Everyone is through the “health disaster”, see “light city mode” how to break

incontinence, constipation, pelvic pain, prostate discomfort & hellip; & hellip; These seemingly unrelated question, behind is probably the same culprit? On January 10, Beijing city medical care facilities and light city rehabilitation hospital. Give priority to with pelvic floor rehabilitation as a dozen of comprehensive rehabilitation hospital, from general medicine, pelvic floor rehabilitation, sports rehabilitation, geriatric medicine, Chinese medicine, and other experts in the field of conference, which opened to, guide to uncover & other Pelvic disease & throughout; The mysterious veil.

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pelvic floor dysfunction is considered & other; Social cancer & throughout; , to the body, the family and social life.

the gynecology and obstetrics of Chinese medical association branch of female pelvic floor group members, professor of Peking University third hospital maternity jin-song han tell everybody, & other; Pelvic floor & throughout; Is a closed below the pelvic muscle in the body, fascia, ligaments, such as organization structure, it is like a piece of solid & other; A hammock & throughout; Retainer with bladder, uterus and other pelvic cavity viscera, rectum, involved in controlling urination and defecation, sex and other important physiological function; Female pelvic floor also carries the important task and fetal development, childbirth.

but as a result of long-term load & other; Pressure & throughout; , along with the age growth, pregnancy and childbirth, pelvic floor organization unavoidably & other; Overburdened & throughout; , appear different degree of pelvic floor dysfunction (PFD). Light person can appear vaginal relaxation, sex is not satisfied, frequent urination, constipation and other discomfort, serious can appear bulging incontinence, fecal incontinence, pelvic cavity viscera or prolapse (uterus, rectum, etc.), sexual dysfunction and other diseases.

in a sense, everyone may encounter problem of pelvic floor. In women, for example, married with children the incidence of pelvic floor dysfunction by more than 40% of women. As we age, the elderly body function decline, the problem such as urinary incontinence is more common.

pelvic floor dysfunction, although no direct threat to life, but the huge potential hazards, many patients because of fear of cough, sneeze when I couldn’t find the toilet don’t want to go out, to participate in social activities, there are many couples because of pelvic floor functional problems affect the life of husband and wife, cause contradiction family tension. Therefore, is regarded as a kind of pelvic floor dysfunction & other; Social cancer & throughout; .

& other; Pelvic floor, is a high incidence, low awareness, low treatment of public health problem throughout the &; Maternal and child health care and the association of eugenic and superior nurture, Beijing Chen Jingyu professor pointed out. Pelvic floor rehabilitation is to promote the concept of many years, in Europe and the United States and other developed countries has long been popular, but now Chinese is still not enough to the attention of the pelvic floor function, the lack of basic understanding for pelvic floor functional disorder, and even make the mistake of thinking that these problems are normal after giving birth, & other; Can endure the endure throughout the &; Or & other; Ashamed & throughout; , and family, social life to the body.

light city joint rehabilitation hospital eight disciplines, build Beijing’s first pelvic floor rehabilitation multidisciplinary medical center.

do a good job in pelvic floor rehabilitation, to follow & other; Timely assessment, scientific guidance, standardized treatment, active & throughout; The principle of Chinese rehabilitation research center of Beijing fraternity hospital uropoiesis surgical department chief physician, professor, deputy director of urology fionna tell you.

in clinic, many problems such as middle-aged and old patients with urinary incontinence, organ prolapse, is made up of many years ago birth injury has not been good rehabilitation. Female postpartum 42 days, therefore, should be routine screening, assessment of pelvic floor functional status, and targeted rehabilitation, such as pelvic floor muscle exercise, biological feedback and electrical stimulation treatment; Shall regularly assess the elderly, especially menopause women, timely discover and improve the problem; The male prostate problems, constipation or bowel dysfunction, chronic pelvic pain, also want to consider whether associated with pelvic floor functional damage, assessment and treatment in time.

light city rehabilitation hospital for this has not been fully appreciated cognitive & other; Blind area & throughout; , and founding, Peking University people’s hospital, hospital of nanjing, the research of 3 armour hospital department of gynaecology, anorectal, urology, gastroenterology dept., as well as Chinese preventive medical association, the Chinese medical association, Beijing association of maternal and child health care and eugenics, the method of association of the women’s health such as Chinese and foreign agencies, to Beijing’s first professional, comprehensive, high quality, human nature of the pelvic floor rehabilitation multidisciplinary medical center.

in view of the present domestic most of the pelvic floor rehabilitation is affiliated with maternity, urology clinical professional departments, can only solve the problem of specialized subject category, light city rehabilitation hospital in & other; Pelvic floor function throughout the overall rehabilitation &; For treatment goals, advocating the concept of integrated medicine, gynecology, urology, anorectal as the leading factor, to digest, Chinese medicine, sports medicine, psychology, nutrition as the auxiliary, from the perspective of the eight disciplines comprehensive detection, evaluation, diagnosis of pelvic floor function, by multidisciplinary experts, to provide individualized treatment plan.

use & other; City light pattern & throughout; Protect people a better life, eliminate the psychological burden, improve the well-being of life.

light city rehabilitation hospital the introduction of advanced international and professional recognition of the highest imported high-end equipment, and improve the medical and auxiliary departments, for patients with total pelvic floor muscles, urine dynamics, im dynamic detection, evaluation of pelvic floor muscle strength and fiber damage type, ensure accurate inspection results.

at the same time, the city of light rehabilitation hospital receives & other; Personnel responsible for, the first option, is responsible for the whole process & throughout; Service concept, to ensure to provide for a patient, comfortable, efficient diagnosis and treatment. Considering the particularity of pelvic floor rehabilitation check, each patient are arranged in a separate office and therapy, and is equipped with independent bathroom, replaceable treatment service, etc., to ensure privacy.

instruments in addition to clinical treatment, medication nursing, the hospital has opened a rehabilitation program, such as yoga, pilates form fusion of exercise rehabilitation concept, through manual reduction, pelvic correction, methods of physical training, improve treatment effect.

& other; Do pelvic floor rehabilitation, we should not only improve the patient’s symptoms, more important is to pass the disease rehabilitation, help them to solve the related problems in life, eliminate the psychological burden, improve the quality of life, improve the well-being of life. Throughout the &; Li-chun Yang dean said further. & other; Rehabilitation is not a person, a day or two, but a matter of a lifetime of things, a family, we want to do it well, use & lsquo; City light pattern & rsquo; Guard the good life of the people. Throughout the &;

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