Expert: the Chinese gmo is coined found in the United States

news on March 2 news: this several days, WeChat circulating multiple & other; 100000 + & throughout; Articles – the graphic: Chinese civilians found in the United States gm SCoAL genes!” The British study: Chinese common genes in the body has a genetically modified (gm) crops, please watch out for the next generation!” & hellip; & hellip; The content of these articles are roughly the same, and widely spread.

the Chinese academy of sciences institute of genetics and developmental biology research center, senior engineer Jiang Tao told science times, this article content is fiction, it is & other; Fishing throughout the &; .

these rumors circulating the Internet post points out that the British academic journal “Shelley genetics communication” published an article points out that in genome research, for China’s civilian found genetic Scoal used to promote the growth of genetically modified (gm) crops. This gene may cause long-term effects on human health.

the article also said: & other; Reporter specially visited geneticists victor? Professor stein. Stein from Germany, Rosa medical center. Throughout the &; & other; Stein in whole genome sequencing to Chinese volunteers and found that more than half of the volunteers, the 25 chromosome found called & lsquo; SCoAL’ Gene. Throughout the &;

Jiang Tao analysis, the article content are many, the first, look at the core of information first, second, and then look at the focus expression of logic, third, to analyze its inference or point of view is given.

Jiang Tao said, look, the gene has a biochemical basis will feel SCoAL very familiar, decomposed into S, CoA L, succinic acid, put forward with the combination of the article is more called succinic acid in biochemistry, in accordance with the nomenclature of enzyme can spell out roughly: succinate – CoA ligase, read succinic acid ligase, sometimes ligase synthetase, so adjustment is under succinate – CoA synthetase. The enzyme is some, as long as there is a mitochondrial creatures must have the enzyme and the corresponding genes. Means don’t need a genetically modified (gm), not only our food, and we human beings are naturally have the gene, and the corresponding protein molecules. Visible, at least, is the author of this article has more than university biochemistry knowledge level.

Jiang Tao said, look at his expression of logic, while the topic is very confusing, but a careful reading, throughout did not say the gene is to the human body by eating genetically modified (gm). As a result, he has no malicious rumor, but a typical prank.

& other; Still, he is referring to the chemical properties of the succinic acid is tasted, the idea that there is no biological significance. Our genes chemical composition, for example, is the DNA, and DNA are rich in phosphoric acid root, it is said that our genes have a strong corrosive? Of course not. Throughout the &; Jiang Tao said.

the author in & other; Stein, a professor at once to the competent department in charge of domestic attention proposed the danger of the gene and to limit of genetically modified (gm) crops, but ignored his advice, and claims that succinic acid is & lsquo; The human body normal metabolic product, won’t cause harm to the health & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Didn’t do the opposite, this is just the right expression, despite the relevant departments of the response is not necessarily the truth.

Jiang Tao said, finally, the comment and opinion of the essay, style has changed. After the search, identify the author use substitute stealthily from a person named Zhang Hongliang anti-gm articles. The SCoAL gene has nothing to do in front of it.

in addition to the Revelations point, Jiang Tao, said the article & other; Beijing research geneticists victor? Professor stein & throughout; , corresponding to victor Stein, the mad scientist for video games.

& other; Humans have 23 pairs of 46 chromosomes. According to from large to small named to 22, then the sex chromosomes, X and Y chromosomes, chromosome no 25. So, the basic knowledge and logic clear reader, fishing article finish see this sentence is clear. Throughout the &; Jiang Tao said.

biological technology research institute, Chinese academy of agricultural sciences, the researchers Lin told reporters, the popular science times for SCoAL genes can according to the article in chemical synthesis succinic acid in the human body, also points out that studies have shown that acid and succinic acid has a strong corrosive. Lin said, succinic acid and succinic acid. Succinic acid form of nutritional supplement food is the food additives and dietary supplements, and by the us food and drug administration approved as safe to eat. All living creatures, including a genetically modified (gm) crops, can produce succinic acid. To detect life in genetically modified (gm) crops metabolic activity of intermediate succinic acid, it’s normal.

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