Even the doctors were not immune, how do you cope with the flu frenzy?

the flu season this year, that both parents and doctors and professionals, have intuitively felt. As long as there is a class a child is ill, almost falling ill will a barrage of the class. Children’s hospital in crowded, waiting time is at seven or eight hours with her. Hospital pediatrician already understaffed, encounter this kind of situation is compromised.

on Jan. 8, tianjin haihe river hospital posted a notice, said the division of the three pediatrician because overworked, already all fell ill, a doctor is because of them got the flu, and transmitted to the family. When pediatric must therefore be TingZhen, can not be determined. DetailPic


at the same time, in the United States, this year’s flu also emergency situation. On January 9, the U.S. centers for disease control and prevention of briefing, officials said, the United States is experiencing the worst flu season in years, at present, the flu has become widespread in 46 states in the United States. In the west of California and Arizona emergency room full of flu patients, effective medicine for flu is in more is in short supply.

how serious?

intuitive feelings got the number. This by who in January 7 update icon, the deeper the color of the area the more serious flu, you can see, China is already in the dark area, is currently in & other; Regional outbreak & throughout; (Regional Outbreak) level, needs on high alert.


China influenza surveillance results suggest that in 2018 the first week (January 1-7), the sentinel hospitals in southern provinces report cases of influenza-like cases accounted for this percentage (ILI %) was 6.0%, higher than the same period in 2015-2017 levels (3.0%, 3.2%, 3.3%); Influenza virus detection positive rate was 41.0%, higher than the same period in 2015-2017 levels (13.2%, 15.8%, 20.2%). The northern province sentinel hospital report ILI % of 5.8%, higher than the same period in 2015-2017 levels (4.1%, 2.9%, 3.8%); Influenza virus detection positive rate was 48.5%, higher than the same period in 2015-2017 levels (32.2%, 17.5%, 26.5%).

overall, China influenza surveillance sentinel hospital report this influenza-like cases proportion and influenza virus detection positive rate were higher than the same period in the past three years, the report of the flu outbreak) is significantly higher than in previous years in the same period; Confirmed with severe a rise in the number of cases in hospital.

the power of the flu is serious, the world health organization says most people suffer from seasonal flu does not need to medication, but within a week to relieve symptoms such as fever, but the flu for some high-risk groups may be serious or even fatal health threat.

who, according to the latest figures 5-10% of adults around the world every year, 20-30% of children suffering from the flu, lead to between 3 million and 5 million cases of severe cases, about 290000 to 290000 deaths.

by the way, China seems a year flu death toll is far less than many developed countries and regions, this is not the legendary Chinese constitution is not afraid of the flu, but because of different statistical caliber, in a nutshell, due to complications after a cardiovascular patients’ flu unfortunately died, Europe and the United States department of health will be the cause of death as the flu, and China is according to its basic disease statistics, so the cause of cardiovascular disease.

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