Exclusive] [in the soviet-german: look at abroad, you know how bad the Chinese preschool teacher level

(the original title: the Soviet union: calling for comprehensively strengthen preschool education teaching level Using the experience of developed countries in the world )

the author: YoKID optimal son school founder and CEO, Dr Psychology at the university of Cambridge in the soviet-german

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

I am a member of the early childhood education industry.

this answer without anger and invective, its only meaning, is looking forward to have a practical action to improve industry practitioners, return the pure clean beautiful world to children, also return the due respect to the industry is still in love life to take care of the child’s preschool education professional teacher pay.

from entering the childcare industry since the day, hope to make contributions to the industry a power points. The beginner’s mind in the face of the pure child, even if they are not protected, if not for the things they do something practical, I’m sorry for so many years to own accepted education, also sorry all support this type of occupation of every cent we trust, more sorry every child entrusted to our parents.

we once knew early childhood education, this should be a full of love, laughter, joy industry. Is also a can love, sense of mission full career. A barrage of tragedy, originally should be the first station, to the future child grow into a full of doubt and distrust between people, is even being viewed as devoid of human behavior. Each report, look with heart, the hand was shaking.

when anger over a garden by a criticism is far not enough to guarantee safety and growth of the children, when saddened plaintive wail has been removed from the bottom can not change the damage for the children, we have to face, is to examine the early childhood education industry, given the attention they deserve this industry, efforts to protect children, rebuilding the confidence of all for children to grow up.

because I always believe that, if the world there is always evil, at least we try to get them away from children. Sex education, cameras, punishment; Most of the advice surrounding these, I agree with all of these are important, but when more than eighty percent of the offenders is a child to be close to the person of trust, how do we sexual education for children under the age of 2, 3; When most of the tragedy under the camera, how are we going to ask my parents for 24 hours monitor the child; When a child has been hurt, how to punish compensation indelible imprints have children body and mind.

root, I think that will be improve the level of each preschool education teachers and threshold. The so-called threshold, is not how to help parents find love preschool teacher of children, but to remove any may hurt the child’s personnel, professional enough, character quality have problem, away from children.

when good limit our imagination, we will fundamentally to limit the chance of the children being hurt.

, plant, emphasis on the education itself means shaking tree a tree, a cloud drive the other a cloud, a soul awakens another soul; And I believe that we need to ensure that the industry giant trees, seven color cloud, the pure soul, will never hurt the child is the embodiment of the devil.

in the world, for the teachers are very strict censorship and preschool education teachers, there are a lot we can learn from, let practitioners threshold level and quality.

in Finland, the preschool education level of the country, in 2015 with a former Finnish prime minister Eska Aho communication when he mentioned, the core of the Finnish education secret is high level of teachers. He stressed that teaching standard is what? The teacher is teaching standards. Preschool teachers’ strict selection, Finland YouZhongZeYou from graduates, most of the teaching must be a master’s degree can be formally, and the length is 6 years. The teacher to decide what to teach and how to teach, but they spend two hours each week to improve their professional level.

in the United States, preschool education projects evaluation tool (the Program Quality Assessment, PQA) evaluation of preschool education teachers service Quality; Basic requirement is a bachelor’s degree in some areas even for master or doctor. After teaching, teachers need to undergo regular comprehensive training and examination on the one hand, on the other hand, will have professional personnel to directly observe the teacher’s teaching activities in the park, two parts, the comprehensive professional ability and psychological health assessment, if not through must be suspended immediately to attend the training. Thus, teachers mental health status is very important and strict was concerned.

in New Zealand, for preschool teachers’ qualification certification is very strict. In order to adapt to the new era of the development of young children, the New Zealand ministry of education & other; Preschool education professional & throughout; Training plan, regulations, students need to apprentice activities every month, observation and thinking about young children’s behavior characteristic, total practice time may not be less than 56 weeks, and then through a series of appraisal, through before they can access to issue the certificate and certification of teaching.

in Japan, preschool teachers as education civil servants have high requirements for the professional, such as the level of qualifications of the kindergarten education teachers with relevant professional bachelor’s degree. Office staff will continue to accept training guidance. Professionalism, for teachers’ morality and ethics is also very strict, many hosting center and the children’s center request staff input fingerprint, background investigation before induction, can charge after confirm there is no any bad history.

in South Korea, can guarantee the child’s most is when congress to 207 votes in favor of 0 against landslide through & other; Sexual assault against amendment & throughout; (& other Throughout melting pot method &;) , but South Korea issued “health welfare department regulations”, if there is any degree of cruelty to children in the kindergarten teacher, once found, the teacher shall not be within the next 10 years, again in the kindergarten will close, 10 years cannot be opened again.

these requirement for early childhood education practitioners, would improve the overall level and threshold, the industry should be paid to the action of a key step. It is very difficult, because of involving policy system, social resources, employment training institutions, teacher treatment, education, capital support, all aspects of the regulatory authorities. Although difficult, but don’t give up, because give up this industry, is to give up the child’s future.

it’s too much effort and responsibility to pay to the action, we can return the pure clean beautiful world to children, at the same time to win back home economics teachers themselves should be treated with respect, as well as the society, people from all walks of life, the trust of the parents.

Dr. The picture shows the soviet-german

the author is introduced:

Dr In the Soviet union, psychology at the university of Cambridge, Dr YoKID optimal school founder and CEO. Hong Kong, China, was born in 1984, Darwin scholarships at the university of Cambridge university after completing a doctorate in psychology to establish optimal son school, focus on the psychological education, brands & other; YoKID” Is the domestic leading childcare centers in many cities around the world to develop high-end childcare, for one hundred stars family provide growth consulting and childcare services. The company won the & other; Tencent’s 2017 famous children’s education brand & throughout; , & other Sina’s 2017 year China brand influence children’s education institutions throughout the &; , is the only domestic brand of hosting. Softbank China, Mr Huang xiaoming MingJia capital, Mr Sicong systems, capital of YoKID investors.

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