Exposure you collect clues 】 【 medical cheat!

recently, by the media & other; Pear video & throughout; Released the video exposure: “no matter what disease the & quot; Chinese medicine hall & quot; are you bleed”, after the release of sparked heated debate. Video exposure, guangzhou, a kind medicine cabinet & other; Chinese medicine hall & throughout; , not only foreign what disease & other; Acupuncture, bloodletting & throughout; And at the local department in charge of check is less than the corresponding qualifications.

such a black Chinese pavilion, but in the local con for many years, video display, 2 – August alone there are more than 2000 patients to see a doctor. Since 2014 & other; Accepts & throughout; How much, cheat patients receiving & other; Bloodletting & throughout; Therapy, we do not yet know!

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

so like this all over the country & other; Medical fraud & throughout; And how much? Such as clinics to promote health care products, beauty salon in double eyelid operations, massage shop has put up a variety of diseases, even SPA began to bleed for you & hellip; & hellip; & have spent

if you have the same experience, if you don’t shame these & other; Medical fraud & throughout; Behavior, please be sure to contact us! Phoenix health will be combined with various media to expose these hurt the behavior of the rights and interests of the public health, also social a healthy medical environment. & have spent


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