Every minute about 7 people diagnosed with cancer burden of cancer prevention and control of rising year by year

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on 19th February 4th & other; Throughout the world cancer day &; Approaching, China association of enterprises with foreign investment in drug research and development industry committee (RDPAC) released today in Beijing “to cope with the challenges of cancer drug innovation 2018 report. Report reveals the global and China’s current severe situation of cancer, and strengthen the innovation, improve drug drug accessibility to prolong their survival and improve patients’ quality of life, reduce the multiple positive significance of the social burden of disease.

cancer, referring all malignant tumor, is the leading cause of human health, is also one of the world population is the main cause of morbidity and mortality, cancer deaths is equivalent to the sum of the HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria deaths. With the increase of aging population, the incidence of cancer has been on the rise, the global cancer led to the deaths of 22000 people every day, to the global number of cancer cases in 2035 is expected to increase to 24 million.

per minute about 7 people diagnosed with cancer burden of cancer prevention and control of rising year by year

number of cancer of the world’s first in China, about 10000 people a day cancer diagnosis, a minute about 7 people diagnosed with cancer. According to a 2015 Chinese cancer statistics show that China’s new cancer cases in 4.29 million cases, accounting for 20% of global new cases, 2.81 million cases died. Due to genetic, social economy, life style and health condition the influence of many factors, such as difference, lung cancer and breast cancer is our country with the highest incidence of cancer in both men and women.

cancer prevention and control of family and social medical system brings heavy burden to patients. In recent years, China’s total health expenses in growing, China’s total health expenses totaled $2016 in 700 billion to 6.2% of GDP. & other; The latest research report shows, colorectal cancer and esophageal cancer in China urban areas per capita medical burden, to about $10000; The burden of patients with lung cancer and stomach cancer times, about $9900 or so; Liver cancer and breast cancer of medical expenditure per capita, is about 8500 dollars. Throughout the &; Tumor hospital of Beijing university, vice President of Shen Lin professor pointed out: & other; Through comprehensive intervention, cancer screening and early detection to reduce cancer treated early disease burden, cure or significantly prolong patient survival, improve patient quality of life, is a primary task in the field of cancer prevention and control in China at present stage. Throughout the &;

800 types of cancer drugs in the study the personalized power against cancer treatment

& other; Cancer has become one of the world’s most important public health problem, all countries are faced with great challenge and economic burden. But with nearly 10 years, the rapid development of science, let us gradually grasp the underlying causes of disease development, more and more innovative cancer treatment have gradually appeared. Throughout the &; Merck biopharmaceutical China general manager, RDPAC Luo Jieren said executive committee members, & other; This year & lsquo; The world cancer day & rsquo; The theme of & ndash; & ndash; & lsquo; We can, I can & rsquo; (We can. I can.), I firmly believe that confidence comes from not only the optimistic and brave, and more from the innovative drug research and achievements for real achievements and progress of mankind. We will try to hand in hand to member companies, and actively with the government, civil organizations, enterprises and individuals join hands to promote the innovation of research and development, the treatment at the same time actively improve accessibility, accelerate to realize the goal of cancer prevention and control of China. Throughout the &;

& other; The complexity of cancer for anti-tumor drugs research and development is full of challenge, innovation of today in cancer therapy has significantly affected the survival of patients with these drugs and treatments to patients is not only the clinical curative effect, and improved quality of life and life. These patients to reduce patient’s family and social burden has far-reaching influence. Throughout the &; Novartis, vice President for tumor (China) medical Zhao Yan said, & other; Cancer treatment had significant progress over the past 20 years. According to the national cancer in 2018, according to a report from 1991 to 1991, the American cancer mortality rate continued to decline, by an average 1.5% a year, the overall decline of 26%, has saved the lives of 2.4 million patients, the 83% due to the new cancer treatment, from the surgery, chemotherapy, targeted therapy to the latest immune tumor therapy, gene therapy, etc. With the progress of research and development and the thorough study on cancer genome, believe that cancer treatment is expected to enter a new stage. Throughout the &;

& other; According to the American association of pharmaceutical research and manufacturers of the latest report shows that there are over 800 cancer drugs in the process of research and development, with 73% of the drug are for individualized therapy. Throughout the &; Roche, vice President of Chinese medicine square straight, “said Dr & other; Individualized health care will lead the future direction of new innovative therapy of cancer. It by identifying specific genetic markers on the one hand, on the other hand through traditional clinical trial data, advanced diagnostic test data and the real world, not only can help every cancer patient to provide the most suitable, the most effective treatment, prolong patient survival time and improve the quality of life; Also will promote innovative drug research and development more efficient in the future. Throughout the &;

promote innovative therapy drug accessibility

as deepening the reform of medicine and health care in China, to speed up the innovation of drug registration review, there are more and more innovation at the forefront of tumor drug research and development with the international synchronization. By the end of 2017, China has more than 450 new molecular entities drugs (NMEs) related to the tumor clinical trials are in progress, there are nearly 60 PD – 1/L1 related immune oncology trials (note: the above does not include the unregistered and at the stage of preclinical and clinical trial project). And as of October 23, 2017, China has 121 CAR – T research is underway.

in drug innovation in China, medical and health undertakings made great progress, and the people’s growing demand for high quality medical background, Chinese patients still faces innovative drug accessibility co., LTD., the challenges of high out-of-pocket expenses, currently about drug reimbursement and payment mechanism reform of the state council determine key priorities for deepening the reform of the medical, we believe that with the deepening of the reform, there will be more cancer patients will benefit from it.

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