ErYanSuo “star product” by the cattle to resell Parents buy tube stock up more

ErYanSuo homemade skin cream and complex calcium has been mother-to-child circle & other Star products & throughout; And the purchase procedure complex. Beijing morning paper reporter survey found that prescription at a hospital in outside, the skin with a 45 yuan le cream by drug dealers are flipping sold 200 yuan, 36 yuan compound calcium need to increase to 186 yuan. Although the price is high, but still have parents to buy more stock up. Hospital, said many times to crack down on scalpers posted notice beware of counterfeit drugs, but the effect is not obvious. The doctor suggest that skin cream is not omnipotent, needed medical diagnosis after use.

selling skin le cream five times price

yesterday, the Beijing morning paper reporter comes to ErYanSuo, located in the outpatient building three layer dermatologist, for the convenience of parents come to prescribe medicine, the hospital has opened a prescription, the line for window into the elevator. Team a child’s mother, told reporters that the parents were standing in line waiting to open the skin cream. & other; For the first time to prescribe medicine need to take their children to see a doctor, the doctor prescribed diagnosis. Comes back to you within one month after the prescription should be testified with a doctor, is quite troublesome. Throughout the &; She told reporters that each skin cream was $45, the hospital has a regulation, each child visits a maximum skin cream 5 pieces, can only be opened once within 7 days, so everyone want to buy 5 pieces enough stock up, this medicine is very tight. In addition, the reporter found, the other a medicine compound calcium is also very hot, the parents also lined up waiting for prescriptions.

reporter in an interview on site found that from time to time in the waiting for prescribing team have several men. & other; You buy medicine? Spot without, etc. Throughout the &; See the reporter not number and book in his hand before, a man came over and & other; If you want to skin cream, now I have a spot, 230 yuan a, no, etc. Throughout the &; Reporters look again, he didn’t say more, and find others acting.

who, according to the card to avoid buying restrictions

man just left, a woman leaned whispered, selling toys & other; To skin le cream? I have a ready-made, this price. Throughout the &; She opened the reporters to the corridor, carry a bag to reveal a corner to reporters of a skin cream. & other; Leaves the team, if you want to take, 200 dollars, at ordinary times we are 240 yuan. Throughout the &;

reporter asked source, impatiently say & other women; Must be really & throughout; . Explained her, although each Beijing medical card within 7 days of only a medicine, but they hand ricardo so buy medicine, & other; It has been especially hot, all over the country parents to buy, we sell the scene, also on the Internet to sell, don’t worry. Throughout the &; Said the woman, now check strict, many people who have quit, selling goods less and less. & other; Complex calcium more bad to buy, each card purchase two boxes, and each card 30 days to open a carton we add 150 yuan & throughout; . Originally 36 yuan compound calcium need to increase to 186 yuan, is about 5 times the price. Woman said, because the hospital too strict, they’re also less and less, so the price will be more and more high. & other; You can rest assured that medicine must be true, you can’t find it’s cheaper than I have. Throughout the &; She said the reporter not to buy, while complaining to USES.

in addition, the hospital on the newsstand and grocery stories and cattle often acting & other; Point & throughout; , some parents are buying other things, there are cattle to sell.

diagnosis before prescribing the universal

the reporter sees in a layer of hall ErYanSuo, ErYanSuo labeled statement clearly written on the skin cream and complex calcium purchase information, can open at a time and 7 days respectively for 30 days can open a, this announcement is also posted on ErYanSuo area obviously. The hospital security guards patrol where to register and get medicine constantly. & other; We are now on cattle played hard, they couldn’t blatant acting. Throughout the &; Hospital security said, this several days has been in the governance, but still unavoidably have cracks.

for skin cream use, outpatient doctor tells a reporter, & other; Wipe skin cream is medicine, not blind, parents should take children to see a doctor, after diagnosis, really need to prescribe medicine, don’t believe everything online rumors. Throughout the &;

ErYanSuo duty nurse said, for these drug dealers hands, whether it is a site to sell or sell online, remind parents not to buy, & other; Don’t buy cattle in medicine, in case to buy counterfeit & throughout; .

at the scene of the Beijing morning paper news

reporter Zhang Jingya clues: Mr Ma

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