC national committee chairman Ellen pau, shandong institute of person of outstanding ability tell surging news, two child policy after let go, born population rise but not fall, the reasons are manifold. Single from the perspective of women of childbearing age and family analysis, mainly include the following:

is a time cost pressure for career women. 2 children have feeding is bound to take up professional women of childbearing age more energy and time, affect their career, their second child birth will greatly reduce.

2 it is the economic cost overwhelmed many families. now, due to the 0 to 3 years old, the lack of public nursery service, a lot of her family only by hiring a nanny, the way to take care of infants and young children, the economic cost of raising a child increases, cause they are & other Two children & throughout; A daunting.

in January this year, the national bureau of statistics, director-general of the department of population and employment Li Xiru said publicly that along with the economic and social development, China’s women’s first marriage age and early education showed a trend of continuous delayed, woman will also fell. Under the above factors influence, the number of a child born in 2017, 7.24 million, less than in 2016 and 2016.

Ellen pau thinks, the time cost and the economic cost is too high, also from a side reflects our country infant general public nursery service serious lack. The experience of developed countries shows that complete 0 to 3 years old infants and young children provide public nursery service, will help decrease the cost of raising, promote family and work & other; Win-win & throughout; . But the current our country public kindergarten is not for children under the age of 3, and by the authority, communities, enterprises and institutions run by the nursery and few, many infants and young children care.

therefore, Ellen pau through the proposal put forward five Suggestions, first, clear 0 to 3 years old nursery service departments and their responsibilities. at present, our country 0 to 3 years old nursery services involving multiple government functional departments, but authorities are not clear, the responsibility is not clear, and each department responsibilities overlapping each other, basic is in a state of tube are no matter. Must straighten out the relationship as soon as possible, clear responsibilities, established by the education department, planning department, the all-china women’s federation, community, childcare facilities together with the nursery work management mechanism, his business and individual. Nursery service policies and regulations as soon as possible, such as childcare services market access, service quality supervision, etc., to promote and safeguard 0 to 3 years old nursery and healthy development of the service work.

second, increasing financial investment, encourage social forces and social capital to participate in. through a lot of open nursery service agencies, government purchase services, professional personnel training, and other forms, promote the nursery establishment and improvement of the public service system. Encourage conditional organs, enterprises and institutions and social organizations and other units set up nursery, in staffing, tax breaks for the aspects such as incentives, form & other; The government leading, social forces are widely participation & throughout; The 0 to 3 years old infants and young children public nursery service input mechanism.

third, formulate 0 to 3 years old infants and young children nursery industry standards, promote the nursery standardization system construction. at present, our country has not set by the government functional departments of 0-3 years old nursery work series standards, such as nursery institution construction standards, standards for admittance into nursery institution, evaluation standard, industry standard, the standard of talent training, etc, suggest that relevant departments as soon as possible, research, formulate and publish relevant policy, promoting the development of the nursery industry specifications.

fourth, establish a pre-service teacher training after integration training system. the nursery teachers lack, gap is very large. Is recommended to increase nursery specialties related to teacher training institutions, the existing talent training program and post-career teachers training program for further integration, the formation of including academic education and non-academic education, the combination of long-term and short-term training integration training schemes, for all kinds of nursery staff, management personnel to provide continuing professional development services.

5, explore various forms of nursery institution operating mode. at present our country nursery form a single, mostly is given priority to with hourly, full-time, community resource center is less, can’t meet the demand of society a variety of. Suggest to learn from advanced international experience, try to full-time, half-day, hourly, community, residential type, resource center, and other nursery form expansion of infants and young children nursery services coverage.

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